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hope, that he is worried about what Jin Shiyi also late enough skill to help him´╗┐, And said why, and it does not even worse, your daughter does not have any suggestions? 'Tuwan Fu Wu looked a Tsering said: 'My daughter said that most other people can consider that your daughter is Wuxiong of our well-furnished, and time-consuming for a long time, she came here for a moment, immediately able to identify flaws, this woman is not removed, our the situation is really worthy of consideration! 'Tsering Wu also said: 'I have already said, that ghost girl scheming Yun Shan, butterfly old but still do not care, women and children's generation believes negligible ......'Gently blue Meng Yi Tan said: '! I have always been difficult to believe that a girl as much, after which a few failures, I have to admit that their superficial'Tuwan Fu said: 'Fortunately, we have sixty or seventy people, the strength of several times stronger than the other, carefully deal with, not to suffer too, but can not afford to old butterfly rash engaged!'Blue Meng said: 'I know that, after a certain caution, but it is best to ask your daughter to come, to draw on her wisdom, insight into the situation of the enemy, in order to make the policy payable!' said: 'My daughter said face to face battle of wits, she was not as good as Wu Yunshan self-supporting, so stay made after deployment, first deal with butterflies old, if not, to withdraw to the second line of defense after the whole by her to deal with!'Think Blue Meng said: 'good, not solve them today, give up this place, we can start over too, for a delay, or a favorable time for us.'Tuwan Fu laughed: 'This is the meaning of my daughter, a former butterfly heart too old Qiucheng cut before they become common knowledge today if unsuccessful, we should retreat, according to the Central Plains, in the lakes set off tidal waves among various sects, contributed to each other isolated, Individual slowly break them, my daughter thought so Yuwen Shu Shi Qiong Yao Yuan jointly with the biggest blunder, her, she only knew that she was Jin Shiyi to such an arrangement, secretly pleased, and thought and said: 'Let Liqin Mei had a destination first, I will reduce the a rival, but also a transcript of the next Gu Zhihua, it is relatively easy to deal with. 'Bailiang Ji identity is deputy commanding Guards. He captured the Liqin Mei Jin Shiyi expect afterwards. Must be the solution to the capital, after he and under Mangshan, as soon hardships north. Lisheng Nan Jin Shiyi way just to ask some esoteric practice superior martial arts, and she did not mention how how the future, because in her mind, gold´╗┐World Heritage is escape Tathagata palm Sun Walker, afraid he does not listen to the words of his own. Jin Shiyi also want to wait for help after his revenge, only to give up her ambition to be overcome factions, since no Lisheng Nan continued to talk about this topic, he would be happy to leave aside, lest quarrel. Two of them much faster than average feet away, of course, rest a few hours a day, even at night and night on their way, after three days, catch a Yao town, they found traces of the white pages Ji. Bailiang Ji Huang Yiren and that same ride a horse cart. There is also a driver. Jin Shiyi secretly tracking, look at the inn this carriage go there, and then they two talents to another inn lodging. After a three-shift, Jin Shiyi and put Night clothes, so go there to save the inn. They found the white pages Ji lived in that room, only to hear that he is and talk quietly Huang Yiren. Jin Shiyi eyesight has got to be able to look at things in the dark, he was close to the door, Zhang eye look, I saw Bailiang Ji and Huang Yiren sleep in the bed, but there is no development and Liqin Mei Chung, have not seen the like Lisheng Nan said that two big bag. Jin Shiyi startled hesitated, he in the end is the arena of experienced people, they immediately guess Bailiang Ji trick, he must be afraid of giving the look broken, not the coma and Liqin Mei Chung exhibition into the inn, and is hidden in their carriage, handed