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what we do in this school, you do not have to multi-barrel! ' said:' The two may not know, the girl has already reconciled Mang Valley . gate under the 'road hero sword has been sold out,' Well, 'a cry:'! White Brother, why and they say, just ask them to give way so that 'entry David laughed:' Hao Young, this muddy ?!! How dare kid in front of our bullying, this is not it funny borne Hey, hey, if you're not unreasonable, then, we just do not unreasonable ancestors' way Kennedy stared, endured the anger and said: 'Listen to you That is to say, you have rather a full WealthLi-like? Yes, we have to find our Xiangyang Valley home to the Valley junior sister apprentice, this provision you what happened? What is your reason? Say, Say it! 'Item hung intentionally tease him, laughing, slowly said:' Even if the girl is a member of the junior sister apprentice Valley so what? Heaven, earth, monarch, pro division, which is for every people have some tablets, you ought to know, right? Master corporations elders, but it is not as the biological father? Besides that Cao Kinji but her senior sister apprentice, you also just her brothers! I have been instructed her biological father since Aviva already guessed they were disciples Meng Shentong being shipped Shaoyang dark magic, ready with their power against evil Shura hidden, so from the get Young quarrel with them. Road hero, it was a straightforward man, in his mind, never once Meng Shentong as father, so that the two men said do 'Miss my family', he actually did not expect to go Meng Shentong this regard. Then wake up, startled hesitated and immediately fly into a rage, people curse: '! So you two are Meng old thief villain's minions, Well, Well, I was looking for your bad luck,' David shouted items : 'You're a little muddy kid put a clean mouth, no matter whether you call us, and dare criticize our Master?' The road hero said: '!! I have chosen to criticize, Meng Meng old thief old thief' item hung stature flash, call the beat on the road to play hero to go, shouted: '! gourd, Dinghai beads, stick Fuso have this atmosphere. But if really on the up, as if the eyes to this feeling more ethereal, more obscure general, or the mountains, there lived a large one can of either mountain treasures to be far more Dinghai beads such magic. Dwarf mountain like a real high, think that how fast the car to speed Kowloon. But this time it was just over a hillside just let Zhen Fang heart Antan really blessed this Xianjia different. Above the main hall, a group of monks seemed strange, like the Grand View Garden, the large hall of hundreds of Jian Zhang Jian point above, flashing countless specter, there is a panacea. The refining of rare material, as well as already finished magic, etc., and some scattered on the ground. There are places on the Jian, all Glory Angela, Chongxiao the sky, you can find a community of non-comprehension. Obsession with the color of his eyes, revealing all the monks, although aware of the ban on these magic numerous, if they wanted to charge is probably difficult, but magic is at hand. Which does not surprise hearts. These refiningPeople qi, although ordinary people see certain ideas or behavior in light, but in some places it far more than the average person. For example, this magic, practicing Dharma, and so long as to make himself into a large Daoxing can make their own soaring immortality, etc., all be thinking about these comprehension. 'Senior immeasurable!' Breeze numerous large hall looked real magic, could not help but also Huanliaoyisheng three clear founder. Out of the line and said: 'I do not know how many there is a world of treasures collected.?' 'According to Fu Wai Sin reconsidered in the line, breaking the ban may obtain a magic weapon. Creator reality has taken about two mountain temple done. But this second road ban, Zhou stars in a large array, if not good luck guide me and other live appearances, so I'm afraid I will die in large array Pindao real good fortune that can then take a magic weapon, then the opportunity to act in accordance