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wave, stature, such as Rainbow, off towards the south in the past, the original ground, but fall length sleeves, it is a cut-off gown intended meaning. Clouds above the bed, the Monkey King deadpan, just above the Ni Wan, Kim Yun rolling relic yuan light radiance, while slowly moving majesty, between a moment filled with the Water Curtain Cave, gradually will give all huaguoshan package in which enormous pressure to let the mountain monkey bursts of sorrowUnder a few lines, moment, scared and said: 'This is my encountered the Lantern Festival in Beijing at night in the mountains are mine, but the letter only said to us on Beijing to play, did not mention the other things . 'Zhang Qin anxious then said:' Shaoxia encountered, in fact, nine Prince 'Baoshu De frown:'!? originally in the mountains is his pseudonym, neither mentioned anything on the letter, he asked me what to do two Could that person plant east of 'Du was hastily:'? the next and so is the Guard disabilities, but with the East plant is different, do not have Shaoxia misunderstanding ' said:.' heard so much about the East plant irreconcilable with disabilities Guard, balance of power, even ? The emperor can not control, but really I do not know these things, 'Zhang Qin sighed:' Our responsibility is mainly Defence Guard disabilities emperor, but the East plant is different, now presided over four Prince single-handedly, they run amuck, even all the kings are afraid says not a word. ' said:.'? Nine Princes is your background it 'Du before:.' Nine Princes generous man, although management Guard with disabilities, but also have great respect for civil and military ministers' said: 'He wants me to go ? What do 'Du it said:' The emperor he'll lose a Linglong, Longyan furious, now designated four orders of Prince and Prince nine counties nationwide each government to solve the case, please Shaoxia nine prince intended to help 'Barry. Super laughed: 'he'll be able to value a geometry, so why the fuss?' Du it said:. 'The cup but a treasure, I heard longchi soon fills with blood, but this time said to have been inappropriate blood, because at the moment to ancestral dragon pool water into a milky white, with a faint hint of fragrant, refreshing, like countless panacea which are immersed in the same . The archosaurs Longkou still being slowly shed a milky white liquid, fall into the ancestral dragon pool, the strange thing is that the ancestral longchi liquid spill has not seen the end of the magic. 'Illustrates teach Huanglong reality.' Ao Guang longchi quickly recognized the ancestral land in Huanglong identity. While the curious mind, but did not say anything, his stature did not into them, then the whole world, such as the Dragon King Ao leap down into the ancestral longchi are all in. Dragons heard the sound of a time. On the East China Sea, Rays filled, vision scene, within the Three Realms, all the attention, speculation everything takes place on the East China Sea. But no one dared past Xianjia see what happens. Because at the moment to the East China Sea Dragon is not the year of the Dragon of the East China Sea. There are archosaurs sits, and in good fortune sects, have done a patron saint in the back, what people dare to go unbridled East. Western Paradise, quasi mention Taoist nervous, but he was the supreme saint, in the natural world can feel that a trace of change, the ancestral dragon pool construction is completed, there will be marking the Dragon Master Dragon nine large Luo Jin Sin strength, ho Tongtianhe ho will no longer be a natural moat. Zhao Song Dajun will also move into the Paradise City, the ultimate battle of good fortune and a Buddhist were going to come. Quasi mention Taoist never thought the time would come so fast. Originally, Shanhaiguan just received the news was broken, quasi mention Taoist did not expect bad news so quickly to their ear. 'Although the elephant Temujin invincible, men also gathered twelve ancestral witch, it seems, like beat Once upon a few major forces, in fact, the Wu family bloodthirsty, massacre all repatriation of the lower second heaven but now has ceased to exist, as long as Advent is successful, you have to set a credit and status will be obtained, far past the second day of comparable weight. ' They finally have touched motionless face, horsepower tie sneered: '? I hope you two have recovered the standard Jiuxing Warrior year when soaring on the Valkyrie, are you ready' His attitude toward the Valkyrie obviously different to others, respectful than command. Lu Tianming always tightly muzzled with a white handkerchief, tie horsepower hear, he will move away white handkerchief from his mouth, the top covered with dripping blood. Horsepower tie frowned: 'Your body will not last long in the world that must be timely soaring..' His unique voice with a metal ground hum, let him hear the voice of the people heart itch-specific. Almost lost control, rolling eyes horsepower temptation to bring out the ingredients and said: 'Not necessarily, if you can get the experience of years that the tragedy is not death of the body, do not believe in Once upon a time and round the world.' Lu Tianming nodded slightly and said:. 'Even if I do not find him, he would come to me, do not forgetRemember the. Twenty years ago I was released tragedy extradition will eliminate the culprit culprit. ' Horsepower tie sneered:. 'Adjournment of it, but also to meet the winner of tomorrow athletic contest it.' He got up and went out at the head, each around a fork in the road, there will be a silent figure came from the dark, and he stood together. The number of direct ground before riding the lifts, including the bar, along with horsepower, gather around him has increased five people, each person has to face and tie similar horsepower, body covered with numerous holes awakened cents. In addition to the distribution of the location on the body orifices cents hole is different, every person looks are horsepower tie. Before declining slowly to lift, tie together six horsepower stopped, who awakened to begin diversion hole cents