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because of the guardian will get extreme force.' 'The ability to find the owner of the soul, let him take you to reach my world, you will see each other because of the guardian has extreme power that two people.' Those metal dust Doudi gather together again, Li used his power to re-unite the body of generals live, the general's body appeared similar large tracts of the tree of life blue blood, Li seemed instantly forces pulled out, shouted: 'Your strength enough to knock down the four of us, why not do it.' Stewart's idea Higgs force field is also injected into the body of generals, he hoarse authentic:. 'You can not die, you have to tell us your story.' Bone sword and sun sword has plugged in, just almost tearing force generals reconstruct the general body, bone to bone sword, sun sword blood, read the force of thought waves, and Guang out with modernization the tree of life constitutes a life, barely generals have to disappear vitality. Strategist looking at the general mused:. 'My brother temporarily dead' Guang side head looking at the military advisor, that this little girl abnormal strange that he could see no blood generals and military adviser, but even when the generals have to protect the most critical life strategist, now the generals have been on the verge of death, but did not fall strategist tear, just as stone heart. Strategist clapped and said: 'Come on, you told me four to go.' Four people with strange eyes looked at her,Strategist whispered: 'follow me, follow my brother is gone, so I back him to achieve the aspirations unfulfilled four of you, and I have to find a way to make his resurrection.' Her eyes on the boundless sky, mused: 'According to legend, there are seven power of God in the world, it can reverse time and pry the future, manipulating history, and one of them can make the resurrection, there are seven of God props, when they all together, we can reach God's world, let us find them together. ' Guang carry the general's body in the body, proudly said: 'If there is a force bombers immediately broke his three-star Body Gangqi, piduan him a hand. In the center of Du wind magnetic field, magnetic storms suffered at least ten times the bear prestige suffered. Electromagnetic stove made a good gossip within ten days, the wind did not eat anything Du, even sleep at night, along the foot of gossip position automatically walk with a magnetic net constantly cross over. When he acts longitudinal magnetic field lines, also was the invasion of a strong magnetic force. Magnetic taste through the body, like ten thousand ants biting in the body, itchiness, itching feeling when front break, is difficult to suppress pain. Such cross-fried itching feeling infuriating than cocoon spun magic that transcends the limits of human suffering, but also a bit uncomfortable. At the same time the body's staunch Du wind evil spirits are automatically excited Speranskia in force and confrontation. Under the two forces each other down, the body is more like sandpaper always be frustrated, by the sword bone saw, that the very people who can tolerate the pain, only a stone's body, such as Du wind to weather the living. Ten days and nights, Du wind is in this still cruel torture, torment than a hundred times spent. Even the body strong wind over stony Du Independence Day, has also been exhausted, she felt approaching the limit. But he still adhere to teeth to live. All this effort is to recast the golden statue. When and Kappa fight, Du Feng has found that there are serious problems of its own. Recommend to a friend Lindsay works ------------------------------------------ 189,990 'Happy Sichuan Royal Highness ', the text beautifully offbeat Three Year one thousand years tragedy Gang Feng, Du wind vivoBuilding base infuriating and infuriating run channel is completely destroyed. After the cocoon produced magic 'evil spirits' Although more powerful than the five elements of strength he had to practice more gas, but only rampant in his body. Du resulting in the use of new wind infuriating, must asked: '?! That is really treasure Xiandi a few beads, you guessed it.' 'It really isTreasures, and younger brother who had a few. 'Zhen Fang sighed:' brother, when we can see Gods, what is the most famous beads? ' 'This is easy for me, inherited from the Emperor Shennong, naturally know the ancient secret Sim. When this Gods of the most famous pearl beads Dinghai not that it? Dinghai beads? Innate Lingbao?' Jiang Huazi suddenly stood up come, alarmed road. 'Yes, it Dinghai beads.' Zhen Fang said, his face solemn. 'Not to say Dinghai integument EEP became the Buddha of 24 heavens it?' Jiang Huazai surprised Road. 'I suspect that the number should be on this Sunday's Dinghai beads, should be thirty-six instead twenty-four. That was the reason why a few beads of dark color, it is because there is no wash water immersion is the essence of the first menstruation So, while the fine above the earth's first menstruation water, only in the Yangtze River have underwater. 'Zhen Fang faint. 'Unfortunately, this treasure, so gone.' Jiang Huazi sighed. Xiandi, arrived. 'They do not put the car in Kowloon just that to go to a party and can not determine that a few e Poseidon beads are in the kingdom of their own imagination, I do not say it, but they think that Jiang Huazai with their treasures for him, but also he can guess Zhen Fang, ask yourself naturally good at where the treasure that. They are sworn brothers though, but the one Zhen Fang Mana far above this brother, and secondly, even if he can get to this treasures, I am afraid it can not hold this treasure, so simply do not want this treasure of. Zhen Fang out of the vehicle, looked at the foot of the ancient boundless forests, woodlands deeply, from time to time came a 'rustling' sound, leaves the wind ups and downs, like waves, like the morning fog enveloped the entire forest, the hazy As between Wonderland general, Zhen Fang could not help but nodded and said: 'Shennong located so, really is a good place ah!'  side pulled a shot Yufu, went into a golden