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it no longer asked, then retire to leave.Suzerain to see him go, standIn here, if the small lead the attack, with Pindao repair, must be able to support you fellow to come. What's more, today, but because under the leadership of Cihhang traitor, Ding lead to unimpeded entry of this emperor riding peaks future Pindao planted a big fuss again, this small lead again, probably have a lot of expenses means job. ' 'Oh, this is my Chi Hong net internal things fast, real tube is not too wide?' Xie Shichiku relied age but twenty Xu Zhen Fang, its equivalent, is not afraid to talk to others, out of the mouth said. '? Real meritorious, why ignore these mundane it' side of the broad economic guru suddenly spoke out and said: 'This statement is nothing but Miaozhen Shenni Cihang door for consideration, if Momen again attack the mountain, the palace fairy boy with bright autumn was a catastrophe, it probably would Cihang a pulse lost. So not violate the Joshin fairy to mind it? ' Breeze, who heard his face suddenly changed, changed, Guangji a breeze, who suddenly see a hint of the doorway to. Where is what heartless, obviously fancy someone and magic come to the dojo. Everyone looked at each other, each other's thoughts at this moment to exchange a moment. Lonely laughed: 'I waited all foreign visitors, it is not good to interfere in the internal affairs of other sects.' Breeze Road, Long also laughed: 'Since the palace fairy think it can hold this emperor riding the peak, more good fortune to live to look after them and wanted to date a pulse revitalization Cihang near my comprehension sector have a door large faction rise gratifying. congratulated ah! 'Xi Yi, who heard this, their brains a turn, suddenly understand the trick, quickly praised it loudly. Miaozhen Shenni seeing this, his face ashen, his face no trace of Glory circulation, like eating flies just as bad. Physiognomy Master Shoumei slightly wrinkled, but did not speak, Guangji master fiercely towards Zhen Fang stare. Zhen Fang sighed, although the league killed, the present palace will not say. But the palace did not say that Yang Jian and three Notre Dame do not know? Your Majesty, the Emperor of Heaven in order to maintain your face, do to do there? Hello this is in the Palace, loaned the others hand, kill the two, do you think the future will not look for him to come to you two? I'm afraid that door Yang Jian received three clear to As the door Custodian is to one day be able to justifiably addition to the main you this heaven of. ' Emperor face Qinghui, when ever he does not know these things, but what can they do, as do a host of heaven, we must have dignity, but unfortunately when he was the best way is this lack of dignity, and within three realms, in addition to a few a confidant, as well as how people listen to him the Emperor, is the original Gods of the matter, is a helpless thing. The same is true today, too much of a knot of causation, in the end, it must also be on. Waved strokes over Taibaijinxing, ordered him to personally rushed Tianzhushan discuss the matter with the Zhen Fang, Zhang Zi Ran bring along a road under the edict,Chen Dijun called hook. While they are under the heaven, Morning Glory Hill came. Under the foot of the mountain, Xian Qi-filled, quiet, Orchid fragrance, bridges, although there is a wonderland, but more of a retreat by. Here Faerie extremely rich gas, Huashan over, faintly visible power lines in the stars hanging down and down, fall into the Mountain. It can be said here is the practice of a classy, ​​here is seclusion of the Emperor's niece, sister, Yang Jian Jiro zhenjun three Virgin. An octagonal station is located on the creek, water BUZZ, gurgling and over, on top of the pavilion, being a young handsome Tao sitting on a stone bench, I saw a cloud crown Taoist fan belt, hydration wear suits, waist beam silk sash, foot board hemp shoes, glittering between the eyebrows, eyes like a handstand in general, imposing endless, it is well-known to the Three Realms Jiro zhenjun Yang Jian. In its opposite a young girl, beautiful flower, is not Bai whom. 'But just a little minor injuries.' Zhen Fang shook his head, although there is no direct confrontation and Romania, but he did not know the other's opponent today. However, the seal is still among the other, with a little knowledge of God, will be able to wounded himself, if not themselves pregnant Heaven, I am afraid it is not as simple as the wounded, perhaps he would have been off into the hearts of Pangu, do his food up. But Rao is asHere, evil blood gas, diffuse into their own soul, and probably need to make great efforts to clean their expulsion. 'You ask Yang Young army gathered in the sky and not into the banks, soldiers casualties too, you can embark on the last one was, some of the soldiers rescued, so it can be considered a good thing, but also live you follow an apprenticeship Pindao . 'Zhen Fang took a basket of flowers to the right hand, he took a whip, handed in the past, said:' This is called the basket basket tied cents, whip whip Huanzuo medicine can help you find one, 'Bai heard dare. neglect, quickly took over, bowed three times, square back out. Zhen Fang Bai be gone, sighed deeply, immersed himself in the study and understanding among Avenue, on the head, three lights flashing, a glaucoma being. Chaos melodious bell, enveloped in an atmosphere somewhat esoteric around Zhen Fang, Zhou stars hanging down and down, constantly fall into glaucoma. Disappearance was not a trace, but a little carnage between the eyebrows, but it is indeed, as if ready to disappear the same. Not to mention being Tianzhushan expel Zhen Fang Luo for their injuries, far in Shanhaiguan Temujin army is high-spirited, swinging between exclusion Fang Qiu, the hearts of the Yangtze River has long been preparing horses. Shanhaiguan to the walls. Wide as the child Shen surface water, did not see their thoughts. Over the years, wide as the child has finally realized his vision to become the first person to explain to teach self Primus sects. But as a first strike illustrates teach and said:' It was in order to discuss your joy ah! 'Jin Shiyi heart sank, Lisheng Nan motive He is unexpected, but then thought:' She can do good things for me, and that is good. Moreover, she does not hide, visible also not hopeless. But, I'm afraid in the future but can not leave her. 'Three days later, they went to Beijing, the common phenomenon of the Guards guide, accommodation naturally easy to find out, they will hold a fake Jianshu, posing disciple with panacea often went to ask to see. The common phenomenon of being on Yanwu Yang, martial arts officer urged his men, one should see only Liusan Chun and Wan disciples came, and my heart very happy, looked letters, light, said: 'Your Master has a net worth, to enjoy life at home, even I wonder Please see them. Ha, they enjoy a happy life, but tired, you have worked hard. First go rest now. If you are willing to be here when the poor, then you came to the king lieutenant tomorrow and see what vacancies, you can make up to two places. 'They come in with that pointed to the butler said:' You have a good call them tomorrow and then take them to the king lieutenant. 'Listen to this tone, the common phenomenon of no importance to them, simply, not only do not personally say hello, even just call housekeeping chores assigned to take them to see a lieutenant Guards, the most wanted nothing but to let them nothing when the value of the lower commissioned officers. Lisheng Nan Jin Shiyi and do not turn around, Lisheng Nan smiled and said: 'We do not come to seek errand. 'Increasingly common phenomenon of displeasure, coldly:' For you, your master is rich, you also want the wealthyBrother, said: 'did not mean that adults master the mistake me.' Sagong tract: '? How does he refused to come to Beijing, which is also another reason for it?' said: 'Master sent me When, once said to me: 'Sagong adults think highly of me, I should have personally to Beijing, as he played. But I now have a young, itinerant gangsters deal with the general, the common phenomenon of adults do together to observe the situation clear, step into a powerhouse in case, if the other party feel unpredictable, both inside and outside the temple walls have even organ ambush, metamict rushing, good for cope. The entry itself again, to be fair to people sword box, can not be reused. Under this situation, but at the owner previously unknown truth, had a wary eye, how can self-defense weapon from the hand? Also put the sword box, right hand grasping the hilt, feet gently, so that a 'pregnant swallows cast' of the situation, on the cliff dipped toward the past, the body does not fall to the foot of a wall outside the temple. Until near the left hand forward a Young, of the 'dragon claw exploration' of the stops, a grasp branches wall and shoved to mention infuriating, leaning on the potential prosperous together. Temple walls are going to fall on the surface, Quzhun temple terrain, and then down the vertical and shoved another glimpse of the temple tree line, a Chixu thick white shadow, mouth blown bamboo audible, Pilian also wish, The head thrown back. Listen to the sounds, working with had just heard a strange sound, like in the forest, known to be evil, like python snake temple has raised. Heimo Le harbor master that bad, can not help but furious, he pulled out his sword box, sighting the gathering, then stitch up. Meanwhile foot wall fell on top of the temple, to be killed by monsters, Zaixun temple enemy hands. I thought: a small Nepalese have such skills, the owner can be imagined. Will not rash frivolous, resolved before resorting to force, and then decide what to do and ask the ins and outs, the sword still Mangjiang box. That is not to small Nepalese speak migraine first half to extend the wall of trees growing on Jizhi shouted:. 'This is called the master of the guests asked because I had just forgotten, I wonder if it can not fly over the wall, quickly receded, not rude! 'Heimo Le Cegu Wensheng, = a thick as a big plate spoon smugglers, two head fiercely radiance, red letter mouth as flame throughput