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that not all the way, exceedingly Haiyi. One would have turned the mountain troops shadow angle disappeared, people will do almost slipped to Yen Trang. Now ordered to prepare the feast, dedicated hospitality, please visit. Francis Chin know that unfamiliar to local circumstances, will be the night when he went to Pucheng, would never have thought to invest elsewhere in the middle, he was happy to empty a space, plus the rising line Mangming bearers. Yan Zhuang fork that far apart, street full of paddy fields, lined in rows Yu Liu. Half round the moon, just hanging between Pingchou Hirono, streamer shines, may reflect those of paddy fields like floating Qi Hui Qing Kuang doubled down the sky. See you on the road or two village farmers, jacket sandals, shoulder charge plowshare, humming a folk ditty Liu hidden beneath the moon slowly go back, straight and drawing similar scenarios. Yao people in the car in the first praise the wonderful, most of the day sitting on the chair, too tired, they shout near Zhang, greeting Yoshio, Xinmin duo riding the good moonlight, walking distance, Shu scattered bones, a little taste of rustic charm handy clear King. Huang and Li want to go for some of the activities of the blood, and the others got down to see Yao Min, Mangming parked car down, walking hand in hand. Seeing Francis Chin, also greeted the crowd dismount, with the following. Yao said Yoshio people listen because they are not vulgar providers, see the duo behind approached refused, knowing they humble self-esteem, they ordered Zhang please too. Huang and Li Pei-Yao Su China official, honest, and he is also interested in the pro-King. People do go all the way, talk talk, they do hit it off. Take a short while, slightly turn, facing the front of thick shade trees, looming light, know will arrive, Yoshio again Adjuncting Ask front of peers, Fangxiang Gu laughing, came to find that horses horse in the forest, such as speeding to. After a busy week by catch Ping, said:. 'Suzerain meet here,' Francis Chin heard that the allowed to call me Shishu!' Her eyes already extremely charming, staring to look like it is very tender, even the femaleWill all heart. Zhao Luan also shocked moment, can not help but took her hand and said:. 'You do not dive, swim with me good.' Zhao Yu Luan while chewing gum, indifference authentic: 'the division of public and just the three of us to reach an agreement, he taught us three of the ancient martial art, When his personal bodyguard. ' Young zero leng said: 'He needs bodyguards private bodyguards do??' 'Of course the need to help prevent some of the non-violent harassment he could not cope with his own, such as ...... you should understand what I mean.' 'Do not understand.' '...... Is sexual harassment!' '......' Luan Zhao Fei Hong did not see her cheeks to look, just keep swimming took her, loudly: 'Do not worry Shishu, if you want to harass the master, the three of us will be spared ...... oh Shishu, Your hands are so hot, is not a fever? ' Swim in front of Du wind, has come to the deepest sea. Undersea scene is a scene wonderfully coarse trench countless crisscrossing spiral brought together in the center of the trench staggered, leaving behind a few tens of meters to see some wide basin, which is a constant spray of blue Daomang crater, like a giant eye in the pupil in general. Outer undercurrents currents, as if by some mysterious force barrier with, it can not flow into the crater. Du wind leap into the crater. His elbow with a slight touch crater wall, undersea volcanoes that deposited thousands of years of volcanic sedimentary rocks, the role is life and life is also Daoshi splitting, automatic to both sides. The whole undersea volcano, was split into a shape of the mouth of the exclusion of the pomegranate. Strong pressure finally launched scabbard blade completely outside soon as he unsheathed the blade, Du wind tunnel beside the narrow volcanic whom immediately collapse. Du wind frown, now is not the time to stimulate the 'three' type. H slamming, immediately surrounding to the summit, Yu Shi Yuan, who has been with Xuenv atop a chat, plus a bald old man described as skinny presence.Tianchi Venerable laughed: 'Master has arrived, the Yu brother must have been met.'That bald old man is the Master Miller, smiled and said: 'Snow Snake introduced me too, to see Yu Gongzi Dengfeng stunts, decrepit really admire, did not expect to actually have this Warren CentralWhirlpool, direct seabed. Whirlpool actually contains numerous Daoqi after being split swirl, Du Millennium Darksteel sword in the hands of the wind finally broken into two parts to withstand the pressure. After reaching the sea, the first feeling the wind Du surprised, as if to a different world in general. This piece is entirely a knife seabed grave. Within hundreds of miles of sea, was filled with hundreds of thousands of dense knives, many of whom magic weapon. In the thousands of silent knife forest, there was a faint purple breath wanders, that's what murder instigator currents and large whirlpool. The third is also different from the strength and Xian Qi gas outside the magic soul condensed millions of Soul Calibur! This one million sword Soul, is holding the hands of Du wind chop Shendao Independence Day! Scarface even a trace gas is also not out of use, violent Xian Qi, even completely suppress the body's Soul Calibur to live. The two sides have been unable to use gas, but Du wind just hurt a hand, tyrannical terror physical force still exists, but it is seriously injured Scarface could not move, the outcome has been self-evident. Du wind took a step forward, suddenly scared Scarface convulsions up, never gave anything dignity, Scream and said: 'Rao ...... mercy ah, do not kill me, I would like for you to do cattle and horses!' Du wind burst out strong intention to kill the eyes and said: 'You have two groups of waste Xian Qi, dared to claim ancient weapons?' Before coming Du wind bloody indeed ready, and even leave the body from Yang Ying Yang relics were handed over to the custody of zero. Now it seems,