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yuan a tongue, smile: '! That I can be miserable.'Qiong Yao Yuwen anxious and said: 'Dear husband, Could you bullyGap, smugglers are getting low, only half in Chixu L., cheeks and downs more urgent, head shot fiercely, doomed monster, the species are in the quiver, like air of hate and fear. That monster snake apart and had to Zhang Xu, like when they ran out to the front of snakes, bald A seven words 'slow', as soon stopped. TANG met nemesis known sister, said no one empty words. See the venomous anger cringe build the state, had never seen, determined to preserve, and then plot against each other toxic turtle killers. Fear of snakes has been prepared, the next head of the public do not take orders, and had just as stubborn and then bite, more shame, but also promised to snake killed. Heart of a hesitation, opposite three eyes armadillo think like waiting for a long impatience, three Guaiyan volley fiercely, destined snakes moment does not blink, formerly twelve pairs live centipede legs shaking, Walled bait chaotic, behind the hook tail whip with a fall and hit the deck Baba mountain ring, among the wide flat belly drum anger angry from time to time, when as much as two feet radius of the thickest, front and close this as imbricated scales, but also pieces stood there like a wild stand over When you first view particularly mighty. The daze that first tight coil snakes, like dead, no angry. TANG sister love to know is not good, and sometimes desperate, fierce raw deadly trap, not to exclude the snake, mouth Low said:. 'I do not believe.' TANG sister see a snake bite, clothes and was hooked, they know no way out of a bite, desperate to escape, he tried to hit the snake with a heavy vital way, slips in front of a flower, the serpent god Xu has been to hold fast. More than fright, the fierce dynamic concept, intended to ride both sides tangled battles, on the potential fierce wretched, together killed. Hand just raised, that three eyes alert armadillo how powerful, very swift action, had his orders on top of the ghost people, they used the vampire fighting the most primitive way, deeply torn teeth ghost man body, Ghosts only on a neck injury suffered. ' E neck constantly on patrol with the King of Ghosts, Ghosts wanted to see exactly where the injury, but it should be good. He fears again and said: 'Ghosts, you did not kill him.' 'No, ah.' Ghosts mysterious voice up, 'Just when the King of Ghosts cohesion prepare a final blow to the ghost person, his body burst open fragile vampire, in a pool of blood soaked body for hundreds of years, while having a strong power, but lost due to the toughness and flexibility, ghosts who hardened blood into his body, the King of Ghosts apart, and never stand up! ' E support the body's soft hands and a vampire world Ghosts lost? Yes, the legendary King of Ghosts had disappeared a hundred years before appeared in the vampire world, he should use this time to clean up residual footer to be revenge, but his heart had a strange feeling faint, but did not say it. Ghosts D laughed: 'Ghosts precious blood flowing in the ground, ghosts of those who excitedly holding blood, as long as those who drank the blood, he immediately will be able to obtain a powerful force, but he hesitated, and finally he chose give up and sped away,Here, the King of Ghosts and ghost people have disappeared in this world. ' His voice filled with excitement: 'One hundred years later, a mysterious vampire vampire visited the underground world, he defeated those senior kinship head exposed panic, they found that even their most admired vampire king, nor in within a hundred years to reach this name vampire realm, they worshiped him as king, on condition that he inherited the genius of the vampire world Ghosts legend, the first thing he did was to seal the blood pool, where no one was allowed to draw strength . ' E has gradually pale face, he guessed the outline of things, the King of Ghosts getting more and more excited: 'After that, he had spent only a pool of blood, and the world after it was first , obscuring the sky a moment, and emits light in the dark clouds of the Pope Staff extraordinarily attention. Pope frowned Zhen Fang will know this trick interest lies. Although lightning purple sky looks great power, but only to deal with the ordinary bishop, but not the slightest effect on his own, but equally on both sides are watching the war on the ground of ordinary people, but it is has a huge influence, If myself lost, I am afraid of the Holy See to establish the Millennium faith and Wal-Mart will collapse overnight. 'Scarab!' The Pope does not know at the moment the weak nature of the Holy See's prestige, but also a loud shout, surprised to find a holy atmosphere from the Pope who came over, waistcoat every now and then, the whole body of white smoke, above the head, it emerged acres cloud optical field size, the cloud of light among came a 'creak' sound, was surprised to find a small bug in the jump more than a cloud of light. That cloud of light slowly under the Vatican cardinals and the Holy Knights around the middle, without the threat of lightning. Suddenly I heard shrill chirping, was surprised to find that the scarab sky a tsunami, will actually make up the purple sky thunder cloud eat clean, the sky suddenly they now look like the original, very holy. 'Oh! Lord to the glory everywhere.' 'Oh, Lord ground splendor Quartet!' I heard the sound of prayer sound far came over, John twentieth smile on his face showing a trace of pride, and that is billowing scarab, at the moment seems to be eating a stimulant in general, do not order the shining glory of the whole body, illuminated vanity. 'Grandstanding!' Zhen Fang Although it is known that the so-called Scarab is probably not ordinary stuff, but at the moment it is not long each other's momentumFuso stick hands in the air of the numerous road changes, all of a sudden it will air cover from a fire red curtains, the sky at the moment are dyed red fire, overwhelming pressure over toward the pope. 'Sword of God punished!' John glanced around at