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frost nip, shouted:' This case is not what you do? What are you people? This false Why? 'Jin Shiyi look comfortable, light, said:' Yes, that three people are killing me! 'Simon Makino shouted:' So you are spies! 'Under the one hand, stopping Kou Fang Gao said:' They are extremely difficult to escape, wait a minute hands, I have to ask themConfessions: said: Why do you want to kill three of them? 'Jin Shiyi said:' The adults just do not ask me this false, Why you? I give an adult because the effectiveness of this to kill three of them! 'Kou Fang Gao said:' This is why? 'Jin Shiyi said:' I made it clear, adults do not understand? My disciples, if not impersonating Liusan Chun, commanding Yanken common phenomenon will I accept? We have an ability to ask ourselves two, want to make the emperor force Bo, Bo, a fame, but no one to turn bitter into Ye Lu, forcing out the next count, there is a good chance into the body! 'Sagong tract:' So, just means the two used some of it would be too hard! 'Thought to myself:' If so they really are to take this as a stepping stone, in order not to impersonate surprising flaws, just murdered, then that would be excusable. Was this duo, rather than the three old guys more. 'To Jin Li duo as the common phenomenon of being promoted but tonight is his palace dinner with this duo, that in the event that they have really' up to no good 'and' spies ', it can not avoid the common phenomenon of so He tried to 'benefit' in mind. murdered, although belonging to the evil impostor behavior, but these people in their view, Kou Fang Gao sinuous, Jin Shiyi listened to the words, but it is doubtful, but he caught the end to the hard evidence, but also that such as Jin Shiyi superb martial arts, but also a bit afraid, so they do not Helenians immediately, for a time he was also difficult to determine Makino Simon suddenly poured two glasses of wine, haha ​​laughed:. 'a small amount non-gentleman, non-toxic and not her husband, Gan coach aggressive, it is my generation human: Come, come, come, I longer see each other's actual situation. Turn into the sky in front of the law sue Zao, repeatedly told about it, they began to enter the big fuss. Looked across the Song army suddenly disappear, and the thin air of an evil spirits, evil spirits from afar, unseen, but but amazing and engaging, White Pond this feel good, but do not have to know the sky actually have such strength , and instantly be able to worship the one big array to. Heart was shocked, pending came to speak, suddenly turn a large array flag door, a young man, dressed in a purple ribbon fairy dress, a silk sash tied around the waist, hands perform an iron bar, out of a large array, Jishou said: 'Pindao good fortune were seen subglottic disciples Zao White Pond predecessors. profound smell predecessors Road Act, juniors, who dare to contend, therefore cloth next small array, please predecessors guidance.' between the look exceedingly respectful, Yaozu but did not because the other side, and even his enemies at the slightest faux pas. White Pond mind a move, suddenly short laugh:. 'The teacher is about to sanctify your home, you and I the same generation, why predecessors said just now that several disciples presumably also saints, saints disciple since put down a big fuss, I and other natural have to go onto the one being. 'White Pond is treacherous, since the other party can instantly put down a big fuss, apparently the other side of the ordinary. And the other side but their opponents, actually can be so forbear, beats, we can see in front of the large array is probably not a simple big fuss, but heard so much about Zhen Fang Daoxing prospective saint, but it is comparable to the saint supernatural, if in front of the large arrayZhen Fang out of the hands of children, I am afraid more than simply a big fuss. The so-called front row of the world, the potential swing the Yellow River. Opportune, but this array is placed to promote the day, with the characteristics of nine of the Yellow River, and continued to weaken each other's strength. I