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that woman who fell, said: 'She is what you people?'That man said: 'She is my sister.'The old man said: 'Oh, what is his name children ah'That man said: 'Not nice, called osmanthus!'The old man said: 'ah, okay, then I give her the one, ah, ah, osmanthus, is also good, not bad, but also very pleasant to the ear.'Meal, then asked: 'How old?'That man said: 'just eighteen.'That old man nodded and said: 'ah, well, extraordinary married yet?'Busy young man shook his head and said: 'No, no, no.'That old man nodded: 'ah, well, well, well, looked up and let me see.'That woman did not move, the young man touched her, busy: '? Osmanthus, hear no'That this woman looked up sheepishly.I saw that the old man eyes light up, immediately had a smile on his face, and said:. 'Good, good, good, good girl, good girl'Turn busy looking young man said: 'You two ...... how much money you want?'That man said: 'The elderly, you know, we are no way, can not live, his sister, would not say sell, nor the heart, just ask the elderly temporary asylum.'That old man is busy nodded and said: 'That is, that is, do not worry, we will not be ill-treated her, all the girls here, eat well, but also spent in worry about.'That man said: 'We have come, as well as what is not assured, the elderly looking for good, after some time, I found it a relative, always want to pick her ......'That old man busy: 'Yes, yes, after some years had way, come back and take her up on , ah, so be it I'm your prostitute silver Dai fifty two full .......!'That man pained, but did not speak, the old man had then said: 'fifty-two a lot, not a small number.You know, with all you redneck is a dry year, it can not earn a living fifty-two ah! 'That man busy: 'This is ...... I know, but, but too few of us fifty-two is no way, otherwise we would not do such a thing.!'That old man Mei Feng Yi Zhou, said: 'That ...... you how much you want?'That man hesitated a moment, and said: 'The elderly, give it two hundred and twenty!'That old man hesitated and said: '? Two hundred and twenty.' to feel an enormous pressure from Zhen Fang who came over, my heart seems to have pressure at the top of a mountain, but spit breath. Extremely alarmed hearts can not help but worship the ground, not the slightest move. 'Heaven?' Cloud burst of vibration and Mexico, far cry panic came over, Kunpeng now face became pale, although that has not been sanctified Zhen Fang, Zhen Fang knew the moment though supernatural powers to make a saint, it was there time limits, but no matter how much time this time, Kun Peng and probably unable to resist. In desperation, had pushed him in the North Sea Xuanbing evil spirits, his tightly wrapped into them, on top of a cloud of ink, while the Qing Ming, Hetu two incarnations to life toward Zhen Fang blow over, but it is one black and one white, one anti-attack, but it is as long as this time stays later, when nature is victory. Kunpeng abacus actually played quite fine, but unfortunately, this is not in the endPeople, even Nvwaniangniang know Zhen Fang's sermon path to enlightenment, but good to say personally, to disclose the secret. How will he know if Xiaofang Chen sermon today probably will not walk out of this was a. Know where the sky flashed brilliance, color colorful ride on towards the dark green big hand brush over. Kun Peng shocked and said:. '? Peacock Yamashina Lingshan Buddhist bodhisattva you are not anything to this so-called' At the moment, all of a sudden burst of bright sky, the fleet had circled on the side of the head of twelve stars Dinghai Chen Chu haoguang big flash, shine throughout the days of the South is not extinct, an awe-inspiring atmosphere filled the entire hall, Stern Dinghai beads did not count them out into the river at the moment map among the disappeared, and on top of Hetu, Guanghua flow, suddenly a loud noise, a top Guanghua direct thirty-three days, people are not fools, and now look to see, will know that it is given Haizhu join result Hetu being generated. Then a flash of brilliance and off, a fall Zhen Fang Hokyo hands, although that clearly Zhen Fang Ching, the stake, I am afraid that his side has gathered countless people the right way. How can resist a disciple. 'Ding Hui look of fear. 'Haha, this I assure you, as a teacher was right, that there is immeasurable merit Zhen Fang things, I am afraid that is the right way to put themselves out. Hmmm, these characters right way, all of them are false believers. Do best is intrigue, mutual strife, when Zhang Mei is the case, Li Jing is so empty, now I'm afraid they will not be better right way younger people where to go. Let them watch it so Zhen Fang was this immeasurable merit, soaring immortality, they Also not jealous of death, not even good backstabber 'disdain old man said:' But you said so it is not impossible for the teacher and then give you a baby, 'said caves.!. , a loud shout, a bloody big hit on the golden hands, golden burst of dark, a trace of the gap, and a white light shot out, and then restore the original appearance, the cave came Lengheng, fear of being gold strike suffered internal injuries. White light that fell down to reveal the appearance, but it is a white bead, crystal clear, sparkling strange light, surrounded by faint white mist filled the air, and among the branches around the moment it leaves formed a Frost canSeeing no ordinary baby beads. 'This is snow soul beads, but the form of the second element of God's treasures. Your soul will be divided into, after refining, can form a second soul, strength can be doubled, plus your blood god Dafa , are not afraid of a Zhen Fang? 'The old man pranayama moment, and out of channels. Ding Hui heard before he actually was a baby, rejoicing, and quickly shot a hint of red, the snow soul beads wrapped them, carefully close up. Worship and said: 'Thank you, Master thanks treasure.' Tone sincere, respectful lot. Satisfied man grunted, said: 'When a teacher came out to help you Xiu God spare blood, in the secular world that you can go sideways in the future but in the meantime, you have to go to a place to where you