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the prehistoric beast God, even thought it is also stay in the primitive, all it has to do is to eat Liu Ji day! Liu Guang days Kyi has been waking up the sleeping around, eyes sparkling SG, looking at the moon and said:. 'Do not only think and after, a distant moon altogether original way, but it was so.' He stretches around a thousand years suddenly broke open the cocoon, Li's turbulent atmosphere becomes like an ocean, and the thoughts remain unaffected Du wind power in general. Bronze body armor is completed, waist scabbard, the cross was DanThe Treasure of the Sierra still want to move the red side of the sword, General Li Fei, and finally a fourth layer cocoon also remain unaffected. Yang Ying eyes on the distant sky, the light of all the planets have been hidden, only confuse the ball end to end Xiangxian thirteen, including the biggest one of the most power and influence of light. Tianwei star bright. The star also sent flying light. Soldiers of God's body shiver and said: 'He is awfully star, he is to fly to, but, robbery Thirteen God destroy all this not a contradiction in legend!?' Yang Ying smile applause and said:. 'Congratulations to Lee, the thoughts you finally remain unaffected.' Guang sigh of course, look bright horizon After not only think, altogether horizon moon. If this is really missing, then as long as the horizon moon only, that cold night frost barracks stirring drums, will be like the moon in the sky forever, but it is how to see through, go and look. He Anjian big shouted: 'Beast God, you subside, do not force the wife to kill you once again!' Liu and Yang Ying Ji day knowing smile, that's thousands of years of human spread of the legend, but who know the secret. Dark forest birds convulsions, general night lead the bow, flat out to find the white feather, not into the edge of the stone. Guang shoot a tiger, misuse backbone stone. Dark night, such as pearl-like shine a light bridge, the bridge stands like a god, like General Li Fei, afraid to move forward in the deck this thing, and this thing though powerful, but this in gossip Monkey alchemy furnace spent the characters, it does not necessarily apply, however, at the moment, as sustenance of good and evil treasure or two can be read. 'This monkey is a good opportunity, there are refining their flesh tripod universe to merit its Xuan Huang fierce soul, there is a law enforcement congratulate the Young.' Slightly between Taishanglaojun speech a bit strange, in fact, can now be considered upon a time on a tripartite door, Buddhism and good fortune, three, and that this apologetics disciples, the door has been left behind faint, and a beheaded corpse two, whichever holy mid possibility although progress toward quasi-holy relatively lateBut a law enforcement to such success is enough, but also with other, like the Monkey King, not only merit of gas, is also about to become a mid-term prospective saint. Even these two monkeys are different intrinsic nature of the people, have been embarked on a tripod universe was. 'Unfortunately, now a hundred years time will come when this monkey can also cut the two appearances Taoist maybe it?' Fang Chen, his face showing a trace of Youse, apparently not very confident Liu Li can chopped evil dead. Six of the ear canal can be chopping off people but his years of teaching under Zhen Fang, do not know how many good deeds done in the body, got a lot of merit of the gas into the tripod in the universe, which has the merit of contaminated air, so calculation, chopping off good corpse exceedingly easy. Not only is Liu Li, Zhen Fang is the other door's wife, to chopping off good corpse is easy, but if they wanted to cut the evil dead, is not a simple matter. 'Young, you are in a hurry point.' Laojun face smile, and said: 'That is your invincible supernatural powers, to come up with this method, creating a quasi-saint, who want to know the flow easy, though you Mitac invincible, but also the flow, the world's own road. It seems for the brother, you subglottic disciples qualification is very only used one, Zensheng to use four Pan Guanbi? 'Even brothers startled hesitated, only to hear Jin Shiyi also deemed to be in the question and answer, said:' With, with, it also beat me, I'll sing one of two people play to you Look! 'Citylink Dengyuan jade eyes and said:' What? You have to use the four-point pen Bamo effort? 'Jin Shiyi said:' Yes ah, yes! Looking not just talked about it? What kind of weapon I use what weapons you what I'll use what martial arts kung fu? 'Jin Shiyi remark one, hundreds of spectators on the sidelines are the best warrior Zhengzhu, first, Jin Shiyi now empty hands, there is no weapons; second, that counted for him to take the Pan Guanbi He hands a man, was at the same time how to spend four; third, more important, even the home of acupuncture method, the child does not pass daughters, especially the 'four-point pen attached Bamo' the effort, because Citylink Bao Yu Citylink is metamict brothers, uniten, was wonderful to be able to meet cents Britain, and this effort is the co-founder of two brothers, that is to say, the world is great, but only two of them brothers, in order to make this acupuncture kung fu, martial arts Jin Shiyi deep breadth even then, never knowing where he was so weird to say this not too unbearable, unbelievable even to glance brothers, hearts were thinking:?? 'Does this person have neuropathy The? 'The common phenomenon of too confused to Jin Shiyi, the moment had commanded a Bushido:' You give Gan coach to take four Pan Guanbi. 'I did not realize was repeatedly waving Jin Shiyi, said:' I said what weapons they use, I use what weapons, these Pan Guanbi not suitable! 'So even the brothers of Pan Guanbi is special, general Pan Guanbi is two feet eight inches, and only one pen, two brothers, two of them there are three feet six inches Pan Guanbi nib open fork, a pen nib is equal to two, A total of eight four-pen nib, so to be able to move it in one, while the enemy's point of martial arts in the kidneys have four sentences about Pan Guanbi acupuncture is:. '