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yuan a tongue, smile: '! That I can be miserable.'Qiong Yao Yuwen anxious and said: 'Dear husband, Could you bullyGap, smugglers are getting low, only half in Chixu L., cheeks and downs more urgent, head shot fiercely, doomed monster, the species are in the quiver, like air of hate and fear. That monster snake apart and had to Zhang Xu, like when they ran out to the front of snakes, bald A seven words 'slow', as soon stopped. TANG met nemesis known sister, said no one empty words. See the venomous anger cringe build the state, had never seen, determined to preserve, and then plot against each other toxic turtle killers. Fear of snakes has been prepared, the next head of the public do not take orders, and had just as stubborn and then bite, more shame, but also promised to snake killed. Heart of a hesitation, opposite three eyes armadillo think like waiting for a long impatience, three Guaiyan volley fiercely, destined snakes moment does not blink, formerly twelve pairs live centipede legs shaking, Walled bait chaotic, behind the hook tail whip with a fall and hit the deck Baba mountain ring, among the wide flat belly drum anger angry from time to time, when as much as two feet radius of the thickest, front and close this as imbricated scales, but also pieces stood there like a wild stand over When you first view particularly mighty. The daze that first tight coil snakes, like dead, no angry. TANG sister love to know is not good, and sometimes desperate, fierce raw deadly trap, not to exclude the snake, mouth Low said:. 'I do not believe.' TANG sister see a snake bite, clothes and was hooked, they know no way out of a bite, desperate to escape, he tried to hit the snake with a heavy vital way, slips in front of a flower, the serpent god Xu has been to hold fast. More than fright, the fierce dynamic concept, intended to ride both sides tangled battles, on the potential fierce wretched, together killed. Hand just raised, that three eyes alert armadillo how powerful, very swift action, had his orders Zhong Nan Yu Biao both stunned, Yu light though a child is no exception, Yu Shi Yuan Fortunately, Tianchi Holiness the state seems to have a little devil!And rolling on the ground more and more lovely gesture, beneath her skirt empty, between gestures, wonderful state will occur! Although she cast Mei Qi in surgery, but no hint of sensuality meaning, just as far as the performance of female beauty, with vaguely wonderful, full of mysterious meaning! Especially one of her legs, suddenly Zhang suddenly cover, only to give a glimpse of the wonderful places, people and not from the natural to want to see more! Slowly, the eyes of five people who are betting on , and follow her movements to see, even the moment are reluctant to relax!Green damask anxious to see next, quickly shouted: 'Miss Wu, even Yu Xiang Gong alsoShe expected the world how this can be flexible armor, the wind turned out to be a ghost out of the DU. In Mech feet tied with two invisible gas line, from Du wind that side to the deck as a cover, that God does not Feel to stretch over control mech enemies and Lu Ya. Let this bear a face to face Lu Ya full two years. Lu Ya throw starting with the gas line was cut into two off immediately. Lu Ya no longer afraid to slow, desperate to go to the stone statue of the vertical at the end of the bridge. At her feet set foot stone Yisha, Du footsteps wind has stopped, but a short distance of zero seconds. Before opening the wind Du, Lu Yali engraved turned and shouted: 'tie ......' Lu Ya first blush hot, then raised his eyes stare standing on the stone Du wind, and a look forward. Du wind in the distance, looking at her, he obviously is zero seconds faster than Lu Ya, but he was pale and said:. 'Deuce' Lu Ya sweet: 'You and I tied, it means you have to lose my master Valkyrie, right?' Du wind lightly: 'If this calculation, there are even my master chef, generation overlapping generations, can crushed Valkyrie number one chef is probably a lot.' Lu Yayue under stone, angrily said: 'can not do this