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suddenly a loud shout, the sword in the hands of the stars broke out in unprecedented brilliance, welcoming space for a photo, purple beam sky, with power of the stars of the clip toward the big hand greeted. Zhen Fang mouth exposed sneer, the hand is one of the stars on the good fortune Yudie supernatural powers pieces records, not only varied, more important is the power of the stars Zhou collection, the metamorphosis Zhou stars a big fuss look, between hands on The three hundred sixty-five Zhou stars condensed into one, where numerous changes, the power of extremely powerful. Although Zhen Fang has only angel powerful, mysterious Immortality line, use, change out of which only one or two. But there is this one or two, nor angel can Yingkang stars. Zhen Fang is ready to single-handedly kill the prince of the stars, suddenly frowned stature slight movement, strange disappearance in place, only part of it Paoxiu fluttering down, less than a moment it was released into the atmosphere in the chilly wind blowing air looked crushed. Zhen Fang hearts of surprise, an instant look of the past, the small fleet cited frowned, looking confused Zhen Fang, look to notAppearance of the letter, in the hands of lay leaders edged sword dark places, there are numerous spells circulation on it, but it disappeared without a trace a moment, became a two-edged sword ordinary, if not the slightest difference. But Zhen Fang but which felt a hint of evil spirits, fierce exception. Almost treasure generally go through four stages, the first stage, but to see a hill, watching the water is water; the second stage, the mountains are not mountains, watching the water is not water; the third stage, the mountains or the mountains, watching the water or water; fourth stage Everything is chaos. Like the sword in front of Zhebing is already the second stage, the presence of the third stage nears. That faint hint of evil spirits, slowly generated, no wonder so powerful. Ding also cited Zhen Fang stared surprised, I did not expect the demons attracted to Wudang, I can not find too much sun with you but it really is better to let me know in God, too Sun found under mysteriously circumstances. Do you think that, right? 'Ji Gang said: 'Royal Highness, Beizhi know.'Yanmu Fei Dao 'I do not blame you, you do not know what too, and you too, Sun safety guard, shoulder arduous, stakes, everything should be on the alert is.'Ji Gang said: 'Xie princes teachings, BeizhiLived. 'Yanmu Fei indifferent smile, said: 'I'll tell you one thing!'Ji Gang said: 'You ask that Beizhi ears.': 'The military forces and insufficient consideration, can consider the martial arts master words you intelligibility.?'Yanmu Fei said: 'If I am not wrong material, this time around the Wudang four weeks, in addition to the Guard outside horses with cloth-making, there should be a lot of martial arts master!'Ji Gang said: 'You mean ......'Yanmu Fei said: 'This is something I do not know if you know, then there are four Taejo think tank.'Ji Gang said: 'Beizhi heard, but never seen, do not know who they really are!' said: 'These four, in Dynasty side can be regarded as a very mysterious character, known outside their small, Dynasty, but also just a duo.'Ji Gang said: 'Royal Highness you know?'Yanmu Fei said: 'Montana ancestors valued, once called me Dynasty recorded, with four of them with seats discuss events, so I've seen four of them.'Ji Gang said: 'You mention the four who is?' said: 'In the past, they used to Dynasty, burnt Lingyange, gun fight hero floor that four of them offer good design, a good idea!'Ji Gang said aloud: 'In the past tragedy that turned out to be four of them ......' said: 'After too , they scattered throughout, working for the secret Dynasty, designed to check the kings and foreign minister of the movement, but the Emperor was wrong with them.'Ji Gang said: 'how do they ......?' said: 'Once upon a time, they were to draw Zhu Di, Zhu Di ascended the throne after, they became his people and continue to secretly work for him, this is too alien investigation Sun home fierce French monk, but every move she makes the dangerous condition, ready to suffer the occasion, French monk was always a little off to get out, she did not dare to cast the killer. Gu Zhihua how smart, Seeing the situation, he guessed scruples, and he immediately boldly exchange that subtle tricks to try to cast Xuannv swordsmanship out, even take a risky move, with the forward force. Xuannv sword-armed Shenni originally left to Lv Siniang, specifically due to the restraint order! Gu Zhihua skill Although Monk far off France, but relied on this sets of swordsmanship, even off the law did not allow the monks, but also among eager Nansheng her, not to mention she is now not only attack and defend, and other such power virtually doubling the battle but to hear the 'laugh' is heard, off the French monk The monks gave her gown slashed off a French monk stopped to see her live, a , mind:. 'vapid offend Meng odd, do not let her escape. Well, that may not by the point I had to let her hurt! 'His mind made up, Zhangfa a change, aspect splurge, majestic sea if the wind two days, forcing people from. Yousi in front , played an impregnable fortress, with red several times, they can not break through, he was nearly hit injury, could not help but gasp, to realize that destroy method monk skill, it is contrary to their own high expectations, that in Mangshan with his hard-fought, thanks to help Jin Shiyi, disrupt his mind, to win the end of Jiao Fortunately. Gu Zhihua battle so that a positive move, 'diffusing', this move from top to bottom Jian Shi, Douqi sixty-seven Jianhua, mayIn a move to stab enemies among seven acupuncture points, could have been 'Xuannv sword,' a subtle trick killer, but because the enemy stabbed seven acupuncture points, and chewy sharp sword is not strong, the skill to deal with lower than their naturally can be handy, hit his skill than it is contrary to the other opportunity. Gu Zhihua desperate moment, not thinking flaw, resorted to this trick, but hear 'when' a sword, as I see your father said this little guy is the other first-class master, is now saying that he is a child ......'Off Mimi laughed: 'Holy public will see, the other though a child, but it is the most personal of Shushi yuan, and if he can fall upon, can be used to threaten Shushi yuan into submission, just kill the hearts of blue Meng Yu Shi Yuan, So who called his appearance, and kill this child is not difficult, but it can inspire us desperately Shushi yuan ...... 'Duron saint laughed: 'Anyway, you still did not give up on Shushi dollars!'Off the United States and the United States: 'The words were not said so, Yu Shi Yuan divine powers is indeed impressive, though the palace will not lose him, to kill him, may have to pay a considerable price, there is a easy way, is it better? 'Duron saint smiled and said: 'This is justified, according to your opinion, what shall we do it?'Guan Mei Mei said: '? Dealing with a child, saints do not you just send someone approaches the herd, the important thing is not to harm his life!'A middle-aged man laughed: 'We have not shot the severity of the capture of the enemy, the United States and the United States is the best of it!'Off Mimi laughed: 'No man alive big problem, a child can not do!'Duron saints also laughed: 'For the children understand style home, Mimi Meigong can not work, Leming, you appellation called El Nino King, on the right you go doo this naughty!!'Leming is that the opening of the middle-aged, gifted with a pair of baby face, he came out smiling towards Yu light thief tooth a chuckle: 'little brother, the Holy One point to me is you're lucky, because I like you This clever handsome little boy, reluctant to hurt you ...... 'Light Nu Sheng Yu said: 'mix your eggs, I'm looking for revenge parents reported blue old thief!'Leming still laughed: 'Do not be so combative, Duron Palace is paradise, I was male wind Longyang Essayist, follow me have your funYan man a slight rotation of the body, he only one move, as if the universe of stars in the universe shook, flood channel: 'If a