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so no one method from out of this world.' Human team members together face became pale, I did not expect this seemingly cowardly fat, and finally playing such a hand. Liu Lu Ya tilted his head look fat one, ice eyes also appeared in an unexpected look, Liu fat hey authentic: 'Everything is the sale, you can talk, right?' William also took a step forward, Liu fat shudder, Zuoshi Yu hit. Middle-aged man shouted: 'Do not move, William, he really hit it!' Liu fat middle-aged man has seen a difficult phase of ruthless role, William shouting and said: 'Go ye X, and even today there is put a knife to my neck, I also did this bitch!' Cold air suddenly heard a voice: 'Well, I wish to meet you!' William looked taken aback and lay, I saw the sky a spiral blend with intense violet sun rays, fast to hit him. Hanmang flash, William's eyes suddenly turned into a dark, eyes Xuejian marked residual right, the rest of the eye has been destroyed. Middle-aged men and monks shocked, the two reactions are fast enough, instantLuedao up beside William. Skanda wears a majestic golden gush from the monks who, Skanda towering golden hands, and instantly turned into a golden giant pestle, with aerial bombardment under extremely sharp surge hit a purple evil spirits. Six star ancient martial art, Shaolin Temple does not pass the secret, town of Temple, one of the seventy skills] [Skanda pestle. Middle-aged man grabbed William's neck, shaking him like a shaking sieve like many small purple Daoqi from William neck was shaking out, draw countless cleft cut deep marks on the ground. Middle-aged man's hand broken skin has gradually been cut, with the palm of constantly jitter, round after round of blood from his hands like a shot, like the shuttle. 'When the' slamming, Skanda pestle and purple evil spirits separated by a space. Monks aghast two steps back, wrist a soft, golden Skanda wears and giant collapsed to the ground with a pestle, like knees for mercy to opponents in general. A middle-aged man was thrown out of the William subtle smile, never talk! Yu Shi Yuan see they are not willing to say, and not asked for!Tornado entire ranch forces finally collapsed, the wind Xu Wu Yunshan, who will find, for them to lift the body residues!Waited three days to see them really is no longer affected by the phenomenon of toxic,! Lisheng Nan well prepared to align Meng Shentong Pentong hands held a press, a cloud of smoke, the disease erupted, Meng Shentong shouted out, leaping to thirty feet high, say fortune, then quickly fly again A prosperous and five spots ribbon bar, wrapped his feet. Meng Shentong upside down, pour washed down, a tear ribbons attached, and that this material is inserted lethal full strip, once in the palm Meng Shentong numerous holes pierced, ribbon itself, but also a dozen snakes skin made of, soaked in liquid snakes. Toxicity can Antiaris. Meng Shentong like a wounded beast, roaring mad sniffing, body thirty-six big hole, utterly itch very much! Lisheng Nan originally from Simon Makino there, will take a 'detoxification Scriptures', the already prepared a 'canon' of the two most powerful poison, as is the eruption Pentong 'top five casual', another thing is this 'cable snake teeth,' so that the two pieces of the secret weapon will come out, even if Meng Shentong not injured, but also from the harder and harder, not to mention he is infuriating slack, they did not pay attention to prepare in advance? Meng Shentong eyes wide open, shouted: 'Yes, revenge means you this small little girls, but also ruthless than the old lady!' Suddenly chew tongue, a blood spray out! With this mouth blood spray, Meng Shentong sudden loud shout, in the smoke out, soon sprang to Lisheng Nan, who has yet to be, like the palm knife was pressed down like an avalanche! This is the most powerful kind Xiepai effort, called 'The Omen disintegration Dafa', a method has been applied, there will certainly follow their own death, but the body energy can gather together for a strike before his death, the power can level by more than three times, and