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divination?' 'You want what things?' Zhao Kuang Yi laughed. Zhen Fang look for a move, smiles'Pindao good view of the mountain, and Pindao can give a foothold?' Although Kuangyin Zhen Fang said to be shocked, but quickly got it back, squinting his eyes. Present laughed: 'So this general with a head piece would send a foothold..' Then again, pointing Zhen Fang's robes laughs: 'here and no size, if it is not to a head with the body of the robes for This little place Nengzhe robes, send and track how long the place. With this place, way long, you can also have a foothold, if mountains Leekpai. The General Ye day to ask. Road longer think? 'Side to Zhao Yi Kuang heard, knows his brother is ready to see Zhen Fang joke. Moment nodded, smiled and said: '? If this is true long road, after my brother really can Albatron Miracle in the above, will share with a pulse length of the road, said that how long.' Zhen Fang heard laughed, pointing to the two laughed: '? His Majesty said that two can count.' 'My brother said is what I said.' Kuangyin look startled, and said solemnly: 'I Kuangyin though but a community Takeo, but also a man of indomitable spirit, the words poured out like water, land, Hath not count ceremony. just worry about whether this will be a long road I really robes circled piece of land, the establishment of the gate where do. ' Zhen Fang laughed and said: 'As long as you must not regret it.' Then take the body robes, waved his hand, and saw that the robe drifts, it rose to the sky, two brothers looked up, Zhen Fang is ready to see the joke, suddenly Zhen Fang mouth hint of mysterious smile, shot a purple light on his right hand, but the little finger first thickness, instant, their big as a bucket, straight to the sky, did not enter into that robe, I saw That purple robes suddenly rang out, shining the whole sky, the sun should shine on the day Que Shibi, stabbed two hearts Kuangyin immense panic, this time they found in front of the young Taoist probably not a simple role, hearts awaiting a your intentions?' said: 'I put the whirlwind pasture situation very detailed investigation, they master a lot, but only the strongest blue butterfly dream with another person, you and Miss Owen Didi each one, my father and his wife Yi Jing of the par room, if hands together, the strength is average, and unfavorable to us, and now more than a princess, they will reconsider the layout, it is favorable to us. ' yuan know she must have quite a sense of arrangement, no longer asked for, thought for a moment, just asked: '? Easy veteran who does.'Wu Yunshan said: 'In the pasture inside, such as coming out only when necessary.'--------------------------------------------- Old rain floor scanning, sea son, Hyun Crane OCR, old rain floor exclusive serial: 31 \\ 049 Yu Shi Yuan said: 'Tornado Ranch will not find it?'Wu Yunshan laughed: 'Probably not, you'll never guess where she was hiding!'Yu Shi Yuan laughed: 'I had to guess, then, a quasi-guess, and she must be hiding in the treasure-house!'Qiong Yao Yuwen stunned and said: 'how do you know?'Yu Shi Yuan said: 'Only that place was maintained possession!'Wu Yunshan said: 'There is only blue butterfly dream with my father to enter, hiding in the meantime, it touches foolproof, butThey mentoring, can not run. 'Subtraction monk said:' That is also good, these things is on Mangshan Cao Kinji say! 'The evidence is conclusive, no doubt, Meng Shentong surprised, but see his long beard jitter, long, long time, are unable to speak French monks secretly wondered off, he could see from the look Meng Shentong: Meng Shentong Among the joy seems to also have a bit of fear. Gu Zhihua understand why that kind of perspective with him, 'So she really is my daughter! '' She would rather kill her I do not want to stay at my side, yeah! So you actually hate your birth parent body of it? 'Meng Shentong miss this, begin to cry, this is the second time he had ever cry, cry for the first time, that is, when he separated from his wife of twenty years ago off method monk said:.' Meng brother, murmured:.'.? This is good, and this good can not know the Valley sister know there is no ' Lisheng Nan according sidewalk: 'You say okay well, Jin Shiyi also want good Alas, unfortunately --- I'm afraid their happy marriage, life is hopeless?.!' Li Qin regret cried: 'Why? 'Lisheng Nan slowly said:'! Gu Zhihua Well now, is dead, she could do neither Jin Shiyi's wife, nor look at you, 'Li Qinmei surprise, stand up, she was about to ask what reason Tang Bai Yingjie after day could not have come out at the same time curse, 'Qin sister, do not ask. Gu Zhihua is this harmful Vamp!] [thousand knives ten thousand of Xiao Yaonv, you alas our head, dare to Here boast! 'once Greatly Pan Chung, condemning everywhere, and everyone refused to let her. Lisheng Nan cried: 'Don big head, you say how to say the word count count??' Tang Xiaolan looking ashen, waved his hand and said:. 'Li girl quietly for the time being you, you be my guest today, I'm not embarrassed you. Mang head out of the valley is my niece, she's something I can not leave. I heard that you intend to extend the amount of Tianshan faction, then, after today, we ask you to set a date girl LiWhat? 'Remark, everyone is surprised, scared by the Tang Xiaolan as the world's first master's actually at demeaned, and Yuezhan: hi who is the early Tang Xiaolan, Lisheng Nan also go flying Tang Xiaolan escape palms, Gu Zhihua hatred someone reported. Tang, head flattering to me, I have a gift, and let me say it acquire it. 'She said the word went out, a lot of people scared of hop! Lisheng Nan Meng Shentong's head once before as a gift, so Gu Zhihua poisoning, everyone knows this. Today Lisheng Nan also come up with 'a gift', people think of things before, since inevitably heart jing, I do not know what she hundred odd. Feng Lin hurried patrol daughter, Tang after a couple of days too hastily guarding Chung Show. Lisheng Nan smiles sweetly: 'I this little gift, though not priceless treasure, but it is the head of Tang wish for something.' He finished up with a fifty wave, stature, such as Rainbow, off towards the south in the past, the original ground, but fall length sleeves, it is a cut-off gown intended meaning. Clouds above the bed, the Monkey King deadpan, just above the Ni Wan, Kim Yun rolling relic yuan light radiance, while slowly moving majesty, between a moment filled with the Water Curtain Cave, gradually will give all huaguoshan package in which enormous pressure to let the mountain monkey bursts of sorrowUnder a few lines, moment, scared and said: 'This is my encountered the Lantern Festival in Beijing at night in the mountains are mine, but the letter only said to us on Beijing to play, did not mention the other things . 'Zhang Qin anxious then said:' Shaoxia encountered, in fact, nine Prince 'Baoshu De frown:'!? originally in the mountains is his pseudonym, neither mentioned anything on the letter, he asked me what to do two Could that person plant east of 'Du was hastily:'? the next and so is the Guard disabilities, but with the East plant is different, do not have Shaoxia misunderstanding ' said:.' heard so much about the East plant irreconcilable with disabilities Guard, balance of power, even ? The emperor can not control, but really I do not know these things, 'Zhang Qin sighed:' Our responsibility is mainly Defence Guard disabilities emperor, but the East plant is different, now presided over four Prince single-handedly, they run amuck, even all the kings are afraid says not a word. ' said:.'? Nine Princes is your background it 'Du before:.' Nine Princes generous man, although management Guard with disabilities, but also have great respect for civil and military ministers' said: 'He wants me to go ? What do 'Du it said:' The emperor he'll lose a Linglong, Longyan furious, now designated four orders of Prince and Prince nine counties nationwide each government to solve the case, please Shaoxia nine prince intended to help 'Barry. Super laughed: 'he'll be able to value a geometry, so why the fuss?' Du it said:. 'The cup but a treasure, I heard Kun-yuan fairy king has previously mentioned a few times, but he did not mind, today able to witness once, mind naturally afraid. 'If I take you as his disciple, naturally you comprehensive protection.' Zhen Fang faint. Waved, a colorful purple Guanghua not into being then Zifu. , However, the brain suddenly feel that purple burst clear, as if poured down like a pot of cold water from the ground. Hearts really comfortable. 'This is my golden merit, can help you. But this is not the merit of gold you have to come, but I gave in. Although you can suppress the soul, get rid of the demons, but after all, is a foreign object. You should be more in the future do good things, get merit, naturally without incident a 'Zhen Fang laughed:.'... Today, I practice and ban your speed when your roots mature, self-benefit 'Then end up in the hands of a stamp, fingers on Guanghua flow, which hides a mysterious force. 'Cut!' A golden fall naturally into the Purple Palace. Then suddenly felt a purple pearls 'forbidden' words will live soul, but not the slightest Zifu among infuriating flow. 'Master!' Purple Ran shocked. 'When you hit the stable foundation, and naturally you can break through, and there are little surprises even unknowable.' Zhen Fang is still smiling, said: '! You did not tell me, do you choose what to practice Dharma.' 'What Master pass, I learn what?' Kun Yuan Little Lord do not know at this time thanks to the master, in the end is correct. 'Xie master.' Purple mouth and then deflated said. Nobody likes their cultivation is sealed, even his master too. 'Ah!' Zhen Fang pointing to the right, on the right hand of the Lord in a few days Kun Yuan Ling, a golden light shot out from the hands, then the purple shine in them, but it is the Taoist secrets 'manna sprinkle heart', and Buddhist Empowerment of similar means . Well quite a while before slowly square Chen received gold, itself sighTone, hunkered down on the lawn garden, Kun-yuan Wonderland aura, as if attracted by a black hole, like Chen DPRK have