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purple hyacinth Pilian from the waist slowly flying, into a purple color close at hand waving, from time to time to prepare for this from the sand in the attack, after entering a big fuss, but it is increasingly meter Mongolia surprised, hide countless years, although unlike in previous years, there are two Great Emperor Yao Zu Jun and donghuang nothing at the time, will talk about Heaven Dafa, but secretly sneak myself have taken refuge in various famous Taoist, Buddhist brake hidden among the Road Act or listen to the Dharma, also a trace of supernatural enlightenment, but never heard what FIGHTING actually so insidious. But he clearly visible, that the sky is not an ordinary thing sand, relax a little bit, let the sand fall into their own issue, probably no less than Tarzan force. A grain of sand in the world, although not a world that sand so powerful, but if re-jin. Huang misty air that glorious, it is a very powerful. When he first entered the large array of countMongolia which felt strange, dark soul can not move, the chest is not among the five gas faint turnover smug, as if blocked in general. You know, off the line myself, once the day the door closed, five gas chest was closed, but it is the same with the mortals, like drunk and unawakened, and fell asleep, breathing the breath of sound, but it is millions of years of cultivation, all became yourselves. At the moment, no thought Destroys meter Mongolia, which is able to Win is a very fortunate thing, as a breakthrough Sanjiangkou defense, that is a thing of the future. Mongolia is thinking when it counted, the sudden burst of flashes in front of Glory, a variety of valuables such as years of pearls, agate millennium, baizhang compete with corals are all in front of the fire, flashing a variety of brilliance, stab counted towards blindfolded shine. Mongolia has long been counted at the moment that affects the mind Hun Kim Doo, Where ever thought why there has been such a big fuss among the many treasures, under the confused look, he reached out and universe is such a tripod. 'Kongxuan Daoxiong, the three realms of the human world, but the human world, and even then Hongjun Taoist say this but the three realms of fundamental human world, do not want to dominate the three realms Shishu Red Cloud, Shizu's not a violation of life.' Dubbo Tathagata no panic busy said. 'Kongxuan Shi Zhi, my brothers but Red Cloud attained an expert, how could do such a thing?' Haotian Emperor faint glanced aside without saying anything of longevity, coldly. 'You're just a year in Zixiaogong little boy only, it has also say with the saints peers.' Sarcasm Kongxuan color look, laughed and said: 'Those who just do not bother with you this sage since that was the guy to care about it, you actually really Hongjun Taoist thought you were not a pulse. My family is what the teacher identity, but also you can say, not to mention to you, that my teacher Zu Hongjun Taoist matter is nothing to say. but the three realms of fundamental human world. Today amulet comes, if at all has been lost, how can three realms known is the Three Realms. I meritorious teacher, then took the universe are abandoned without tripod, child When will it protect the back of the human world. You have to take the universe Hedeheneng tripod, you are Hongjun Taoist does not, does your merit further than the last year of being firewood to merit not to fire Dayu Similarly emperors, Haotian, you do not shame shame? ' Haotian Jade Emperor was furious, for many years, he is by virtue of the signs of a pulse Hongjun, all the way to today, commanding three realms, even the saints are afraid to look down, although a relatively small force in a few large, but it is also considered One of the forces. Hundreds of millions of years, even if it isHaotian people know who is Zixiaogong a boy, but did not dare Haotian Emperor looked small, not to say in person to point out the identity Haotian year, exposing the scars Haotian, hundreds of millions of years Perhaps Haotian have forgotten their own identity that year. But today insidious. 'Junior! Today, you're dead.' Yinhen but a metal-like sound in the ears to Zhen Fang. Zhen Fang know but the opposite was eight. 'Real good luck, but the Achilles Heel of the middle eight Qi to a head.' Strong elder Liang suddenly silent reminder road. Looked a slight movement, Ni Wan a turn, a white figure fly out another demon tower town means that the town demon tower suddenly fell on top of that road white figure. Xuanming a distant view, surprise: 'The baby was amazing, he was surprised to be Make a second soul.' Xuanming but ice ancestor. Dragon group Xuanming elders though but to witch late, but school is Xuanming ancestral witch a pulse, naturally sensitive to Zhen Fang second element of God's powerful ice elements. 'The second element of God?' Elders heard good strong heart of a dynamic, there is much more scared in the end means not using it. The so-called on-hand man will stay. He did not know the means Zhen Fang's much better than this. Of course, do not know Zhen Fang's largest and most powerful, is equally well known all means but it is merit gold. Magical golden infinite merit, where is Zhen Fang short time can grasp. Of course, he did not grasp, it means that in the secular world, not many people know more about him than gold merit. I saw an urn about baizhang size, glittering, stunning eyes, suspended in the second element over to God. The second element of God face the cold, there is no trace of expression, there is no trace of his eyes look, in the end is the second element of God, rather than an avatar, but the rest of the party-controlled puppet Chen Bale, Bale is just a fighting tool. This is the case, when the fighting, but also greatly increased the power of non-one can compare. Waves roaring sound, little red cloth became a great aperture, the aperture being, suddenly emerged a crow, the whole body is golden, but three feet, it is the myth of the black gold appearance. Just listen Zhen Fang soonDrink, hibiscus stick again and again fibrillation, in which the iris in strike two arms. The dark side of the home ministry, so that manufacturers can not step down in Iraq, the non-playing is not. Gan with his honest, knowing that Iraq may not be willing to listen to suppliers, in addition to no good deeds, had allowed the. When affected by Qian Peng Zhu Wenyan to teach, and the same with the first out sweet. Iraq Business rely, refused to accept the low plain, plus Zhu Wenyan words were a little too blunt, Heimo Le Tong Hing two heads and Mr. Zhao Xiaoxia then assassin offer out of a wall, how can hang on the face is maintained? It was a fight. Gan and Iraq with suppliers wanted to fight opponents, led him to the side of good re Ku Quan, who knows the iron palm Liukai Bang and Black Tiger Hu fourTwo Daodang Burongfenshuo first immediate concern. Iraq commanding global suppliers to observe the enemy situation, anti stepped back a few steps, she lay without setting with Gan. Later Iraqi trader, Xiongseng killed along with Qundao full, sweet hearts with sadness, but can not say, grew more and more hate, hold Iraq Business corpse, went walking. Hyosung Qianzou Yao Min and his party, as expected future without incident, he ordered two Xiaoxia secretly brought a black escort, he feels the night flight, went to ask Yanei Min, Min Fu long braids will cut half, then Assassin tone leaving a letter. The effect that: Min ask others too thin, Morohito monthly salary not as much as in the past when Greenwood income, this also makes the assassination. While some fear retire, the end is the court Supervision Department in Taiwan, it brought to light sooner or later, have been fatal disaster. His official status honest reputation contained Road. Greenwood most important loyalty, killed Zhongliang certainty of the world reviled. Now resolved to go away, but the lack of plate Sichuan, Fujian intends to ask to borrow 000 silver, such as Mongolia , please replace the gold leaf, the second night after on Ya upstairs, one will be taken. I do not know this person, avoid publicity, inconvenience each