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successfully enter the palace, but also help us to do more.'Tianchi Venerable cried: 'The Good, the Master if the public on our side, Duron to display eight Dragon roar, there may be concerns, if Exalted join each other, the old Duron certainly extremely welcome in him! Denon eight roar when cast, coupled with restraint Exalted, we will be able to act with the old dragon hit! 'Miller on humanity: 'Call me pretend I can not do!'Xuenv laughed: 'old bald child, you do not hypocritical, you are a bad stomach water, doing this is the most appropriate, and I still do not know whether you are really on our side, maybe you had Duron just complain Palace through the dark! 'Tianchi His Holiness said: 'I can guarantee this, the Master would never do such a thing, he hated the old Duron, because he ......Anyway, I believe that the Master is the most opposed to a cut! 'Because when it comes to his words,Shadow facilities are not things, Du cold wind tunnel:. 'What you see is a mirage create Xian Qi, Luo Feile' Luofei Le Du seemed not to hear the wind, the pace began to unconsciously move to cities, muttered: 'I go first to the door of the old man probe points news, wind, etc. I.' Urban roots lined both sides of the green cactus slips apart, let out a narrow path, looks like the snake opened his mouth, put Luo Feile attracted to swallow general. Du wind suddenly mouth, lips bursts of thunder roar like a lion: 'woke Luo Feile!!' [Idiom] extraordinary power, surrounded by sand Du throat erupted infuriating wind burst was flying around, Luo Feile body of a cold woke up and saw in front of a mirror after the real exclaimed : 'Independence Day!' To reach La Rockefeller, beneath the desert quiet mutation emergent, countless cacti from the sand to take out, to separate air and Du spot. In a number of corpses hanging from the top of a cactus, it is sent to visit the last batch Yang Ke Leizha zero whereabouts of several groups of humans. Young zero in on the whereabouts of things to visit, Ke Leizha really spared no effort