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slowly said:. '? You then have an insight into the opening day of the year you know that Great God Pan Gu's death some of what happened.' Zhen Fang Yi Leng. Hint of hesitation, but still said:. '. Disciples then, but when the Great God Pan Gu epoch when the Pangu ax and chaos collide, just give birth Yiduohongyun' Zhen Fang soul of a sudden seemed to penetrate the restrictions of time and space, as if to see the world a chaos, but not something that is no north-south, chaos, a Han whole body Emotion, resolute face, holding a two-edged ax slowly towards chaos split in the past, what followed it, and finally the world fleet beginning, clear air floating for the day, for an aggregate of sinking, the Great God Pan Gu coincide again for fear of heaven and earth, it stays grounded days, will become the world today. The Great God Lord force robbery in his death, his mouth breath flowing seasons to become a cloud; the sound of thunder became sky; his left eye became the sun, the moon right eye became; hair and beard change became stars in the night sky; his body into East, West, South, North quadrupole and majestic Sanshanwuyue; blood into a river; tendons become road; muscle farmland; teeth, bones and Bone marrow become underground mines; skin and fine hair vegetation on the earth, the rain turned into a sweat. The soul is divided into three, three clear of Pangu, the whole body blood into twelve ancestral witch, twelve ancestral witch, also known as the twelve devil outside, tyrannical matchless natural flesh, devouring the world, feng shui manipulate lightning, Tianshan Move the sea, to change the world. Mat close ancestral witch systemic golden scales, ear wear a Snake, two foot dragon, tiger body human face, shoulder Department of Health ,, West wings of goldAncestral witch. Ancestral witch sentence Mans Aoki body color, the birds face personal, foot two Dragon, Oriental wood witch ancestors; Zu Wu Gong Gong personal python head, foot two Black Dragon, hand constrictor wrapped around the blue, black body scales, balance, fell heavily in the mud. Finally, a towering figure rushed into the gray building, in front of the guards stopped the shadows shouted: 'Here is the municipal building ......' Scream, the guard has been the heart of the shadows dig out, flaccid paralysis down. The hands of the heart to get rid of the shadows, into a rise in the elevator, after a short wait, the elevator stopped at the thirteenth floor. Shadows scratching and scrambling into the 13th floor of a large room, sitting in leather chair in front of which people mad cried:! '4 of spades, that guy in the end is what people who we are He Kill it! Kill it! ' Sitting in the leather chair people turnThe body, is a middle-aged man and face-chee, slowly:. 'There are 20% of the possible, is [Independence Day] Du wind successor.' Haide shadow play straight legs shaking, screaming: '? There are 80 percent of it.' 'There are probably 80 percent, he is himself [Independence Day] Du wind.' A soft shadow legs collapsed to the ground, howling: 'Then you do not notice the fast Li Han adults, Lee Han adults visit ......' Middle-aged man staring at the shadows and said: 'how you escaped.' Shadows smirking proudly said: 'Because I'm smart enough.' From the beginning he did not participate in the fighting, when you see Du wind slaughter immediately escaped from the back door. A fantastic 'all' sound filled the entire room, I feel bad shadows bow anxious look, only to find that their heart is crazy ups and downs, has shriveled chest down, blood surrounding tissue to the heart of all the hits, showing one continuous retrograde color digital --10,9,8 ...... 'Boom' sound, a bottle of shower of blood mixed with fire in the middle of the room lights, shadows blown up. Seat also carrying a rise in the ranks of middle-aged man, middle-aged man looking pale, got up and walked to the window. In the last one, 'empty' since that time managed to escape, Du Feng has in his body mysteriously to 'refining' out of the suicide bombers. The fire broke through the night