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say that humans get mad, no later than ten years Yaozu Zhen Fang mention our relatives are in the vast land, he will one day set foot. Divine Land. What's more, you do not see his art Tengyun of it? It is amazing. I will not speak of his achievements in a never Immortality of the people, why can the clouds, showing that he must be very magical power law, such a person if do not have a strong background, it is impossible to have such a power law. In addition, he is already close to the River City this oil burnout, chase all the way, you can see him pranayama moment. But you see, from the clouds to Red Cloud, whether or height increase of the speed is not a grade, showing the way to his flight Aberdeen, actually restored the strength. Younger brother, you tell him more than it? I'll wait on the speed of the Sword clouds than not not to mention the Sword also consumes mana. one compared to, do you think we can catch up with him? ' 'Oh, really can not be reconciled, to the mouth of the fat has gone up. 'Black Garnett hate channel. Do not know because he was not caught Zhen Fang reconciled, nine did not catch the fox demon, get Polaris bible and reconciled. 'Well, brother, do not get mad years later. He still has a chance.' Where the Red Garnett know black Garnett's mind, I thought he was in grief for the death of endless yellow Garnett it! 'I heard that the royal treasure Divine Dragon dependent, mostly living on the outside, now Namibia, Chen went to the Western barbarians, if really let him find her, I Yaozu may be dangerous.' Startled Garnett Green Road. 'Well, this is destiny. Good luck, although I wait real enemy, but his remarks were not unreasonable. If the dead Zhen Fang, perhaps Lee Chen, Wang Chen something.' Garnett suddenly sighed White tone, said: 'In fact, I'll wait as long as powerful, are afraid that he is not a human Shushan Shushan then have the ability to compete with me, etc., they have hundreds of years after the day-dimensional door, and during this time. enough to make me wait again triangular ancient drill, grab a small beggar in front shouted:. 'To me first hands to' Tan color space to drill in his hands seems Qieyi ancient triangle, stopping outside Shuzhang furious: '! Tigers, our account again after the count' little beggar walked 'tigers' Bashan beside laughed: 'You're Bashan?' 'tigers' Bashan laughed: 'You Could it be that 'million hands prodigy '? Luoge back pack must be' langya fox spirit 'Baoshu De Big Brother 'little beggar haha ​​laughed:.' Exactly, you bastard what those four magic holiday 'Bashan strange smiles:'? They are looking for four woman, who was smashed, so they come after me, ' after the interface:.' The original is the flower thief, do not let him go, as soon as there a large number of experts around the plant to the East, 'a finger print between words jing, Tan color Kongdao urgent reminder: '? the second, not hands.' They could have four above, but also take into consideration at this juncture would disturb Yamen, Tan color space Wensheng sword, step tread enter.To try Viagra Duandao small beggar, the anxious to Tigers said:. 'You do not fight, look at me,' he took the Tigers to see the cutting knife, big hearts and confusion, easily handed him the ancient diamond triangle: 'The ! Try my power drill provision of day 'little beggar laughed shaking his head:' andWhile trying to practice, while rectifying the Asura race, ready someday. Xing storm again. 'You Niexu, I Buddha of compassion, numerals let you live, actually incorrigible. Today let your card bliss.' Fugen Venerable thundered loudly, like King Kong in general. If a little knowledge behind Kingland, shines throughout hell among the many to the government all the evil Asura and his face showing a trace of pain, but also hint vaguely drunk, some Daoxing weak generation after another into a smoke toward Yin on the fly. Into the embrace of Buddhism. 'A big prestige.' Rivers of blood ancestors and Buddhist confrontation Rao is the number of years, do not know how many times hit by the other side, but : 'Your mouth did not say, did not indicate on the form, color, too, but definitely thought your heart, if you really do not have, you can not only kill me, but please gouge out my eyes, punish me senseless , identify unknown thing! 'Yuwen Qiong Yao's sword has held up, but put down and said: 'Okay, I admit!'Wu Yunshan said: 'That's right, that's nothing to be ashamed of, in fact, the world besides, there is no second person will let you see touched upon it!'Qiong Yao Yuwen exclaimed: 'But I do not want him, he is your ......'Wu Yunshan said: 'I admire his intelligence, also admire your martial arts, but he was cautious man, know me first, you do not dare to keep the heart of Ho-kau, in fact, his heart is like you!'Yuwen Qiong Yao said: 'Do not lie to me, his martial arts taller than me, how will I see!'Wu Yunshan said: 'I do not lie to you, if he did this, and I will not force match for you, and his heart is very proud of gas, as my intellect, he can endure, martial arts better than you, he would not exist climb up the heart, because of his martial arts high you a raise, I was more than this thing! 'Qiong Yao Yuwen bow in silence, Wu Yunshan and said: 'Yao sister, you are willing to give up martial arts supervisor cause is right, the woman is the greatest achievement in life to get a worthy manPoint of course broken ribs fractures million people without physical, he was hit by that Zhang Feng, ranging from disability to become seriously injured, while neifu shall concussion, were spared. Hate is not a vendetta places, Jinu hearts and minds, how under the murderous? Fan side desperate desperately autumn, Heimo Le Jingsi did not care how. Underground passage 'bad', just about displaying hidden weapon, He Yi has been perceived in the next, busy winks stopped. Just at that time, fast! Just sister united in mind and fretting between the twinkling of an eye, fierce listen snapped shouted: '!? Fan dick really do not face it,' but it is also a sound with the people together. This time it was improved to retreat,