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Do not worry. ' 'Daoxiong, remark that means?' After Kun Yuan Zhen Fang means fairy king met, although the identity of the other party, Chen does not know, but if it is just some believe. 'This island of unknown origin, the list is not innate, non-destined not to these years, because baby girl in this, even if others feel this island some exceptions, it is impossible braced causality between the universal and the San Juan, even if someone wants to To this island, it is impossible not scruple San Juan's face. So baby girl only a year and a causal Tokai Prince come to snatch, and then snatch the island come from the hands of the East China Sea. I did not expect you two accounted for opportunities. 'Zhen Fang light laughs:' Kun Yuan, trees demon, Pindao prepare this island in exchange for Purple Emperor's natural position, you can do '? 'But, real shots.' That kunyuan heard demon fairy king and trees, where there unwillingly. Moreover, at the moment Zhen Fang or discuss something with their own, but the two did not dare to think of it as really discuss. Long brought the trio back, Zhen Fang also stand in mid-air, light, said:. 'This thing here millions of years, at the end Pindao disciples actually perfected a marriage,' said pointing to the right, a strike gold on the island, I heard the sound of rumbling slowly pass over, and then I heard thunder, the island fried wiped out a shot gun tan, an enormous pressure to force air out, then Kun Yuan fairy king, who caught off guard, a blood spray out, even the other end of the decline Rendezvous moan uttered screams, apparently unable to weather this huge pressure. 'Murder Gunslinger!' World into a few shares of a huge soul pass over. Gunslinger but killing ten innate treasure came in the last one, this treasure is in fact in terms of the saint was tasteless. Between saint readily can Armageddon, unless special place of their own innate Lingbao useful, other places but are useless objects, which kill Gunslinger though sharp, but its largest and most Allusion wounding each person's mental weakness, mood can keep Furui no wave of Li Han could have been best suited to deal with her opponent, may be too quiet mind while filling Li Han fell into deep sleep. Nightmare figure begun to fade disappear suddenly, there it passed to the eardrums beep. Don Love and generals actually have not gone, but Li Han waited outside. Beep love to penetrate the seal Tang sector. Nightmare tightly over his ears, Nazhen very strange beep. Seems to be able to penetrate the human soul, in the flute inspired blue smoke float, condensed into a face resembles the female form Li Han Li Han's body. That shocking Li Han's mother woman Raytheon, Raytheon female hands strangling nightmare neck, choke nightmare breathless, angry soul beat nightmare image of female Thor vaporizer. It soon found that he had made a mistake the day the earth, has been sleeping Li Han, from the front of it stood up. Li Han still sleeping. But throughout the body are flying out of the LEI colored butterflies. Li Han nightmare is no longer in touch with the heart, in the surface layer of Li Han heart exudes a strange turbulent mood swings - anger. Any mother destroy things that are their own land enemies. Leiguang butterfly color layers covering a nightmare, a nightmare just to feel his body suddenly increased, the moment is actually unable to move. Sleep to Li Han fingers close together, the broken dome type of hands does not point to the sky,Pointing to his heart. Breaking the expanse of the sky. Broken heart invisible dome. Broken dome - no phase! Miyun a little condensed phase is not really ripping. Heng Li Han and nightmares in the disk around with really turned out to be no indiscriminate attacks, the two who have been stripped to something unknown. Li Han Yan Yung slowly ground into the tender age of fifteen appearance turned into a green nightmare geocentric. Health and nightmare visions magic hastening effect disappeared at the same time, breaking the dome look no phase will revert to the true owner of the shock, resulting in a great loss of efficiency Lianqi terms, this is called 'Shen harsh intractable.' Three stars above ancient weapons, you can master the skills to see through the low-grade ancient weapons neifu airflow operation. Du wind more do not even look to see, touch hands alone, you can zero in vivo induction into the Young traces of old bones tendons staggered, I do not know how many times hit neifu received. This stubborn girl, which is very courageous, and who fight it really is not life. Logically, this ancient weapons, this should have become a basket case. She did not destroy, purely because of luck. A handful of ancient weapons, the body has other ancient weapons are no character. For example, can automatically absorb others infuriating 'absorb'; able to position itself into evil, destroy all the feng shui FIGHTING 'breaking Phoenix'; said to be able to use ordinary ancient weapons can not use the UnderworldBreath 'Rahu.' This girl's body is more special, it is difficult to meet a number of years, 'Terry.' 'Terry' Ancient Warrior constitution, the body of the tendons and bones, have a self-limiting automatic reset function, is all ancient weapons magical dream physique. Du wind had no special physical, but twenty years ago tragedy, destroyed his tendons and bones, but is also part of Xian Qi Du wind desperate struggle under digested, Xian Qi absorption qualities, into Du wind into the body. Du wind will also become has 'absorbed' constitution ancient weapons. 'Absorb' Not only can absorb each other's infuriating, even the constitution can be absorbed. To once again become invincible ancient weapons, we must first rebuild tendons and pubic region, to aid the absorption characteristics, the 'Terry' physical absorption Yang zero over, is reshaping the easiest and quickest way gilded. Du wind suddenly thought of this sad moment, twenty years ago, he has also met an ancient warrior 'Terry' constitution, that person is the only woman in his life - Yang Ying. Young zero a little thought needle prick, till he sweat, quickly scattered qigong. This horse devil is an insider, will love to know himself is secretly poisoned the Lisheng Nan. He guessed, it is taking advantage of Lisheng Nan dressing for them when it comes to lightweight approach, in their body, each insert a mouthful lilies, inside a hollow needle, stored her well-known secret poison. Lisheng Nan laughed: 'You hear it in the name of the top five bulk of this drug, we will not attack, after a forty-nine days later, not cure, it will fester body died, the Pro? When painful death, I'm afraid killed far more uncomfortable than a serpent, which only I have the antidote, if you obey, I'll give you the antidote maturity. 'Wudu scattered with gold leaf daisy, black heart lotus, dip the danger of poison peach, purple Miaojiang cold in Bitan? ? , Plus five kinds of poison Bi silkworm boom burning ash Tempered. Yun Ling son informative, know Lisheng Nan said do not leave, extremely angry, but had to smile, said: 'to the fields this step, we dare you not satisfied Jinda Xia girl, why you still at the mercy of us??' Lisheng Nan laughed: 'Is Because I can not believe you, I'd rather let you resent, 'says Ling son smile:.' I was still rake resentment girl girl just to spare ' said:'?.. it depends on you hear their words of 'Ling child said: '? What girl told' Lisheng Nan laughed: 'World Heritage brother, who is your servant, you are willing to let me use it?' Jin Shiyi laughed: 'You will be under the jurisdiction of a servant than to find Officials , well, I'll give you dictate it, ' said:.'... you give me good repair this wreck on board food and ax chisel, after you move down to eat, you start logging 'that the four magic head overwhelming, under the command of , moving down the food tools, fire cooking. Commanded the four devil and said: 'You feel at ease to work at night in the woods above Xiesu piece of stone sets, you have my servant, four of my friends will not bite you up.' That four angry devil Qiqiaoshengyan, everyone heart cursed, but