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swing to the residue, leaving a complete skeleton form. Strictly speaking, this is not really a bone. More like one. Cents! Bone, leg, hip, hand after being H to open the monument surface residues of this body a few bones. Even these few pieces of bone, nor is the body's normal form of the distribution, but inclusive Xiangxian, forming a completeCircle. Circular bone structure derived from numerous small spines of varying lengths, instead of the complex human nervous system, traction adversary action. Bone surface showing a strange blue sheen, like most of them in the [World] in the day to see flood circle. Efficiency is also indistinguishable, is the use of transparent people who own bone cents, the whole waterfall hydration become immortal gas floods, even himself turned to water-like substance. Young zero aghast and said: 'What is this thing?' Du cold wind tunnel: 'I now know the true face of the immortal, and then after a while, it becomes a stone.' As he puts it, is exposed in the lake for a while after this flood of human bone-day circle slowly lose their luster and become a bunch of dull stones. Young surprised not had time to zero, the wind picked up her hiding Du rocks near the hole, and whispered:. 'Do not breathe, do not speak, I was also temporarily closed the air.' Three heavy water into the 'pop' sound coming from the top, Du Yang zero wind will head down in his arms. I saw three figure into the legacy of rock debris, one cried aloud: '?? Three ...... dead dead in the water at his best.' Headed man with a strange face Chan Jin Guangze, hand touched the wreckage and said: 'From a few hundred meters of altitude fell after the impact is too large, the performance cents pause, and the results of the open flesh monument hand of death. ' The last of humanity: 'Du wind should also caught a short gas closed state, I'll kick him out.' Speaking of 'pulling' the word, the enemy's body appeared like an old stakes like black shadows, lake bubbling mud puff, countless long eye algae stuck his head Yunshan sadly: ' I do not think that victory, regardless of the enemy we are ten times more than the death of our people have a loss, I think that is a failure! 'Kangsi Han said: 'pawn battle, casualties are inevitable!'Wu Yunshan sadly sighed: 'Tornado Ranch For most people their lives under duress, but it is the spirit brother beggars loyalty and Xiaosi heart, they can add unlimited people, we lose a little on one figure or we lose big! 'Yu Shi Yuan heart is very irritable exclaimed: 'Now do not talk about the outcome and results, we are still waiting for blue Meng, how to deal with, we must first have a Fuan!'Yuwen Qiong Yao said: 'Miss Wu is the commander in chief, I listen to her all!'Wu Yunshan smile: 'Now I'd never stand up, Blue Dream, Extremely sad, anyway, but also to pursue Jin Shiyi sea, its mother Lin Feng arrest her but of course she can not let her daughter alone at sea, had hired a ship with a large amount of money, and she with him. Feng Lin came from, will be Sabouraud double magic spoil, in the cat lived for some time Eagle Island, Snake Island adjacent horses and cats eagle, she also visited a Snake Island, although separated for years, are still a force to remember . She estimated Jin Shiyi sea, they would not have no purpose, he is to Snake Island. Boat trip days, still far away from Snake Island, one day, suddenly heard the distant sound of muffled voices roaring must not, come at the Xin sound exactly Snake Island that direction. She did not know that Snake Island's volcanic eruption, but extremely dangerous Fengtao sailors to put a lot of time, until their ship arrived at the Snake Island, is already more than a month after a volcanic eruption. Snake Island scene so that they greatly surprised, on the island of trees are gone, past striking snakes nor visible everywhere deathly silence, almost any living thing are destroyed after the shrink's the formation of a variety of bizarre lava rocks, like being in a world of myth. And even more surprising is they found a shark's body, the body could not believe dream. listen to you talk weird, I like to know the origins of the surname you'd even name who? I have lost people, Mo reproduce other eye 'hidden king said:.' My name is Xiao, no name, people call me old Xiao Di escape is one of the northern Tianshan Trio, Peter Pan's nephew you defeated in his hands. , with the Who, is not considered a shame that you answer my words 'The man hesitated for a moment and said:.'. In the night comes already heard surnamed Xiao said, I can not remember howWu Yunshan laughed: 'I never guess work out of thin air!'The law said: 'So Miss is evidence holds up?'The face of a dynamic method, and finally exclaimed: 'Ye burned, poor cassock automatic request from constraints, the first temple disciples to help you move out, then moved in firewood!'Wu Yunshan laughed: 'Nature is the best master willing to help, and we begin to act!'Farben silent silent, helping everyone to get involved, to withdraw eleven disciples went to the house, and also called Dianwai those disciples did not help captive hands! Firewood in the woodshed moved to heap around, they moved dozens of baskets vegetable oil, sprinkle on firewood ready to increase the fire, Wu Yunshan torch to be fired! Yu Shi Yuan this way: 'Yun Shan, was too much to do it!'Wu Yunshan laughed: 'Do not worry, not burn it!'The method being studied under the command of the firewood rack is good to see her about the ignition, busy shouted: '! Miss Wu Wait, spacious brothers left slough yet to move out.'Wu Yunshan: 'The law was originally Yuan master's remains cremated, why move out?'Farben paused before: 'The body is cremated monks, but after some grand ceremony must not be so hasty cremation before!'Wu Yunshan said: 'a dead one hundred, and is clean, then why should Lusuo it?'The law said: 'This is heaven Buddhism ceremony, not rusty!'Wu Yunshan said: 'You will soon disbanded around to go, go with a corpse is not easy, as it held a ceremony on the spot where the cremation of it!'Farben thought about and said: '! Ye, please