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Yiren has entered the back garden, the other two mussels Huang Yiren the ambush leaves in the trees watching Lin Feng . Feng Lin what skills, have a different feel, a little breath, already hear the two Huang Yiren where, immediately handle a Young, cast out, 'Ye Fei pick flowers, injured tendons bone' superior internal strength, the early hidden in the palm of a withdrawal leaves. In between this moment, only to hear the female measured sneer breeze maple however, has been a figure of lightning? ? The arrival of a tall Huang Yiren, at least higher than the ordinary person a head, hands stretched out like big Pushan towards Feng Lin, the first floor is a catch, fingers almost touching the forehead Feng Lin, general strong Feng Lin rushed bloody nose smell officer, Rao is Feng Lin internal strength, had to consummate the realm, but also felt a rush of nausea, very uncomfortable! Fenglin Yan give him caught in this moment in between, she flashed a floating gently, turning off down the branch and about three feet long, turned a draw, it resorted to the White Witch school of swordsmanship tick pass, a move 'black bird draw sand,' Huang Yiren Jici with that chest. Lin Feng's internal strength, has come to pick flowers can hurt Li Ye Fei dead realm, a branch in her hands, far more powerful than ordinary swords times, this 'sword' La Chu, buttressed even faint gold knifed Feng Zhisheng, the way it is extremely Strangeness, but to hear the 'laugh' is heard, that Huang Yiren hat to stir up the branches, revealing a bald, but it turned out to be a monk. Just at that moment, another figure has already flew to him, this man is a five short stature, shorter than the average minimum work whisk ribbon ribbons intertwined, both sides said something, do not affect each other; Feng Lin tree Sword followed that Huang Yiren hastily release whisk, a 'chicken stand up' spilled out, but hear 'when' is heard, golden crown on his head but also to branches´╗┐Pick open, revealing a buns, but it turned out to be a priest. Both Huang Yiren Yes, but there is a feature Shadowless Sword flow, is changing the way the sword, between the hands, they decided to move only one death, please note that I said Santo little word of life and death, because shadowless stream fencing, only minutes regardless of the outcome of death, solid shots when this little lord, do not go beyond the mind deposit with ...... 'Attitude when he spoke very calm.Palace Siu Hung can not help but fall Yie, stay for a moment before: 'This is why we do not blame Wu Chou ......!'Terada Stern said: 'This is the inevitable thing, shadowless flow of saber fencer, as head of all, thanks to time by the sword, stands a promise, do not go see Xuejian sheath ......'Palace Siu Hung immediately interrupted his Buddist said: 'Mr. words seem too exaggerated, if I do not want to kill the President, nor was Mr. killed it?'Terada laughed and said: 'It was never a thing, the next school sword has lasted thirty planted a total of more than eight times the sword, had never once come to nothing.'Palace Siu Hung Yi Zheng said: 'Thirty years, Mr. only eight times more than the sword, it seems too little too, right?'Terada proudly: 'shadowless flow is the most prestigious of Jianpai Fuso, but less Bipai number, in addition to head outside of the camp, only nine disciples, with very few of the ten people, can in the hands of tens of thousands of Sword , enjoying a good reputation, of course, not an easy task, shadowless flow fencer fencing at the very strict specifications, experts are not better than fame, not enough to see each other a sword to kill the condition, so the next Liansha Eight is the most´╗┐Much of the ...... 'Palace Siu Hung thought for a moment and said: 'If you pull out a Yongshou sword duel with your request, you are no better than ratio?'Terada Buddha then said: 'Nature better than.'Palace Siu Hung said: 'If he kill chasing How about you?'Terada startled hesitated before: 'This situation will not occur in the mine,, shadowless flow swordsman sects have special signs, unusual samurai see