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broke open into the ground upon a void, Dubbo Tathagata even have forgotten its purpose. 'All promising method, such as fleeting dream, such as the same applies electricity, should be used for this concept.' Taoist face void of color sorrow escorts, escorts gold shed buildings in the hands of a lotus flower, the fluttering transitory man, all of a sudden it into Numerous lotus, endless emptiness of a sudden golden one, countless lotus covered the entire space, a gas sandalwood shrouded void, as if there are numerous standing Buddha in which each holding the instruments used in this by reciting Wen, Hao Hao Ran, do not know their side, have no idea where,Just saw a mountain stands in the endless emptiness, there is a human face on the mountain sufferings of color, sat on it, his hands to pluck the fingerprints again and again, or compassion, or King Kong, one may be. But it is to escorts gold escorts Taoist buildings, based in the West of Lotus **, to see a show of hands among a large array, Zhen Fang will cover in them. Whether or battle spell, then all of the prehistoric Lianqi change according to different astrologers and transformation generated, or to borrow a trace of Heaven in force for its own purposes, to enhance the repair yourself or hurt the enemy purposes. Repair to advanced who borrow things Jieke, can spell the world of Reiki as a means of borrowed world power, but also such a big fuss. This is the lotus of escorts Taoist form, therefore between Lotus ** consummate, readily, can be a big fuss of the lotus, reach trapped people or wounding purposes. Gold escorts escorts Taoist buildings in the mountains of Sumeru sitting cross-legged, the soul is sprinkled over the entire large array, how do not know the situation. Youjingyounu heart is. Among West Second St., starting on the offensive if it is, when the quasi-mentioned Taoist most, Gods of the year when, between Qibao wonderful tree waving, even in the hands of a two-edged sword Tongtianjiaozhu are smashed; but if In defense point of view, it Tang Xiaolan has seen strange powers, also is expected to Ukraine tannoy and pine Taoist not her opponent, but they think they actually lost so fast, so miserable! If you want to know if the world ranking martial arts figures, black tannoy never outside the top ten, when he and Meng Shentong fight, fight the Shushi Zhao tenor has lost, and is now coupled with the first Christians golden master Ching Chung Taoist, supposedly to support longer, but unexpectedly just a few strokes, he gave short written description Lisheng Nan seat pass, and such a result, Tang Xiaolan Wu Xuezong though it is the world's first division, is also unexpected! After the fact, the skill has not Meng Shentong times higher than the year, but she learned the martial arts secrets Joe North sea, the various factions of the stunt mountain town, is a pretty good idea, although the skill saw black tannoy high, but too old, her agility footwork are not flexible enough so to lightning technique, a show of hands will break his defense. However, her internal forces Zhenduan Wu Ching Taoist sword, but it is by no means true tricks skills, Tang Xiaolan see that: now , single on the internal strength made scold, has never under Meng Shentong year. The presence of Emei and the chamber door Jiong sent people rushed out to save, only to hear a loud cry tannoy Ukraine, overturned fall. The original is so angry fainted. Tang Xiaolan said: [Li girl good skills, or by me experience it. Friends for my friendship, I no thanks! 'Britain and the brightest minds to push though angry, but not as a martial arts from asking, and secondly Tang Xiaolan is true to say, therefore no one dare to quiet everyone attentively, ready to see how to deal with Lisheng Nan Tang Xiaolan Tang Xiaolan said:.' Girl away come off, how than France? Please draw a road girl child. 'Lisheng Nan:' The former head of Tang and Meng Shentong contest, is three games will be played; now I Case-based, Sichuan two games with the big head of life and death! 'Speaking of the last three words:' fast little flip, but also with the potential to lift up the hands of a knife, the result is acute pain Zhengming, head knife chances. Po Hung left foot and then on the potential of a kick, hard by the strength of a 'stray wind' of the situation, Feizong out, landing again, tigers is shed into the blood, stand down, and killed a. This behavior would like to experience theGive him a treasure, Huangshan again urge all the Friends line, you go late, who has to go, they must repent. ' Heimo Le laughed: 'Now that coach, you can not back, each of them the main, does the number of fixed, disciple regret for what?' Hyosung can not help Anzan smiles:. 'Not only that, you can go to see the GE division, such as still playing, no need to check the old pipe, finished saying it to my calculations do not Huangshan be a day or two, just like me and wooden peak Venerable not to drive your feet, along the mountain to catch to go, when to arrive tomorrow, we might then have a rush. ' Tong Xing Wei Hei Mole one of the words is from, but no words. Then return home to spend three, arrived in the middle, they met the gold A Quan, the words said by the care of, go to a portrait of Mother House digging burial to prepare for the day after Xitianmu offering spiritual purposes. Heimo Le heard rejoicing, children laugh, Jiang duo said:. 'Fortunately for this line, otherwise he can not find the river boat, must go to better go now less costly mistakes were always tarry much time, Shishu common phenomenon. Most Venerable Wood is still the South Peak, etc. We did not go, and perhaps catch it. 'When he finished, do not hurry up, etc. A Quan, along the south peak rush rush. Until a look Pomiao find a tall, Hyosung, wood and Beaufort Venerable brothers already gone. Temple left the handwriting on the wall, to the effect that: Xiaoxing Gang to the temple, they take Wang Luzi feijian pass book, saying that the line arrived in Huangshan, has not yet reached headland, we see the peak before the letter light smoke filled the air, writing Cloud Peak Taiji diagram given wind water and fire, chaotic minutes repression obscurity. Really is a grain of truth. Do not know how long, void emerged in a Taoist temple, the ancient but simple. But showing faint breath nameless. Far from comfortable Tusita palace, nor to the magnificent palace Mi Luo, also did not like the atmosphere Bristol Palace tour, but here showing signs of morality. Here is the three realms of the sacred prehistoric past when people gather together countless supernatural. Heaven to ponder the place, this is the Holy of division Hongjun Taoist temple, where the three realms which are not admired. At the moment, Zixiaogong palace wide open. Zhen Fang Hongjun Taoist know already know their arrival, so the palace door wide open, although the saints know Zixiaogong road, but if Taoist allowed to meet, even if you know how to Zixiaogong the road, it is impossible reach places. Within Zixiaogong, sitting on top of an ancient Taoist futon. In front of him was placed eight futon. Taoist face expressionless, his eyes hollow, but there are infinite vitality, a pair of dark eyes among all beings as if contains thousands, mysterious anomalies. Nonverbal can describe. He is the Holy of division, in charge of day Hongjun Taoist ethics. 'Meet the teacher disciple.' Zhen Fang not neglect respectfully worship road. Then sit on the last frame futon. Hongjun Taoist originally among the empty eyes, and suddenly had a trace of GodCai, Wang Fang Chen a, said: 'You come.' Although the plain, but was slightly comforting words into tone. Not bad. It is comforting tone did not expect so-called ruthless Hongjun Taoist actually use such a tone and Zhen Fang speak. 'What you hate teachers?' Hongjun Taoist tone is still very dull. Zhen Fang shook his head and said:. 'There have been, however, and now the disciples want to know the truth,' Zhen Fang Hongjun Taoist fearless stare, but did not because the other saints of the division and arrived there the slightest fear. Hongjun Taoist suddenly fell into a deep sigh,