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that you did not expect, Buddha or, Asura Venerable good, not long heavens! 'Xuenv odd and asked: 'So who is long heavens it?' said: 'It is a force not seen tied, not a person, nor is immortal Buddha magic, just a natural cycle trend, long-time channel eliminate magic places to help channel this force, so that justice whom the rise When the long road magic is weak, which in turn contributed to the evil forces thatBut holy. Through the veil, thank Shichiku Weicu brow, softly: 'Sister can not underestimate the comprehension of the people up to the comprehension of these people anything, it is just a little hard time comprehension, they will have a lot a lot. The time consumed in some silly things. Listen to me Master said, the South China Sea, there is a fine in order to catch a turtle Millennium East koi, whichever nedan to alchemy medicine, literally at the doorstep koi waited five a hundred years, and finally succeeded in catching the bird koi these people just so there is no action, on the one hand side brother still no news, even you do not know what side of Big Brother in place, you do not get caught up with.; Second, they do not think of the South China Sea embroidered purple grove to do hard labor. ' Division heard across the snow, giggling together, suddenly melting snow, spring, and even thank Shichiku himself mischievous laugh. From the strong cattle king now black spider veins, I'm afraid in the South China Sea Zizhulin have to do fifty Yaozu a human. 'While interest in the other brother sister, her sister's door division, but there is no malice. I am vegetarian net to protect the Divine Dragon mission, and brother of the mind in general. Unfortunately, by brother misunderstood.' Xie purple embroidered look sad tone slightly blows a lot. Also took the opportunity to thank Shichiku said: 'Sister, there are endless years of comprehension, which is different from those who can afford you different you protoss, although very powerful, the speed of progress quickly, but not immortal after all, in your asked not to say the truth, just with weeping, and with between me and the Hung family politely whether or close friends, the guard line is Entrusted by the people, to the edge of a field will be considered accountable? I inspected the flood days of man and his son excellent Hung child Intertek is a good qualification, grew up practicing boy power, Wenwuquancai never have caused evil things, conception siege. for two to say, this trip is a trustee of the real, but the parent has flood Death, Hung Tien very bright people good sense, in the end why Cheng Chou, just makes sense, I will not speak for the experienced man of strong, two personnel told the truth. This day father countryside with experience, even from the dead field, went out with the cattle martial, feel far. Villagers listen to a talk, there are two beautiful woman crying drowning boat on the river bank before the village,Who was on board rescued off the cabin, that is bought with a price master's maid, bombers scattered idlers, and not near, is now, and the dragon lord speak on board, presumably another person to sell his home. 'Qi, Long heard two women missing persons, known to have misunderstood something. Then, I gave three of the truth and what he wanted to say. Positive talk enthusiastically head, by the Department to the more desolate, but not other boats shadow river, Suddenly the boat people to report, the bank has two nuns carrying request. Guan Chuan encounter this kind of thing can be ignored, because the very public enemies along the way, well-established knowledge fear beforehand had told his people on the boat in distress that is reported. Auto body since I have been sent had several call. Some one surnamed Bianji quit, there are interesting that I do not know, I do not want to hurt him, a little embellishment will scare. Come not by carrying the name, is openly visit, anyway, only one ship call, so to have a non-free. When Cliff is seen due to nuns, I would ban live trio, pro out answer. I watch the two nuns Rongzhi Xianya, unlike