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eight stars, at most, and their own equivalent. If they can knock the wind Du, then it will became the first man to break the myth unbeaten Independence Day. Liu butterfly field day under heavily from the nose snorted. Who like that kind of wind Du vastness of the universe in general gas, of which she is experienced the powerful. Even can continue to nurture life. Of inorganic to organic matter to the 'imperial extremely Xian Qi' in the days after the encounter evil spirits universe, it seems to have become helpless floating nebula universe in general, completely wrapped in the universe where evil spirits days. Which might not play. Xian Qi ground advantage is swallowed, devouring each other if lost infuriating character, Xian Qi to use the same level of opponents, there is no hope knockdown Du wind. She looked impatiently beside ring timer. Du quick knockouts wait wind, inadvertently, she found time LCD digital timer display further and further slow, as if the battery runs out of the general, after a few seconds, the LCD digital only beat it. Liu butterfly day gasped shocked, speechless said: 'Beware the foot!' She cries a step slow in many places the audience screams to the center of the land around the ring like a major earthquake occurred in eight general all split! Numerous cables buried in the ground wire in Whiplash refersUnder dragged out by the current shock was Bengzhi to wire four flying, at least hundreds of people were being split steel cut wire, or strong currents are out of control lightning death. More than ten arm thick cable from the wind behind Du erected, and still closely tied Du wind cut back Shendao Independence Day. Enemy ecstasy: 'The Du wind, you did not think I had this trick it Independence Day, you too old for that buried, and now is the era of God whip me!.' His wishful thinking really played well, even if the current can not impact the Du wind, lost Shendao cut Independence Day, Du breakage strength of the wind at least half. He would whip tiger style dance was in full meter can eliminate most of the human right way.' Everywhere squinting his eyes, said quickly. 'You say?' The white from the big witch nodded. 'Listen to the words of you, who have entered the realm of anti-false, and that if you want to permit his angel, either have tragedy, either there is great merit, there is now posing as big meritHis eyes. If he had this great merit. Even if he has done throughout the angel, but he was also a man only, but other human right way. I am afraid that there will be a problem. 'Lined look treacherous. 'Yes, I'm talking about a very little brother.' Ding cited eyes a move, carnage flash, suddenly laughed: 'If Zhen Fang gathered thirteen royal treasure, restore the Divine Dragon, the same day the goalkeeper Victoria again Open, while also lowering the tragedy, the right way those old fool. Which is not poor finishing touches. Before they can also walk the earth, collect some merit anything, you can reduce the power of some tragedy, but not open the gate for hundreds of years now Recently either negotiate a deal with me, etc., or is to collect treasures, how many people to accumulate merit, and can accumulate much merit. As long as the tragedy lowered, most of these people are hard on land. certainly died in the tragedy of next. As a result, the achievements of the Zhen Fang Dragon is a man, but the same again defeating the right way most of the power. At that time, I have also been restored, such as strength. The right way is also only one person Zhen Fang reached the territory of the angel, and how my other opponents. This Masamichi a decline, the world is not such as to call the shots by me. ' 'Yes, you have to think is correct.' Witch big eyes in white from coldness flash, said:. '. But now this handsome action points you have to pay the' Carter. Shaking the entire space, an enormous strength from the skies. Ding, who will actually lead fiercely hold down could not move. 'Your honor please say.' Ding cited hearts dark anger, his face was no discoloration. White witch everyone sitting in the car, what sleep sleep, hand wanted to wake him up, know that a person is cool touch the ice.His words here, the car lights, that the guard jumped down from the car man, his face solemn in Luosan Ye ear whispered a few words to say.Brothers pushing and advised to put everybody sent away, Luosan Ye personally boarded the four vehicles.He did a meet time down, the lights went out in the car, with what thing did not like.But not much time, the message spread, people who are aware of the car, the official name of the dead in the collapse of the word, lower body bleeding, dead, worthless things like did not move, valuables all gone.Everybody talk up, but very few know the name of several officers who died in the hands, while retaining the car with all-clear coachman brethren.Asako chunky head a help, children did not say anything to him gas, Chuaizhuo a knife in Rencong Li looking up, but he did not find it for a long time to find.Look up the car, the car has a light, will afford people in the car, he started for the car to move away, to the side of the car just to climb.This turned almost did not hit a man who looked up, day, Luosan Ye standing in front of his face covered with cream-like, called blurted out: 'San Ye, I just want to pull the woman come out ...... 'Luosan Ye looked up and saw the portrait was suddenly red-hot branding iron for a moment, looked fierce shock, his face became pale.People could not help but also took a step back.On the car's hood, I do not know who should be nailed something, a swallow, an artful iron swallows, red.Luosan Ye quickly given to God, a Baoquan, exclaimed:'Luolao three senseless, I do not know this girl in red, bold red girls also look to forgive.'Finished speaking, turned to go, but he could not walk, everyone gathered around, huddled in a circle, children are not even crack.Someone asked one.Luosan Ye bade said: 'All right, all right, and everybody San Leba!'Luosan Ye persuade everybody here quickly dispersed, the crowd suddenly slotted, from the