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and exhibition Yunhe said: 'Man is really wrong with the above exhibition recruited rather than show the main fact.'Yunhe exhibition and took cover with watching, stop reading immediately hang up, whispered: 'I know that inside there is recruited to teach evil red wings eagle named, this letter was returned to the store for good.'Include: 'The letter refers to what is going on in the 'Lightning Man' and who mean?.'Show Yunhe said: 'It's not difficult to guess, the first letter you returned to the store again, while another called the store looking for an apartment for us.'Include: 'We live here, why store it?'Show Yunhe said: 'Living in the stores here dare to pass the letter wrong thing to say, do not live here, but not good.'After embracing open the door to go, also filed a letter in the matter and said: 'What they are ready to act tonight?'Show Yunhe laughed: 'Of course robber people, but they are afraid of the 'Lightning Man' And you do not care about this detective!!'Baili Chao: 'The main fact to know 'Lightning Man' origins of it?'Show Yunhe light laugh: 'Of course it clear!'The door of a dynamic, small beggar hurriedly came Interface: '? Bangzhu really recognize Lightning Man'Endless void of one variable, cyan, golden light criss-cross. All of a sudden again cover Zhen Fang sight. Zhen Fang seeing the face of a dynamic, secretly surprised, could not help but said: 'Daoxiong, How painful it is, you and I fight, is nothing but a struggle just Daoxiong today skinned This will trap you and I die endlessly. realm. 'That escorts to its fundamental Taoist Rikkyo's into a large array in order to achieve the purpose of trapped Zhen Fang, unless Zhen Fang can break ground Mid defense to break open a big fuss. Once the break of the lotus. That's simply escorts Taoist Rikkyo will lose. The two sides also made a big causal. 'Worth mentioning, since there are so Daoxiong idea Pindao if not fight, they do not teach you for a long, three realms of the supreme saint.' Zhen Fang Lueyisisuo, which feels no conspiracy,