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first is the spirit of the Ming boulder, through changes in day knowledge, know geography. Move Star for fighting. The second is a red rump horse monkey, Xiao Yin and Yang, will personnel, good access, avoid dead Nobu. The third is through arm apes. Take the sun and the moon, shrink thousand hills, identifiedBlame, Monong universe. Fourth, six ear monkeys, hear sounds good. Police can manage. Before know, things are clear. This four monkey. Nothing ten categories of species, not up to the name of the two. 'Zhen Fang strange hint of a smile on his face, glanced toward the monkeys, and glanced toward the truth monk smiles:' This monkey is probably that the six ear monkeys. Monk, can I say? ' 'Daoxiong really powerful, Pinseng admire.' Physiognomy monk look for a move, could not help but sigh and said:. 'Wish Daoxiong received a good Christians,' he did not think Zhen Fang actually know this monkey. It turned out he just noticed each other but really soul but an entraining mid to monkeys, and then saw under the hair, actually another secret, remembering the moment in the passage of the Buddha quotes, saying to the world is the Four Monkeys , super-powerful, where also willing to send this monkey and Zhen Fang, forced to compete with supernatural powers, and look forward Zhen Fang did not know the ins and outs of monkeys, and take into account their fruit this Ocean Road, did not think it was guilty of Zhen Fang taboo, two lower phase fight, but it is his defeat, but let Zhen Fang to know the ins and outs of monkeys. 'To the world you four to six ear macaque monkeys can surname Liu, supernatural invincible, things are clear, you can clear the name. Called Liu.' Zhen Fang thought for a moment, suddenly gave up six ears name. 'Thank you, Master disciple.' This is a six-ear macaque monkey Zhongnan mountain, after birth, born to supernatural powers, also stole a lot of ground skills, but unfortunately all fur, and Zhen Fang must pass 'Polaris bible 'great movement, contemporary spiritual blessing to the heart, also chills, turned and ran!He ran that group arsenopyrite like someone commanding general, ran! That ghost long laugh and said: '! Zhuge side, which is called the boomerang, arsenopyrite do not you practice, you try it yourself first taste of it.'Stature breeze, with the group after that arsenopyrite chase over.Zhuge direction east, east of a mid-air flying sand, head lay!Zhuge surprised again off the west side of the west as well.He south .......Him toNorth .......But he just does not run out, do not run out!That ghost behind smiles: 'Zhuge side, this is your seriously, and now you come to believe the death of innocent people is not just bend it Zhuge me a square, four more ...... is gone!'Zhuge afraid plus side tired, he just felt his legs weighing over jin, no longer could run, but he also felt a certain attraction behind, making him serious difficulties.Zhuge side whom scattered soul, a soft body, slammed lying on the ground.He burned himself out, that group arsenopyrite stopped in his head, the decline down.Zhuge white square with an old head, gasped and said: '! You kill me, you kill me.'That ghost laughed: 'Zhuge side, how can you not run, stand up and running again wow?'Zhuge side turning the sky, but he was on his knees, he toward ghost said: 'In general Hu, your poor dying of Zhuge side.'That ghost said: 'Zhuge side you ask me this is mercy?'That ghost said: 'Do you believe I was a ghost?'Zhuge side trembling nod!That ghost sad smile cry: '? Zhuge side, then you have to admit deadly trap harmful'Zhuge Fang nodded and said: 'Hu generals, Zhuge acknowledges that, but you know, it is not only a man Zhuge side, say Zhuge side only a small role!'That ghost said: 'Zhuge side, you are being too modest.'Zhuge Fang said: 'The general public will see.'That ghost said: 'You think tank, but one of the four Taejo year?'Zhuge Fang said: 'Zhuge party dare to deny, but it was only ......'That ghost kerf said: 'Zhuge side, you acknowledge that like, crap off much, I just ask you one, day four of those with you sweat alcohol, will not spare. You do not kill it, it is difficult to get out. Instead of being stopped it before you start, how about some amplification side, this repulsive thing for me except it? Felt really want to play, however, afraid to lose, naturally can not, they will no longer follow the same route out of vertical, vertical to the wall to save yet to eat at a disadvantage. Go before the gate, the road around the far turn locked the door, unable to get out. Second Temple partial hospital foundation has a two feet high doghole, that may not have to ask you to go from there drilled. ' Mortals have feelings, Heimo Le Temple since the station after sitting posture, due to the small Nepalese gracious hospitality, never talk before the incident, and re-rich diet delicious wine from more mellow fragrance, the initial taste, eat for a while, The bloom can not help but dislike the idea had just gone mostly, heart and Dianzhe hurry, listen to Jiang Ming said a foreword, might come indifferent look dark check Donnie, while calculations. I thought: It is a small Nepalese ago after Christine, then rite attentive, very different than before, like a young child Mind, naughty mouth slippery, foreword casually out, not intentionally, deemed due and if so, is not satisfied with himself There shock and hair, then feel the snake non-self enemy, killing pity and fear Naishi rebuke, people are aggressive, trying to politely bought, the other party to see her mind, self changed, not to hurt the snake, eating After it went like this. Three of his already disturbed the people, in addition to two other suspicious snake outside, listening to the tone like non wicked. Just a little decent, why bother to recruit people unhappy, they own the road by mistake? Donnie intended to seek a dew-free tone, immediately took the opportunity to give up, good to good to go, no branches. Unexpectedly would say such words, heard there are gas. Cursed: Small Tulv really a hateful! As with the controversy actually sit real timid. PutGas hold back, do will cut Shendao tightly wrapped. Du wind still clutched the knife, he would never give up their love knife. But this way, he cited thatHowe's speed advantage would be gone. Push the cut nails Shendao progresses, Body Gangqi constantly being torn away from Du wind blade face has close proximity. The old man lifted the wrist, appeared on countless new bifurcation nails against Du wind chop to the face, the wind is already seeing Du no retreat. The distance between the two is too close, so that the wind can already Du corpse smell rancid flavor to the old man's mouth issued. Du winds mouth, what seems to be trying to say. Old man fiercely authentic: 'If you want mercy, too late!' Fees cowered hiding the most distant, masked girl standing beside fee, coldly watching and did not want the war meant. However, after the old man spit ruthless, masked girl eyebrows all at once, and immediately cover your own ears. Fees also feel a hemp ear, masked girl shut the 'hearing' on the ear hole, he suddenly can not hear anything. Loss of hearing in this Yisha fee, Du wind mouth, broke a cry like a lion roaring thunder roar! An explosive burst out from Du wind infuriating him, at least in the six-star rating or higher. In the face of the fat woman, Elsie wind broke over this move in order to make up for lack of power and influence infuriating [Idiom]. The use of cross-Star ancient martial art, lion roar of the role of time and even less than a second. Sonic power consumption will be severe in the air, the wind was from ten meters Du fat woman, enjoy the lion's roar is already discounted, or nearly shook the brain rupture and die. Today's manipulation of dead air old, from Du wind can be said to close, the power of Idiom is played to the head. Four-star evil spirits had broken the old man's hard to cut a five-star Body dead air, but his blast at close range [Idiom], supplemented by four-star power and influence of evil spirits lion immediate power surge, beyond the six-star moment . Body armor old man dead air is