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sent them go first, then smiled and said: '! We also go on to Duron Palace'Yu Shi Yuan said: 'Venerable mean several different doors to help you?'Tianchi His Holiness said: 'I just told two young Christians, is to please people, because decrepit using Tibetan language, so my boy did not understand, I ask that Xuenv Exalted and Miller have this duo for help , plus peerless brave brother, Duron palace for fear of lack of men, and their abode is not far, we agreed in Duron Palace will be the first, so we have to hurry to leave, lest one another out of joint! 'Yuwen Qiong Yao asked: 'How far from here Duron palace?'Tianchi His Holiness said: 'not far away with our feet, about half a day to be, but with peers, you may want to slow down a bit, I expect we will be able to reach before dusk!' yuan busy: '! Princess only a little basic martial arts, do not scraped along the'Tianchi His Holiness said: 'No, she has another force for Duron Palace, the very role of this force, has her peers, can help a lot of busy!'Yuan Yu Shi Yie said: 'Princess of what different people can be?'Tianchi Venerable laughed: 'She is also a talented force, it was fabulous looks!'Yu Shi Yuan sense otherwise authentic: 'Do we have to use her beauty to confuse the enemy?'Tianchi Holiness laughed shaking his head: 'Buddy has made a mistake, Kangsi Han's beauty is not the charm, is a stately beauty, we draw on her beauty Duron to resist the charm of the palace!'Yu Shi Yuan said: 'The next Venerable unknown meaning?'Tianchi Venerable laughed: 'Duron pour Palace to pick up the road to war, they got a secret spectrum from Tianzhu, demons drill into burlesque, burlesque The Buddha is said to be a witch Mo Dengjia confused by the system, so powerful, At that time only Kangsi Han can be cracked, with her sacred beauty to make the shape-shifting demon Zican Lian Ji! 'Kangsi Han laughed: 'Yu main fact, you do not have to worry about me, the teacher has long been the method of how to deal with the demons dance robbery told me, we also exercise skillful!' , yes, yes Kouzong Guan tube Kou Kou Zongguan tonight, no, not in the palace ....... 'Tang Xiaolan heard Kou Fang GaoNot in the palace, a frown wrinkled, pale stars quickly said:. 'He, in his palace siege, but fortunately not far from here, and you, if you do not believe it, I can take you to find him, 'Tang Xiaolan I thought, this is also true that the prince went with, no worries Bierbuxian Kou Fang Gao, Ying stars rush to get out, which was not the palace riding ban prohibitions, but also as people give Tang Xiaolan, Tang day Bingchuantiannv are prepared by a horse. Ji Xiaofeng also coincided this time to sneak into the palace, guards have no one found him back in glazed hear the sound of noise below, also met with shadow Yingyingchaochao many guards, seems to be what drove his momentary curiosity, look under the probe, would like to take the chance of confusion, Lun something, he fool all of the guards, but can not escape the eyes Xiao Tang column, Tang Xiaolan see the palace as much dodge this and other outstanding figures, grouped felt a little strange, the moment a remember Pikong Zhang, knocked him down. Tang Xiaolan capture the Ji Xiaofeng, listen to him say, Shi Zhi Meng Shentong also there, joyful hearts, so will also be flexible to Ji Xiaofeng, just in time. Meng Shentong intentionally first try Tang Xiaolan skills, came to meet, in order to ask the palm boxing, Shi a ceremony, said:!., said 've heard a lot of pity Mangshan will, Tang Taixia Qujia refused to come, missed gotten 'He Yi Yi to excellent shape and internal strength, issued a heavy ninth Zhang Li, is in excellent shape and internal strength issue because, as deep of a violent, did not bring the wind, but that kind of cold Qi just like undercurrents to silent Tang Xiaolan hit. Now saw, too, if Mr. Meng feel free, then you can now fight Tang, Mr. Meng Shura effort to experience the power of evil hidden away. 'Meng Shentong see him look a bit the same, really surprised this is no trivial matter, mind:' If I did not, and Jin Shiyi Ponto a