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Warrior actually appeared to state air force does not continue. Even so, he did not dare leave Du wind too. Only tentatively approached a few steps, sneered: '? Independence Day, now how to' DuSilent and closed his eyes and said: 'You're not Radial, I now understand about the resurrection of the truth.' Radial growled: 'What did you say I'm not Radial, that who I am..' After a brief silence for three or four seconds, the wind suddenly opened his eyes Du said:. '. You are now roughly cents me to grasp the truth of the resurrection.' Always wipe away the gun in the hands of the promise to stop the action. Du cold wind tunnel: 'Have you taken part Xu Yuan magic to destroy the Pirates battle Twenty years ago, when there are so weak it to Radial..?' Xu Yuan noncommittal, but my mind was like the wind and Elsie had great doubts. Pirates Magic Radial likes to do is hide behind the plot, and people never mean Warrior fighting front, but one look at his men to be extradited will annihilate, hard business lair also destroyed, Radial final finally made a crazy move. He rashly attacked Yang Ying, Yang Ying want to leave after the withdrawal of life, is this rash act, eventually leading to Radial Du knife pixia head wind. Today's Pirates magic, cautious to outrageous proportions, even twenty years ago, Yang Ying-style attacks are impossible to make the move. Du cold wind tunnel: 'He is immortal, a succession of all the memory and consciousness of the deceased with cents, then the illusion created by the resurrection because everything Xian Qi will maximize human character flaws, so he and Srivastava. There are those who do not see Renhe Wu temperament, there is no combat. ' Xu Yuan noncommittal again bow Caqiang, Du wind slowly into cold voice: 'Xu Yuan, this way if you want to revive Yang Ying, for her, I refused, and you will be the best one to prove to me, You are not reproductions cents. ' Was completely forgotten in the side of the Radial trembling with anger, yelled: '! Du wind, I want to kill you.'  supernatural powers greater than Daoxing, there will be the foundation of instability, when there is danger of the practice of Rumo. Of course, this does not necessarily have the time, the most famous is the three realms of well-known to the Red Cloud ancestors, he is to the supernatural powers to defeat the Saints Daoxing Nvwaniangniang. But Red Cloud ancestors was destiny, there is blessing of Heaven, and pregnant immeasurable merit. Naturally unscathed. Let Dubbo Tathagata and Kongxuan not think that both of them also appeared in more than a supernatural guy Daoxing too. Jin Choi, the wind is what history, very few people know that in the end the practice for many years and no one knows, because the practice community in a person's appearance can not infer that he practice for many years, but the two can be sure that the gold bi Wind did not practice for many years, although many hotshots among the three realms, but how Buddha figure. This vision is still there. But why is this younger generation. But to an enemy today, how to keep the two surprised. 'You two have now surrendered to the emergency!' Kim Bi wind laughed. Kongxuan with Buddha face became pale. They do not speak, Roushen on a variety of weapons in the hands of one shot in the past, various supernatural means this time without the slightest reservation, the gap among the three realms, bizarre, all kinds of light flashed one by one, hit too Three Realms gap leaves do not know how much ruined, while gold bi Kazami that look like two, two people do not understand where to resolve, flashed on the hands of the butcher Sword little red carnage filled with emptiness, as if a road carnage a snake, flying in the air, claws, blows a variety of venom fangs ferocious, triangular eyes shot a road gloomy light, ready to kill enemies around. Jin Choi, although wind prevailed, but also know that the two men are already in front of the three realms of the top players, but not the slightest hands neglectJianguang flashing scarlet brilliance, or referring to is unable to interpret, he also had to go! That bumped several pieces of his body, he did not prepare for, but their natural body care magic birth of the reaction, several pieces that all the fear of falling,To not deliberately applied to the body also felt a pain, but this pain compared to his heart's wounds, it just is not what it is. Lisheng Nan went to the small hillside road, Jin Shiyi caught up with her. Lisheng Nan cold smile, stop and step and said: '? You came all the way to Xiangyang, not with your sweetheart how much together for a while, but to chase me as very' angry Jin Shiyi large abnormal state, his eyes wide open, panting and asked: '? you in the end, and then she said something' Lisheng Nan light, said: 'Nothing Yeah, you like people to curry favor with her, I had a chance to do, dare to offend her?' Jin Shiyi shouted: 'You said something in the end?' Lisheng Nan slowly, and said: 'You're in a hurry, why do not you ask her?' Rhythm of the meal, suddenly Pu laugh: 'Do not worry, I told her a lot of kindness for her to say, all for her sake, 'Jin Shiyi said:.' in the end how to say ' said:'? I am a lovable drink to her, I said, I'm three years ago on a desert island and you .! weddings married, no way to ask her to drink wedding I also advised her to marry the best time to ask a few more witnesses to make martial arts legend, reliable some 'Jin Shiyi Qiqiaoshengyan anger, cursed:' You, you You, you're ...... ' eyes are opened, drink and asked:'? What is really 'Jin Shiyi was going to say is:'! You really do not know shame 'by her a drink, then to the mouth, but they hold back, and said: 'You're too far, and I'm not kidding you this so that my weddings married, what are you!?' Lisheng Nan cocked the face and said: 'Jin Shiyi, you get ! unreasonable 'Jin Shiyi face , Renzhu Qi said:' Yes, do you have any reason I'd like to listen to ' said:'?! Although we just leave the couple on the islands, you always I worshiped the Church as too pro not? I just tell the truth, you can not lie to her husband