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also refining exceptionally intelligent eyes and ears, a Heming sound high, there are different unusual Ancun: his childhood in Huangshan beginning letter, the days are so on top of the peak to live all these years, has seen a lot of exotic birds, the crane is much more to see. According weekdays through this crane to place, are less than fifty or sixty, and song as much so loud, had never met, will no doubt be very crane. Jianguang under attack from the air, the light suddenly soared, not strong anti relied flexibility, flowing back down. After this one, the party was pulling a flat right, but not as good as people end long snake of gas, not to mention the snake fetish, Jiang Ming holds a sweat, but also worried for , and admire his daring soul, skill Tianjin pure fruit since extraordinary. Ancun: a snake is so, there is a snake is not out, they are not their enemy air look, what to do? Tong Hing overlooking the stage, holding a weapon hidden weapon, since Koudai stare, watching battles illegal immigrants, but also with a troubled face. On one side of the trees, the sound of a small Nepalese still peeing and snake-ming Xiangxie, like in quiz each other. That snake heard, angry even worse, oncoming more disease, skin scales together Tongshen fibrillation flash from a million points Silver Star, like anger already has; hatred and willing to give it shape. Love to know when the fight for too long, people will be difficult to support, but also aggressive never admit defeat, the idea being not afford to fight. Just at that time, fast! Both sides were quick to potential, which only a dozen dazzling face to face between. Doo the Doo forward, away from the air again soon Heming. Jiang Ming hear apartTen feet. Heart: This crane which was so fast method, gone on to? Thought to fly from the sky, felt certain rare large enough, can not help watching looked up, dazzling effort, ears head whistling wind, but also fresh disease, under the moonlight, I saw a piece of silver, lightning, self Dropping empty. Donnie was red and gold are about partisan, though not their own opponents, and finally inevitably involves other people, both without incident, naturally subside for yes. He Yi is not expected to know the defendant, there is nothing. He Yi Yao, China and the others are not due to dust Suli, hit it off, but also a friend in adversity Hyosung, quite willing to bear Carolina, was not polite. Wen ordered to come back, Hyosung laughed: 'How old you knowing my body and belongings, do not call me white ceremony by Junior's it?' He Yi and said: 'I was Excellencies Duanning Ya Yuan, see a heart fold, so make children worship knowledge, future Ye have some teachings. I wonder if you also carry possessions just a collar Pathetic it? How would you put it vulgar? 'Hyosung laughed:' The existing three brothers in this, Yu Gong solid today's official name, then Wei, Qian two brothers, Ji Yi passenger door bell Club VIP, nor shabby class, then I see a generation of unconventional scholar money is not worth it? Ginger gifts where I did, did not disturb him. With this you say, I would not be empty-handed, anyway , even you get married so that new Yin also called out my daughter to see it. ' Yao people heard this, see Hyosung autumn weather wearing only a single blouse, not even a purse, a think himself with a few pieces of Chinese jade, good husband, Jin Qiao Xinmin also have their own portable plaything, party seeking openings , Yoshio busy winks stopped. He Yi has been ordered into the smoke hoe messenger, side replied:. 'Not met for several years, but still sophisticated up, this audience should pour my surprise, just too young Jiangnv beloved parents, Jane Kim non decorated it well, you known the world over, unlike ordinary people, Mo took his hand as people look down upon you, even when I do not look good with the old. The best you thirty-six shaped palm method that impart a slightlyPoints, counted gift child, a text does not spend, they also grateful I, you see how? 'Hyosung said:' People say you are old Kennedy giant sly, it stars above its head, but it looks like the endless void, emptiness, there is at the moment is a present in which the rotation, the misty breath. Between slowly, do not know when it has appeared on the side of the head Chen. Zhen Fang loud shout, his eyes burst out an SG, and then they show the chaos of colors, the eyes, as if there are two in which the rotation of Heaven. Gently press your hands, as if thousands of Juli slowly depressed, Nvwaniangniang Fenlian red, fragrant perspiration now looming over the forehead, rivers shiny boat plans cents, a powerful energy projection, is struggling to fend off giant hand coming, now also in red hydrangea Zhen Fang parades were rolling around in an attempt to find a trace of the gap, Zhen Fang good hit in the body, can not hit for injuries, they have hurt their dough, but unfortunately, the sky flashes do yellow misty glory, melodious bell bell chaos, between faint, mysterious sound waves hit the side over the two treasure, mountains and rivers boat plans Guanghua slowly dim, red hydrangea also seems caught in a quagmire, the speed is slow a lot, it was chaotic minutes suppressed. And behind with escorts Taoist although brown complexion, the color of sorrow also seems lacking between the faint, like this year, landlords and mercifully, no rental child, the family and can bowl of porridge every day; the quasi-mentioned Taoist Yulian red, full of excitement and color, finally today, three clear of brush dough, though not his shot, but it can be considered a clear insight into the Pangu lost three dough look like, even if you Daoxing supernatural but far above their own how the section was won, but jambudvipa is lost, what means to compete with my Western Buddhism air transport it? Houtu empress still look kind, but faint in a pair of eye showing a hint of excitement. Saints and how, today, it is borrowed obscurity beads proved to the saints,'Octupole Yang magic' Just at this juncture, Chu Ching Yin Xiao hair again, even slowly toward the approaching exhibition Yunhe,