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 Twenty years ago, it is that cold as ice Independence Day, in swirling flames as they sing a lullaby, comfort their restless young minds. On a mess on the battlefield, either by a stray bullet or shrapnel, they can not close their body weeks at ten meters. After the war, according to the famous Independence Day stunning woman lightly on his shoulders, clapped his hands together as they sing a lullaby. Gentle voice, so because of smoke and gunfire frightened birds battlefield principle, all gather again to stay in their shoulders. Askew scene, lifetime fee is the most beautiful ever seen intimate scene. Since then, the dream is to become a fee and Du Yang Ying, like wind and ancient weapons. When the wind and Yang Ying Du leaving the children in the oldest apprentice fee timidly made a request to the Yang Ying. Yang Ying examined after his bones tendons, taught him some basic methods of luck,The strength of the road and tell the fee may not be suitable for him, turning the [stunts] to teach him. During the next two decades, fee desperately grown themselves, but also found that due to the limited talent, the way to grow the strength of Old Warrior limited income. But Yang Ying taught [turning] stunt, he was its head fee, after joining the squad hell, from the hands of fellow bloodthirsty three, I do not know how much to turning stunt rescued children. Surrounded by many footsteps approaching, the remnants of the city residents gathered together, holding arms to the crowd forced to. Holding the hands of these people are heavy weapons, and some even do not know where the push came from two small bursts howitzer, which also mixed with a few remnants of the three-star ancient weapons, if these people accusation, I'm afraid have to be a hard-fought groggy. Fortunately, this time a distant cry clear: 'Stop allowed to attack!!' Distant figure gradually from fuzzy to clear, leaning on a tree branch Ke Leizha do crutches, limped to jump over to see the old man's corpse and Scarface, he could not help but be charge of teaching himself the gift Zhang beginning.' Jiang Jicheng said proudly. Motosue people, but one of the top ten master comprehension sector Ching Lung Fu Shan Zhang palm to teach but early today. He personally gave the sword could have also considered a great honor for the. Jiang Jicheng naturally extremely proud. But off westerly but laughed: 'Surely you are one of the senior officials after it goes the right way this early comprehension sector but ten master, if he gave himself a mere treasure there is a blessing for people treasure, only you this dude! repair to fail, but it must win the generation, Zhang gave only the beginning of desperation Fearless Zhebing sword! 'While the sinister remarks put a point, in fact, but also when it comes to the reality. Jiang Jicheng his face flushed, he naturally will not believe the true meaning of Zhang Jian's early gift, just ten years time it has been late to the refining, has always been his pride, thisHe thought good on qualifications, how can we tolerate slander westerly fold. 'And let you know my Celestial Masters of supernatural powers.' Spoke to his pocket to take out a yellow spell, we must spread out. Suddenly came the sound side of Lengheng, said: '? But a late refining has also actually driven out walking, do your teacher did not teach you,' a voice from far to near, to be the voice faded, who has come to the front . Everyone looked in the past, but it is a handsome young man, cold look came over. 'Everywhere, you have come.' Secretary Snow faint hello. Heard everywhere, his face showing a trace of a charming smile, without looking Jiang Jicheng with a discount Westerly, Secretary Snow walked around, smiled and said: 'snow there is life, I have not see the rationale everywhere where you and back , look at me to clean up this crooked road demon. 'too, is a hero to the rescue guy appeared. Fold westerly looking cold, can not help Leng Heng said:. 'Is a four-ability of guy' but his eyes toward the villa not far from the group looked at, it can be had turned to two: 'The son who now no effort to solve the problem with you, one day can not I?'Chen Jian really angry sneer:. 'Jida Xia, you follow Shaoxiong to Wudang ruined palace pavilion monument cut, did not give us a day grace period.'Ji Youde can not help but mouth knot, stay for a moment before: '? That you can be the one to solve the non-immediate'Hum Chen Jian said: 'Yes!'Ji Youde look for a change and said:. 'Son, if you really do not have to adhere to empty it, the four of us can fight.'Chen Jian sneer contemptuously authentic: 'It's the four were defeated, Wudang's pavilion can not rebuild it in the martial arts.'Ji Youde a red face, seems to want to attack, but he paused, but in a calm channel: 'Chen Shaoxia, we knew lowly, unworthy of the city on behalf of the sword to solve the problem with you, but I hope you can accept I'm a little explanation. ''Sword of the city at the moment is faced with a serious difficulty, if you Wudang door to come here to find the identity of things, we naturally did not dare to stop you. But you come at this time, it seems a bit position of vulnerability.'Chen Jian sneered: 'If I am not Wudang sects identity?'Ji Youde look a right way: 'That is the reason you broke, we also are not afraid to offend rude!'Kangxi Wen behind him, and Bu Jing Nam Kwong has also made three immediate alert demeanor.Yun Tianfeng very intolerant, sneer: '! Without further ado, we will want to go, you just can blocked lives, you might as well try it.'Buddha then Zongyi also unhappy authentic: 'Naturally, this admitted, but added the first time.'Then grab the first, then break inside. hands immediately press the sword on his waist, and resolutely authentic:! 'Father you would like to cool it our duty is to hold four of anyone in, you must be refused, according to that we have no way. Only offended. 'However, soon choke say, four are out of the sheath sword handle, Zongyi laugh loudly, reaching forward to explore, Ji Youde Hengjian phase resistance.However Zongyi very subtle way, gently doubled,