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Maitreya bergamot Falling down. Maitreya glanced at Dubbo Tathagata, went to golden push over. Dubbo Tathagata not decline, his hands take over, also shot a golden eye, all of a sudden, you know everything golden. Shoumei shake for a moment, Fang stopped. And countless Buddha preaching see more treasure listened. As if awakened from sleep by people like mind though somewhat dissatisfied, but did not dare to speak. Quietly waiting Dubbo Tathagata orders. Well quite a while, Dubbo Tathagata as if down a mind like an idea. Suddenly deep sigh and said:. '!. Zen Hui Neng said no Bodhi tree, nor stand mirror often clean the Buddha, where there is dust Monk Bodhi tree mind at the moment there is to know when to Coorong not put down.' Buddhist monks congregation heard, a hint of a strange expression on his face. On Enlightening Buddha Shoumei a move, a hint of color contemplation. Maitreya has an interface, said:. 'Whenever you put down is down down down the Buddha nature is this void, you and I will naturally put down all the dust is put down....' Dubbo Tathagata nodded. And said: 'Sumeru is great, but also the accumulation of dust made no dust.Where towering Sumeru and sacred. ' 'Buddha!' ​​People hear the Buddha confused. Natural to ask to understand. Dubbo Tathagata shook his head. Suddenly his hands do the twist flower. Said:. '. Things blossoming flowers bloom flowers bloom in the same manner but it is worth mentioning the dust mentioning Sumeru Pure Land Buddhism.....' Monks heard. Suddenly his face like a hint of surprise. Look pleasant. All call Namo Amitabha. 'Today amulet advent West Chen disappear soon. I enjoy the West Chan Buddhism fireworks. At the moment when the best personnel.' Dubbo Tathagata hesitated for a moment. Said: 'To kill the good fortune of Babel Ha Wan Long River water under the cloth on a large array of EEP you can lead Guanyin Buddha Venerable Thera Fugen, Monju Venerable Zhang Mei collar and three thousand Buddha Buddha went to help out...' Enlightening the Buddha heard