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Dinghai beads, it emerged at the foot of a statue of the lotus, the flashing red light on fire, it was twenty-four products industry HL fire. And finally to the fairy realm. 'Namo Amitabha!' Physiognomy see each other now a monk wears, can not help but loud shout, behind the fleet also emerged round golden pearls, gold is merit, but it is not comparable with the Zhen Fang, golden light of in a relic element of light radiance, faintly hear the sound of chanting the Buddha, the first step is also now a virtual image of the lotus, sandalwood grounds immediately. Behind this dust, this parameter is also exposed Pekoe, revealed on his forehead Glory, also emerged round behind a faint ghost, apparently also have income. 'Immeasurable revere.' Xiyi looking real joy, a move Ni Wan, emerged one yuan tire, the glittering, holding a two-edged sword, coldness radiance. Although unable achievement days Sendo fruit, but should the gold yuan tire, tire perhaps be called merit yuan more appropriate, there is a guarantee, as long as the day after the reunion dimension door, instantly achievement days Sendo fruit. 'Immeasurable good fortune!' Old demon, Kun Yuan Han Chi fairy fairy king and have shouted Road. Lower merit, but it is these three most significant effect, not only a solid foundation, Yuan tire condensate real, and there merit finderAngel realm expected. But did not worry about their alien origin, but under the tragedy, 90% fly ash into the possibility. 'Daoxiong, this causal Pinseng owe you, but getting bigger.' Monk truth this time has been disillusioned, achievement Rohan gilded, naturally knew he owed Zhen Fang causal consequences. 'Monk, but this time you get a big advantage.' Xiyi live also laughed. 'Master!' Han Chi fairy Fenlian exposed above specter, although charming, but very holy, golden light shining merit, as the reincarnation of the Goddess of Mercy, where there is the slightest previous style, so everyone amazed. 'Daoxiong, and received a good apprentice ah!' Xiyi eat some real flavor, said:. several dead friend disposal!'Dark valiant young said: 'Xie Yan t!' said: 'Do not mention it, this is what my job.'Eyes of a condensate, smiling, said: '? You have not told me what you call'Dark valiant young said: 'My nephew called Tianchou.'Yanmu Fei said: 'This name is sister to take you?'Tianchou Hu said: 'Yes, strict t.'Yan Mufei sigh and said: 'Tianchou, Fu Chou mortal, showing great hatred sister and my heart did not forget.'Schmidt, then said: 'You personally sister body also taught martial arts?'Hu Tianchou shook his head and said: 'Not only a mother, as well as his nephew's uncle.'Yan Mufei 'Oh!' Sound: 'The child is wide?'Tianchou Hu said: 'Yes, strict t!'Yanmu Fei said: 'is not seen for many years, I'm afraid too much older.'Paused and then said: 'You are a child of martial arts and sister with wide long, it should be ......'Hu Tianchou shyly said: 'The mother has not yet learned to say his nephew, to his nephew to wait three years.'Yan Mufei nodded and said: 'sister is right, in fact, deal with them far more than wait for another four years.'Tianchou Hu said: 'Yan Shu, say ......'Yan Mufei indifferent a chuckle: 'Tianchou may like to hear me say something straight?'Tianchou busy Su Rong Hu said: 'Please give t strict teachings, nephew ears!'Yan Mufei secretly nodded and said: 'What you learn is not bad, but too impetuous, not calm, but also a lack of experience and life experiences.The future should work hard on this both. 'Tianchou Hu said: 'Thank strict tertiary teaching, since when his nephew to keep in mind the hearts.'Tianchou Hu said: 'Yes, strict uncle, nephew of King compliance commanded you.' shook his head slightly, and said:. 'Tianchou, I want to explain, strict t teach you, for your future travels just a little help, but difficult for you to avenge the issue somewhat fill'Hu Tianchou was shocked, and said: 'Yan t mean ......'Hu Tianchou face changed, said: 'That ...... that strict uncle, how do you say that?'Yan Mufei shook his head and said: 'martial a way, can not crash, it may not