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body, through this gap destroyed. Du wind was not particularly careNow say, that name is actually immortal [Valkyrie] Lu Tianming? If even Lu Tianming are only responsible for the reception of the ordinary fairy soaring, Once upon a terrorist strength, it seems far beyond the limits of imagination Du wind. Lu Ya do not want to say, lightly:. 'Too many people here.'  first to react, Ci, and also revealed the face of even ambiguous smile and said:. 'I have a room for two specially prepared whisper' Du's body shook wind, cold tunnel: '! You still prepare immediately a private operating room and two tons of ice is better.' Ke Leizha moment, then found the head of Du wind began blowing out hot green mist. Sweat pouring from the body constantly Du wind penetrated his body clothes, which also was purple with a hidden bloodshot. In just talking at the same time, Du wind has been trying to control the body's use of gas injury, now finally could not restrain himself. Scarface crazy immortal body into Du fire when the wind blow, all broke out in the brake. Ke Leizha not help aghast. He watched the battle hiding in the dark the whole process, from beginning to end, not the old man in the face of interference Du wind itch like that look, Du only by the wind blow. That might disappear in the blast Roughs Verge, Scarface flames on the right side shoulder Du wind burn doing all of that out. Ke Leizha also know how little fighting principle, when subjected to the opponent no avoiding the heavy blow, with thick shoulders against attack is the most reliable and reasonable way, and with Du Feng has relieved some of the explosive blast of flame power, Logically, should not hurt so badly. Ke Leizha attend to think about, as people prepare immediately underground icehouse, but moved into a full set of sophisticated surgical equipment. Temporary increase tenfold the ice icehouse chilly, even three-star entrance fee also stood staring bristling icehouse, Ke Leizha is avoided early on, the Du Lu Ya both wind and left alone Lu Shan, please the parents to resist him, Tianshan Pai friends broad, Li Qinmei everywhere predecessors martial arts can invite him embarrassed. Although Meng Shentong feared only a limited number of people, whether it is a hassle. So he's in the Taihang Mountains into the valley, side stepping use Xuangong healing, sent his side Young red sun symbolDavid disciple items, two disciples Wu Meng et al., Into a few road, go chase regret Li Qin, Qu items hung and repair but the way it happens, just met in this small inn in . Gu Zhihua was imprisoned not know Meng Shentong Qin Mei-season thing, because Jin Shiyi reluctant lifted her sad things, therefore things about her father Meng Shentong to avoid to talk about the day he talked to Meet Li Qinmei through, but also to avoid her jailed Chuang Meng this period. However, Chuang Meng Jin Shiyi row thing, but it is Gu Zhihua heard. Then she hung from the item's dialogue with Qu repair and hear them talked about 'the woman surnamed Li Tianshan Pai', also filed Jin Shiyi, the sound of their conversation, although fine as mosquito called, there as her top sounded Maggiore, at once so she stayed stunned. The 'Tianshan Pai woman' of course Liqin Mei, and has therefore been to Jin Shiyi Li Qinmei of people imprisoned in a row, then this person is, of course, a clever with Gu Zhihua guess it forward, but she did not dare to think about even in the heart did not dare to speak out the name. Gu Zhihua panic taken the sound of footsteps, at this moment, prosperous and entries hung windows and doors will open, and beat played out, Gu Zhihua Danjue sudden surge of cold wind hit to, can not help but cried aloud: '! 'item hung' 'just got to the second tier, with Gu Zhihua skill certainly not afraid of him, but thus confirming that they are disciples Meng Shentong, she feared is the father she had never met the student body, the Xiepai the famous Great Satan Meng Shentong! Just at that moment, the room hung Qu repair two items have already jumped, item Hung Chen Sheng shouted: '? You