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the Emperor riding peaks Zhou stars big fuss blessing, or after some time as well. Weekend the injury has not healed, fear not for His Majesty at this stage of the campaign.' Since a large white witch heard frowned, he Although I do not know why yore language everywhere, but very clear after several years of a person's seal, even if he now behave how strong, but there is no guarantee that he is not really at the moment there is no damage. Moreover, this Kyushu seal must be worse than many of their own land. This is a critical moment, still be careful as well. Ying Zheng swept the crowd a big witch, this millennium old fox, do not understand how everyone's mind, looking at his love one, in the cold eyes Yancangbuzhu to be concerned about the emperor a warm heart, know that their love will hand telling the truth, but on the other hand is more worried about their cultivation is declining. Itself to the situation, but only you know, on the one hand in front of these people, then I am afraid to say that all have to read, but not really think for themselves, to say the outside world yet to figure out where they could easily conclude. And his love will move not only to prevent their own impulse, but also for himself out of a level. Present laughed: 'Since the repair of major general has not been restored, I will wait for some time, do not care about the general, you first come out than I am afraid I have arranged for the palace where it quickly, with I.! go and see, I have not seen the sun for thousands of years the. 'Although Wu Ying Zheng big bold look, but a trace of the bleak Yancangbuzhu between words. Ding citedOthers see His Majesty the Emperor has always ingenious, actually he just hold down his imperial majesty, chose to temporarily hiding the whereabouts of mind is very shocked. In fact, where they know what the emperor thought. As the old saying goes: those who seek great things sloppy, can tune into a major event can be extended. The dragon is refined small and large is unlimited; it can be hidden in