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flooded over, even purple and then also got a lot of benefits. 'Master!' Kun Yuan Little Lord looked slightly pale face Zhen Fang, his eyes showing a trace of moving. He also knows himself into Zhen Fang sects, but Zhen Fang exchange between father and interests of their own, not Zhen Fang initiative received apprentice. But that he did not think that means Zhen Fang actually taught so unique, the use of nectar spilled heart of this excellent tool. Generally use such means, not only can get their cultivation practice, and more importantly, to feel authentic practice experience, the caster is not a small loss. General teaching apprentice master, are oral, although apprentices also get to practice Dharma, but after all, is dictated by mouth to say it, more or less less the original intention, increased personal understanding, although less in the future apprentice took a detour, but unless the apprentice qualification is very high, well above the understanding of the Dharma own master, and that future success will far above his master. But this situation is rare, in the comprehension, unless a large chance, otherwise there can be more than the number of master's apprentice. The Buddhist\u003e + literal heritage, more important is the mood of the heritage. That is heritage of the people, the future is likely to exceed the achievements of natural master of his own. . 'Since you into my door, I naturally want to do a master's responsibility to do the' Zhen Fang short laugh: 'You very high qualification, if so, is it a waste.' Ran purple heart of a dynamic, underground passage: 'No wonder the Master to have this immeasurable merit, but it is to treat people with sincerity, good man, therefore selected for God.' The kunyuan demon fairy king and trees, Zhen Fang Yuan Kun took less then soon in the main purple, dark under the sea, who do not know there is a mysterious Dong Fu, through Kun Yuan fairy king under the cloth heavy ban, is a golden eyes. Golden flow, Jian Qi aspect about a few years, too pure gas, mighty, this - the point should be clearly seen. 'Luosan Ye Mei Feng Yi Zhou, said: 'Yes, that I'd overlooked.'Black passenger said: 'I have to tell you that this 'Desert Dragon' is not worth the risk you take to kill themselves to save, because he was not 'Desert Dragon' ......'Luosan Ye suddenly hesitated and said: 'how to say, this person is not 'desert'? ''Yes.' Black passenger nodded and said: 'He is not a 'desert dragon', but Tan Compass way to bait a bait to lure Futian Hao it ......'Luosan Ye Yaran said: 'a bait, he is the 'desert dragon' What people?'Black passenger said: 'He is the lone desert Pirates, designed to grab merchants and from the desert, not a little to do with .'Luosan Ye said: 'That Tan Compass how can he lead with 'Desert Dragon' bait?'Black passengers smiled and said: 'Luosan Ye how smart I, confused time, like a sense of you based on the word, to disregard their own lives, at the hurt more people to save 'Desert Dragon', Futian Hao stand he can not smell not ask? 'Luosan Ye is a shrewd man, after all, a little on through.His eyes suddenly opened, and said: 'I understand, everyone unknown truth, to save innocent 'Desert Dragon', Futian Hao will come to stop, Tan Compass waiting for him ......'A black passenger nodded: 'Yes, Luosan Ye!'Luosan Ye stepped forward, and said: '? Well you are the 'Desert Dragon' Fu Lord'Black off shaking his head and smiles: 'Wrong, you misunderstood, I just friend, he asked to be stopped by the Honourable care of his friend.'Luosan Ye said: 'then the' Desert Dragon 'Fu Ye ...... 'Black passenger said: 'He is now a thing can not be treated in the desert avatar, deliberately let me thank you love him.'Luosan Ye said: 'Your name?'Black passengers laughed: 'I was a nobody on the rivers and lakes, has been unknown, Luosan Ye do not have to ask.'Luosan Ye silent for a moment and said: 'My friends mean to me surnamed Luo's ......'Black passenger said: 'Luosan Ye with you were willing to help, only for Futian Hao said in a convoy on a word is enough.'Luosan Ye said: 'My Ying suddenly opened his eyes and said: 'You are going to take power on earth, you can not go to the world, do not you want to give up power to earth it??' Yang Ying wink and said: 'She is very smart, if she left six or seven, just can not let the King come, if you'll meet will fly down, winning toss-up.' In SinDeepest circles, is not visible at first glance the four pillars of the end, after the legendary then shut heaven, that is, with these four pillars withstand heaven, making it impossible to come again, the pillar carved with beautiful dragon pattern, looks quite fine, soldiers of God, and they stood beside the pillar Yang Ying, attentively watching these four Tianzhu. A silence, soldiers of God finally spoke first and said: 'Do you know what the King is?' Yang Ying Kuiran said: 'King Xiang Yu, he was the first person suspected to doom, because he is too strong, but fortunately later found Xiang Yu, though strong, was not with him and called him a man of doom.' Soldiers of God smiled and said: 'It was not even the Emperor incarnation he was also forced almost desperate, if not necessarily bring Heaven policy every reincarnation of God, to the King of energy, it is likely to terminate the Emperor avatar, although only one of the Emperor avatar, is quite extraordinary achievement. Fortunately Finally, he was beaten to death in the hands of God policy. ' Yang Ying immediately objected: 'Who says he is dead in the hands of God's plan, as long as he retired to the Koto, success is still unknown, he is dead in ......' Yang Ying could not bear to say anything. Come piebald death can not do nothing, Yu, Xi Yu, Xi Ruo Chennai? Que song number, and the beauty. Under the terms rows king weeping, weeping all around, monensin looking up, this is the time history records. When Yuji gone, Xiang Yu's heart is dead. Soldiers of God more and more strange smile: 'If there is anyone who is likely to match with the Emperor and that is two people, the princess of the first generation of heaven, King Xiang Yu..'