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Qingcheng Pei Xiao Qingfeng. 'Li Qinmei surprised and said:' They came three side by side, presumably martial arts event took place in what is it? 'Chung exhibition and said:' Is not it? Here we like the paradise, rivers and lakes have been turned upside down so much noise it! 'Li Qin regret and said:' in the end is what? 'Chung exhibition:' The murder of the four main fragrant beggars; Gai Qingcheng and the head of the Korean hidden firewood seriously injured; Mangshan Zhaoying Min faction and two brothers to the people caught up! Mangshan head Pei Cao Kinji was limited to her suicide in next year's anniversary of the death Shenni candle arms, and specify recruiting her with the door, in Mangshan Shenni grave candle arm himself, otherwise the value of clean kill should send Mangshan ! 'Liqin Mei can not help much less horror, exclaimed:' There is such a thing? What people actually so bold! 'Chung exhibition:' The beggars when open forum was held three days of celebration in August, there was a man wearing a lemon face mourning came to condole, beggars annual open forum is a grand celebration, the man complained of a door, not deliberately cause trouble to come? Four Hong Lord immediately around him He Wen, This dough, said:. 'Why do I condole, we wait for the next Jordan and all beggars disciples will know that only four people have a chance to know you,' he had said this a few weird The Huaer, immediately hands, lightningHong Lord killed all four! 'Li Qinmei cried:' how is this possible? The four main powers incense beggars have expertise in the arena with disabilities are considered a first-class person, how could all of a sudden it gives all killed? 'Chung exhibition and said:' Yes, speak up and people can not believe it, but the strange thing is yet to come! Qingcheng head Han Qiao is hidden Gai friends, then it happens also, they both go together and that lemon dough hands, less than Yi Zhixiang moment, are also seriously injured, Han Qiao and hidden being labeled as disabled, I heard that now can not hear sounds good, can police management, know before, things are clear. This four monkeys who would not join the ten categories of species, not up to the name of the two. This is the cloth into the tactical deployment of four monkeys with a large array, the power play to the extreme, can exhibit chaos monkey looks like, it can not be stopped under the sage. Shimoji means monk cloth in front of truth, but it is the way this has the same principle. Western Buddhism has the Buddha, Bodhisattvas, numerous expert Rohan, etc., but some Daoxing Buddha Buddha was far above many, such as the Goddess of Mercy, Manjusri, Samantabhadra, Earth Store Bodhisattva, Bodhisattva these four high status, almighty are already a quasi-Saint fruit. And this is the reason why the four Buddha is famous not only because of their magic Daoxing and, more importantly, because they represent an ideal world four personality were willing, OK, intellectual, sad. Symbol is willing to force Earth Store Bodhisattva; symbolic practice is Samantabhadra; Manjushri is a symbol of wisdom; symbol is the Bodhisattva of compassion. Composed of four Buddha to this battle unseen, Zhizhirenxin, although not intended to kill, but if stuck to each other, but it is easy. With each of the four monks, although truth be some magic borrowed four Buddha wears, if people do not want to get trapped, but if just want to stop the others, but it is not impossible. Zhen Fang cold smile, save in the fire, Zhen Fang see each other put down such a big battle, with the toes can think of at the moment, Shushan, Kunlun probably already in someone else's calculations, and Zhen Fang know, unless they can break open this array in a short time, otherwise, I am afraid only Mount Hope and Despair. 'Physiognomy, Shushan and Kunlun saints but to stay in the world of Orthodoxy, althoughThere is not much, but no disaster Daughter, you blocking my way today, not only with Pindao forged a causal probably after soaring Western Paradise, could not escape the saint to anger. Truth monk, find you kill you, but when you come here tonight to find, that you had come after, somehow, my heart is a soft, immediately to forgive you, and even want to get close to you! 'Jinyu Qiong Meimu aClosed, won the orbital tears, Pu Susu slipped two lines: 'Thank you sister sake.'Paused, then said: 'I wonder if he just is not the same with your sister?'Han Wei Ying slight chuckle: 'What people looking for someone, I'm not a vengeful person, why would he be to say, by just the girl with his speech, the girl should experience get out?!'Jinyu Qiong with emotion, said: 'I hope so, I hope so, in fact, why should I crave.'Beautiful eyes opened, and then said: '? Since my sister knows me ...... why are not the other end of a condition.'Wei Han Ying slight chuckle: 'Do not say, how can a girl's place to deceive?'Jinyu Qiong shook his head and said: 'Good mental sister, my sister must know my place is ......'Wei Han Ying said: 'the future so he went door to greet you!'Jinyu Qiong consternation authentic: 'What sister Ying Ying, do I ......?'Wei Han Ying said: 'What wedding, silly girl, you do not put everything to him, his wife always already in the code itself?Of course, have to marry. 'Jinyu Qiong looked startled, surprised authentic: 'Is my sister has ......'Wei Han Ying said: 'girl, forget regret that I had just blame the language of the future bad guys who break into marriage eighth floor Avici, so I do not dare nod?!'Jinyu Qiong Jiaoye a red, Hu looked a dark, indifferent strong laughs: 'Sister, I'm still grateful, but I have other plans, mind has already decided, a tonsure shaved his head into Buddhism woman, how can we re-entered the Red boarded sedan? 'Wei Han Ying said: 'The girl has been ordained a monk, Buddhism into it?'Jinyu Qiong said: 'Today has not yet, but the future ......''? The future,' Wei Han Ying said: 'Now that I know this place is the girl, the girl thought tonight I will put the girl to go?How stupid people in the world what! 'Jinyu Qiong hesitated and said: 'Sister, I mind to.'Wei Han Ying said