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acupuncture, Jin Shiyi was forced again and again back, where also able to pull out all the distraction ability to speak Jin Shiyi, desperate to resist, mind:? 'So this exotic woman but its mother, it can be concluded that he was not more granduncle up. I do not know how is the mother of their two came to this island? 'And as strange is the son of skillMother is much higher, if the well-known martial arts, it is reasonable should not be so. Ability to Jin Shiyi, that weirdo if unarmed attacks, with a sword against him, some can fight to the more than one hundred strokes, now against his one-man bronze, less than Wu Shizhao already find it difficult to deal with. After a while, took place in a strange phenomenon, Jin Shiyi sword gradually become its cold as ice, but that kind of chill of the air is already dead, the grave in the forest, is his. 'Jin Shiyi good tune breath, to see them have to recognize nephew, he came to the ceremony to meet pending and Lipan Gui, Lipan Gui suddenly wide open from one pair Guaiyan, said:' He is ten thousand people What? ' said:' No, he, he --- 'at the end, then finished, has since shouted:' Why did you bring in an outsider? 'Screaming like a strip extending Pushan big hands, but also with Jin Shiyi arrested, Lisheng Nan hurriedly stopped in the middle of them, but how fast Lipan Gui way, although she a bar, still around the corner the Jin Shiyi in torn clothes, but also lucky to have so little resistance him a barrier, or else Jin Shiyi cold off guard, I'm afraid to have him arrested cracked ribs Lisheng Nan shouted:! 'Uncle, he is my best friend! 'Lipan Gui angrily:' best friend does not work, you forget what fathers testament? Joe North sea powers can never be outsiders coveted secrets, the island is also not allowed to step into the family names of the people: he and ten thousand since no family, I can not let him get out alive! 'This emergency is no trivial matter Lisheng Nan, blurted:' Uncle, he's your nephew son ah! 'Lipan Gui startled hesitated and stammered and said:' like:. 'Weather Mende surprisingly, I am afraid to burst under heavy rain.' did not care, smiled and said:. 'I'm afraid did not expect, did not you see a little black cloud'Luosan Ye Yi Zheng, immediately looked in shock and said: 'You are ......'Ren suddenly thrust a chuckle: 'People have changed, but also listen to the sound does not come out to listen to it?'Luosan Ye two suddenly opened, and said: 'You are the man ...... Luo three can really move this pair of long white child, sorry.'Chong Ren Baoquan.Ren smiled and said:. 'You're welcome, I have difficulties of last resort, you do not take offense.'Luosan Ye said: 'Hello say you A wise ......'Ren into the probe, said: 'talk about these, and probably going to rain, we gotta think of a way to do the rain.'Luosan Ye said: 'You mean to say ......'Mr Yam said: 'In San Ye You see, I deal with Tan Compass, had to cope with it?'Luosan Ye Yi Zheng, said: 'You are going to ......'Mr Yam said: 'Several Luosan Ye You are a living in this way, and I'm just over the road from the road, and who are not afraid of enemies grudges.'Luosan Ye see, look a Su, said: 'Thank you for your kindness, Luolao three and afraid ......'Ren lightly kerf said: 'Luosan Ye, you are informed of an old traveler, and should know that everything can not be based on emotional moment, think about this more and more towards the distant consequences think your righteousness over Perhaps the day is not afraid of anything, but I can not ever let few months back also Xibu Qing jumped into the Yellow River rebellion charges, now that few, except you , that a house is not old, no less of? 'Luosan Ye face changed, and sometimes notCan answer a word.. 'Listen to me, Luosan Ye,' Mr Yam added: 'Compass that area a little later Tan had Alert, you go with your team, let me stop him for a while, he just blocked it for a while, then he there is no time to go to control someone else. 'Yuehua Jian Jiang Dacheng brothers came up with a few.Luosan Ye waved, said: 'the culmination of the brothers soon to tell, and weakening the good fortune cases. So even inaction supremacy Laojun saint has changed color. 'Babel Young, Once upon a four continents, there are eight saints, each one just the two continents, why Young alone occupy a' Chau it, Heaven balance, Buddhism still alive. Do not care about how the matter in the future? 'Primus said quickly. Tongtianjiaozhu heard mouth cold smile, but did not speak, Zhen Fang mouth of the color of a trace of irony. Calculating the constant calculation of people who were, to see what people's means of high strength. Primus then framed Tongtianjiaozhu Today it is the turn of Tongtianjiaozhu adding insult to injury. The Lord Lao Zi's first see clearly, suddenly sighed and said: 'I waited all Xuanmen authentic, good luck this obscurity is one, how can you divide me if once upon a time uniformly witch family, I'm afraid I Xuanmen. Authentic has not said when it authentic. I'll wait, how can educate the Three Realms. Worth mentioning, since so says Young, and I put our two Young witch family stand in Shanhaiguan next hundred years, within a hundred years, the sky with red clouds Young Young off the West Chen, Luzhou North all offensive to relieve pressure Shanhaiguan ground. How? ' 'Great Good!' Tongtianjiaozhu and Zhen Fang looked at each other and nodded. Primus also cold grunted, but did not speak. Since Laojun saint has decided that he naturally nothing to say. Above the cloud head, Fang Chen and TongPro? ' said: 'Tonight's the time they miss their future on the road hard to say.'Shortly after dinner when, Bashan has been picking up guys came to see him show Yunhe smiling, asked: '? You eaten'Bashan and other folks go after laughed: 'I eat, but did not spend a money, and eat the finest banquet.'Show Yunhe said: 'You are four Han recognized, they ask you?'Bashan shook his head and said:. 'No, this town to a big man, his side's entourage are Mishina high officials, local Zhouguan even dare to sing, but I became a man I sit.' ah channel: 'The Prince of the nine have come!'Bashan said