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head and said: 'Yes, Yantai Xia, this is life, he had to agree!'Yanmu Fei shook his head slightly, and said: 'I love this man with the fate of origin against ......'Smiled, stood up, looked at the girl and said: '! Chui girl, please leaned down, the lower the better.'Girl surprised authentic: 'Yantai Xia is to ......'Yanmu Fei said: 'Please girl bent down, the lower the better!'Articulate started a little girl, but she did not say, immediately bend bent, upper body lying on the ground the whole quilt. walked past several acupuncture points even after raising his girl back system.Sun Sen busy looking in the eyes and said: 'Yantai Xia, this is ......' said: 'I fall upon the emerald girl back after several acupuncture points, acupuncture day so puzzled that they can not spread Gudu up one day, and good legs numb emerald girl simply can not move, I can use this time to go who find the main door of the Golden Gate. 'Girl sat up straight, his eyes with tears, said: 'Yantai Xia, dare not say thank kindness,Beryl lifetime wish ...... 'Yan Mufei smiling, said: 'Girl, I just managed to try, there is no absolute certainty, the current word grace, a bit too early!'The girl said: 'The single Yantai Xia mind, this body is greenstone Gudu not solve ......'Yanmu Fei laughed: 'I dare not let the girl speak grace.'Sun Sen Jack said: 'Yantai Xia, you have time to go ......'Yanmu Fei said: 'The elderly, the time is to rely on people to go, and I shall be arranged, the elderly do not have to worry about, just please take care of emerald girl ......'Sun Sen said: 'Yantai Xia meaning to my daughter still Wollongong temporary?'Yan Mufei thought: 'Too Sun Ji Gang with temporary residence here since before, whether I told David how the girl's whereabouts secret, I'm afraid they still hard not to be discerned, sooner or later they will come to Wollongong for free more trouble in future growth, I think old girl with emerald or another good place. 'Sun Sen said: 'Well, Yantai Xia thought where better?' said: 'If it had proof 'Golden Gate' precious blood flow into the sea. Soon there are numerous small silver fish along the distant smell of blood draw, after that in the bloodstream called roll, automatically gathered into a beacon arrow pattern, swim to the front. Du wind indifference and said: 'Your blood, and D, as is the whole species.' Kindred to draw blood for a living humans and various animals, protracted, full of blood also mixed genes of various organisms, some of the high quality of kinship, blood concentrated essence of almost all biological genes, 'E' appears It is one of them. Even the fish in the sea, but also because by the blood gene summoned to help them specify the direction of arrival of the land. Du wind glanced Liu fat, fat bar on Liu ten fingers full of carrot-like pinhole, screams and said:. 'Well, well, soon stitched Miss Yang Ling, leaving a little skin, Do you want me to give you sew strips leather skirt, just worthy of your beautifulMust rely on his hands while climbing!Kangsi Han Although action slowed down, there is help Tianchi Venerable, a tie, if necessary, it would not cause too much behind, the most bitter is yuan!He toting Liangbing sledgehammer, a light a weight, add up to two thousand kilos more than his weight almost two times, although he can afford sufficient strength, but ice climbing hand corner may not be able to bear is maintained, Sometimes you must insert that sticks with his dagger Bingbi leveraging to go aboard, this way, the slowest touches him!Yuwen Qiong Yao said: 'Palace on Duron you must go this way?'Tianchi His Holiness said: 'Duron Palace otherwise smooth up, but want to bypass this mountain, longer time-consuming, and we went to this, it is best to surprise, so I chose this dangerous road, I only consider beforehand to Kangsi Han's tired, have our help that will be no problem, I did not expect Yu brother who's a burden! ' Yuan smiled and said: '! No problem, I got support.'Tianchi His Holiness said: 'In the brave brother, I believe Dengfeng is no problem, then I'm afraid Dengfeng, by a wealthy surnamed Cai's appointment came Tonglu Fuchun beloved landscape of victory, ranking the owner parked his lifetime but also for his promise to set a hectare, he settled at the local, ready to die of old ageHere. At first the original is not called this name, because Big White Tour previous years alone, find a Dragon, search Sichuan, in the foothills of the Tibetan side snow Zhou get half pieces, shaped like a half scoop, blood Qin sigh silver, antique, love irresistible for decades did not go to the body, which was renamed half scoop, to mark the odd eligible, both a long year, the real name actually forgotten. Shun China deliberately asked him: 'Why go it urgent?' Half scoop and said: 'I have entrusted by the people, came to the statue of the boat and then told it.' Shun people ask inconvenient. Shu Shibu again, went to the ship. Shun Yu wife because people do not go out for a long time, are hanging look, to see someone come along with that to avoid busy. I heard that physiognomy, if people have nothing to do with the ship, it is not necessary to launch an attack at that time, but the head of a gift to this, he was sent by the trailing into the province, or in the way home, or with your family to re-start the water Kang, and cold have prevarication that chief of Italy, specifically the stamp is not easy to see the hidden nails too, count your lucky if they can stay there, he also considered the head of a poor pay. Look at this case, this person will Guage Shun Weng, Shifeideyi, unlike ease harmful air. Weng Shun rare boat stopped Pichu, boat people are neither accomplices, or banditry has not yet been found, Mangming my daughter a night to come here, to try to stamp it removed. After my daughter go, just banditry someone upstairs listening to the book, I inquired with words, Zeitou did not have faith, we can see never found, yet too late. Ching happy, but, just flat wave after another, such as non-Shun Weng and his charity, almost something to stir again. ' He also forthright into the habit, lives meantime, never to return.Cai empty promise, but also to help her build a garden this, the mountain as forbidden, people are not allowed into the inner door Wudang harassment.Cloud Chloe lived for a few years so, it can not be reconciled hearts.So it came up with a series of agreements.She knew this contest when a sword more clever, Wudang sooner or later will seek to her.So tell firewood is true, she is willing to stay here depends sword.But be sure to set aside a Wudang disciple division doorway membership before they can learn.And only on behalf of the Wudang complete a task, and shall not pass Wudang sword, firewood imaginary agreed.Chloe has never appeared in the political arena because of the cloud, outside do not know about it, then became a secret Wudang.Chloe cloud hate to read in the garden end.Wudang smooth sailing on the rivers and lakes, never did think to move her sword.Chen Jian after listening to her narrative, can not help but stunned, his childhood growing up in the mountains, puzzled feelings between men and women.Therefore unable to determine which of the merits. Because Wudang head disciple is led by foot to the homeless orphans, probably for the avoid these disputes.Girl stared to see him in a daze, not help a bit airway: '? Hey, you do not represent the views of how a little'Chen Jian apologetic authentic: 'In the next do not understand anything, I really do not know how to express an opinion.'Girls see him really do not understand, can not help a bit disappointed, quietYi Tan quiet.Chen Jian, but think of one thing, quickly asked: '? What is the girl with the cloud predecessors origin it'Girl slight chuckle: 'I can be his successor elderly, but also you want to learn swordsmanship live Jianjue ...... Again I also named cloud, count her descendants also not a bad idea.'Chen Jian surprised and said: 'The original cloud veteran passed the girl a sword.'Girl gently smiled and said: 'Hentian aunt died ninety years, and I was much, how old would get her to teach it?'Chen Jian confused he did not lie to me the reason! 'Meng Shentong know where Gu Zhihua day because it's senior sister apprentice forced to either disclose the secret of her life outside of the front, followed again immediately expelled from her school doors Mangshan wall. In that case the under extreme excitement, and that she considered the detailed contents? And she orders of the master Testament, should Shaoyang magic to senior sister apprentice, if at that time do not pay, go by the wall outside, I'm afraid there is no chance to see more senior sister apprentice . Then she heard Meng Shentong questioning if only secretly regret, regret their experience shallow rivers and lakes, as well as the leakage of the secret door to outsiders know, but she secretly wonder:. 'Why not now be my Ji Xiaofeng secret out of it itself saysDoes he really know? He not only knows what I said to the senior sister apprentice, then why would not know I was Meng Shentong daughter? 'Only to hear Ji Xiaofeng continued:' Master, if you do not believe, my disciples, as well as hard evidence. Gu Zhihua will Lusi root written three Shaoyang magic handed Cao Kinji, this three secrets, my disciples had stolen hand. 'Meng Shentong eyebrows pricked, said:' Show me. Well, I would look Lv Siniang really have that and other supernatural powers? 'Gu Zhihua secretly crying, I thought these three magic, although the loss of Shaoyang Cao Kinji's hands, but if not himself leaked the secret door division, under the watchful eyes over to Cao Kinji, why would she Senju Thief hands stolen source disaster recovery begins, all his fault remorse Meng Shentong mind will be that three 'Shaoyang magic' read initially issued only to hear his constant sneer, Senju Thief heart Road?.: 'Could Lv Siniang exaggerated, this three Shaoyang magic actually of no use, so Meng Shentong despise it? Hey, a process, I also worthwhile to steal the homes of their lives. 'After a while, Meng Shentong no sneer, his face look more and more to see heavy, but Ji Xiaofeng is relieved of. The