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of the flyover is not an angel Lianqi same. Jin Yi Tao Jun heard just a nod only slightly, because it did not name but did correct his attitude, but looked a bit Zhen Fang, his face changed, apparently Zhen Fang Daoxing surprised. Long did not dare to treat the moment like the child in general rudeness, Jishou said:. 'Peach Blossom Hill Road, Jun Jin Yi met fellow.' Tao Jun Jin Yi Zhen Fang looked, his brow wrinkled, but not because the other alien origin, and among other important carnage faint eyebrows, but it is Shanie too heavy, do not know much killedFewer innocent people. The built Zhen Fang Hua Road. The pre-existence is famous prehistoric nice guy. This indiscriminate killing of innocent people, is very angry. But the other side of magic but with their similar, and even slightly better than their own edge. Moment sighed and said: 'This Daoxiong come also to Pindao this magic wand?' Jin Yi Tao Jun heard frowned, he never thought Zhen Fang actually speak so directly, even in the middle of the place are not transformed, but in the end is a deceitful man, the moment Yin laughed: 'Pindao concept is a fellow feet about ground level into the gold fairy characters, so the character if it was nothing before, but now the big three realms of those who can not see the retreat. So that is where you and I the chance. I do not if you are in this mountain into a martial art, pass down the side of Orthodoxy, while Ye ponder the road how? 'while the crowd heard this cold smile, no matter how you say it nicely, but the goal is one that will be in the hands of Lingbao Zhen Fang appropriation . Zhen Fang smiled and said: 'Pindao the repair and Daoxiong fear not, Daoxiong or for someone else now!' Evasive words between the words is very obvious. Heard around the hearts of all the monks secretly relieved. These people are all evil. He can not be something that others do not want to get. Jin Yi Tao Jun mana if not tough. Probably already a scandal. Jin Yi Tao Jun face hint of cold, but quickly converted color, Zhen Fang laughing, Hu looked down, tears welling then sighed, looked up to the public twice, said: 'Gentlemen Xiongtai brother, I do not know love is not a decrepit face, just as naturally upright, not will juggle fancy. I was originally a close friend and old Antarctic Today calamity befell his brother, decrepit see not save, already unworthy Siyou. He still smell a concubine, children only a few years old, he and his brothers how has Needless to say the dead. Gentlemen are gallant heroes of disabilities, today his henchmen to do this whole, this left orphaned and widowed concubine Zhaizhong men and women servants, would like to see a little decrepit Thin, wide leniently forgive it? ' Qian Peng know this tired old heart, grace Antarctic previous years old who have been met, a dead Iraqi trader, heart grief, even the presence of all the hate on Morohito, by no means only mud human opponent, inconvenience attack, busy port road, 'Gan the old man does not have to be sad, not only in order to maintain today than goodness, there are many causal account. then Zhu, Haner Di better friendsAs a basket case, a minimum of hand, foot will not work ...... 'Qiong Yao Yuwen anxious and said: 'That's how the line, is no way to treat it?'Wu Yunshan: 'The treatment approach is there, just not fit and proper facilities for!'South Biao big nervous and asked: 'how kind of person?' said: 'To an extremely expert within the family, together with his immersion into cold water to their true power, to help him drive out of the burning, but also ready to seal his acupuncture points around, let him act, but they can not sealed for too long, when he still down, you need to immediately unlock his acupuncture points, so that he can withstand attack from the invasion of cold cooked! 'South Biao a tongue and said: '! This is a deliberately, our house is only a brute force, afraid I can not.' said: 'You do not work, because he can not do something, so this person must rescue his body almost, you too much high than him!'South Biao stunned and said: '