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and lakes, it was his name he would grab a Tianshan Pai. Chung's fiancee son, dare to intercept in the road, he was not allowed on Mangshan. Let it not matter. hateful even to our Mangshan Jin Shiyi disciples fight camp, where I am with the door, should his help, junior sister apprentice Please hurry up you go. 'At this point, only to hear the sound of the following Ming Jin Tiejiao deafening, the whole raised at Jin Shiyi iron, Wu Chung exhibition scheduled for about two balls and put the sword to his shock on the air Lu Road phosphorus surprise out of the way in order to have a chance, Jin Shiyi laughed loudly:. 'You Tie Pipa would really fun, let me see,' only one catch, put Lu Road phosphorus sudden snatch caught in Tieguai On a knock, Dangdang sound, Jin Shiyi said: 'Yes, yes, sounds good turn.' Poor Lu Tao this beloved phosphorus weapons is a knock Jin Shiyi, turned into a crescent-shaped hoop. A critical element mound see the situation, grab came out fists together, left fist is 'black dragon sea', right fist is 'hold the tiger to the mountain', is completely desperate tactics, Jin Shiyi laughed: 'hit a long time, you should also tired, take a break now! 'Qiu Yuan A andHard, he played out there heart, because a wonderful way, and suddenly Qi Jin Qiu Yuan A former body, a catch in his armpit, Qiu Zhong Yuan A Fair cover lost, Rao is his whole body skills, this does not catch even dodge open, Danjue embarrassing itching, generalized weakness, could not help but laugh out loud, people fell to the ground. This war, Tianshan Mangshan three factions Shaolin disciple, suffered a crushing defeat in the palm Jin Shiyi, Jin Shiyi being contented actually laughing, flying leaps, to Raymond Wu grabbed two interrogations, sudden, I hear shouted: 'Kim Brother, stop!' is no big deal to pipe up my coming? 'Gu Zhihua said:' In this Mangshan foothills, please give me a little face. 'Jin Shiyi said:' Cao Kinji gas you have not had enough of it? You have to save face for her? ' Chuang Yung said:' Although I am no longer a people seem to say this out on the surface, in fact nothing did not say that. He peers but with teacher figure, hey, with the teacher peers figure blessing just a large Luo Jin Sin it. So also say the repair and teacher peers, which is not strange if there is a problem, then the teacher said together After the road, the repair becomes a large Luo Jin Sin, which is why? year period, the quasi-holy Montreal go gold cents more than a dog. He's still a big repair is why Luo Jin Wonderland world. Unfortunately, you and I but not for the details. 'side of the Queen Mother sighed, because the characters are really real Sa peers Hongjun period, it certainly was pregnant with the occult, non Emperor two to be able to guess. Today event to be played, the Jade Emperor did not want the extra raw wave and therefore has no alternative. Phi Hong hall, the couple relatively silent, now amulet coming, though not yet spread to heaven, but soon after, heaven will be in it. Heaven heavy causality, the couple and therefore extremely hardship. Although the Queen of Heaven very distinguished, but under the amulet, where also divided what Heaven and the Queen Mother, is to fight for that chance. Western Paradise among Russian escorts Taoist pale yellow, are elaborated saying Perishable Avenue West, while the quasi-mentioned Taoist VECON flashing eyes, his face a look of excitement, as if what is already a successful computer a lot, to be Mi mountains, countless pieces of Linden, at the moment is sitting with countless Buddha, namely the EEP Namo Buddha, Namo pharmacists glass optical Wang, Namo Buddha, Namo Buddha demon north, south no past and the future is now Buddha, Namo Buddha Pilu corpse, Namo Wang Bao buildings, Namo Maitreya Buddha, Namo Buddha Amitayus, Namo escorts return True Buddha, King Kong is not bad Namo Buddha, Namo Glory Buddha, Namo dragon Zunwang Buddha, Namo sophisticated good Buddha, Namo treasure moonlight Buddha, Namo now no stupid Buddha, Namo woman stay that Buddha, Namo Narayana Buddha, Namo merit Chinese -called VIP friends.Baoshu De watched the old couple left, hurriedly asked Bashan said: 'You probe into what the?' Bashan said: 'I just said is not false, Long Liberating and Division mate has not only fell in love, and I found that they went into a valley, actually made during the day 'Young, that the Emperor is not a simple character, forbear way it is you and I do. You are not afraid of him backward three clear?' Escorts Taoist face sorrow seemed concentrated a lot of color . Quasi-mentioned Taoist laughed and said: 'Brother, Pangu three clear of extreme pride, did despise this Zixiaogong Boy Emperor, had Gods things, though Heaven set, but three clear shift in the Emperor's head count account so where will ignore the Emperor of defecting, and now the Emperor Zhen Fang and enemies, the more impossible together again in the future. That Emperor wants to survive, I had to take refuge in the West, after all, I was in the West compassion in. Then again, even if he can guess how, under the saints are all ants, under the general trend, the Jade Emperor had no alternative, hum, but also an attempt to befriend and Fang Chen, in both ways between the saints, where there is such a good thing . If want to have it both ways, Young went to heaven do not mind being embarked on one. He took control of heaven for millions of years, billions of dollars have to enjoy the splendor of years, but the same cause of many, such a person is not on the Gods, what people at the meeting ? 'quasi-mentioned Taoist look of disdain, did not look like a saint. 'So, have to take the trouble of Young.' Escorts Taoist ghost of a smile on the face of sorrow. A cop a cop, living is invincible. Quasi mention Taoist calmly shook his head, a look at today's Mountain shengjing, Buddhism prosperity, not just their own calculations millions of years to do so? There is a saying that the human world is very reasonable, people invincible to the base, thick-skinned people are not broken. North all Luzhou, Xiongsha gas filled on it, roaring, wind of unknown origin, the whole body is full of wicked and wild atmosphere, and I am afraid not simply character.' White Pond Camp looked across the sky. Purple rising, White Dragon roll gently sigh:. 'While he was out of the plan is good, but it is not underestimate the powerful Red Cloud, and perhaps be said to look down upon Hongjun Taoist Hongjun Taoist framed that would remake thanks and Red Cloud, Red Cloud ancestors naturallyOrdered the return. ==== People still Tianzhu Mountain Gods, and help jambudvipa, which jambudvipa How can it be so easy to be made attack. If the calculations in accordance with the old lady. Gods amulet is also going to be the last to join the rush to raise an army, which causality doping, I'll wait for the future is very dangerous. ' Bi Fang sneered: 'Daoxiong, Red Cloud that year, but so it is that I can not fall into complete side of the bottom, such as gold, but it is just the reincarnation of return millennium, but also be able to recover much Daoxing sanctification even in the future. , it was Hongjun Taoist grace only, what is the strength of his. And in front of Zao is unbearable. I heard that he is the reincarnation of Red Cloud subglottic disciples born, nor Guoshu hundred years only, in the hands of magic can be considered severe, but in itself it is not very good Daoxing. Even if I wait for the art of war military strategy than the other, but this is far Daoxing magic on him, I'll wait for tomorrow to battle together, it wants to kill him. Hey, if it was here Tongtianhe I'm afraid I would have to fire roasted clean here, where there is the slightest bit of water and then also this. 'Bi Yu can only fire. Just Tongtianhe stretches thousands of miles, its unfathomable, if it is not impossible to dry down. British move and count Mongolia nodded, then both are Yaozu elderly. For donghuang and Emperor Chun loyal, even with the pressure on land is humble Taoist plus, knowing that this is very hasty sending troops, but only ordered the line, not the slightest neglect. What'