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 'So it touches on so take a trip up Daoxiong white.' Zhen Fang smiled. Green spiritual son even dare to say, 'can recognize this fellow hero, Pindao misfortune.' They chatted for a monastic experience on, but unfortunately that Zhen Fang can draw some experience but is self-cultivation sector Instead, a blue spirit in which the child has had some chance, let Zhen Fang sigh. Comprehension sector has been downhill. Former superior Lianqi now also summoned up the courage and the mortal. 'Third son, who Daoxing, behind the strength of other sects do not have to manufacture artificial took the tragedy. So hard to impress this person.' Green said cautiously spiritual son. 'He is who sects? Kunlun? Shushan? Or Lung Fu Shan's Fearless?' Wang Shan sneered. Turkey would have no comprehension sector now former glory, otherwise, although he is a big royal family, but where can the servants who play these comprehension. 'Mortal ants!', 'I'll wait to practice myself, how can associating with mortals.' Etc. speech, former superior, being treated as gods and his ilk comprehension, and now we can only stand in front of their own, not the slightest neglect, because in this society, with all the strength there. In this society, the power has everything, it is a pity that the former powerful comprehension for those who are now being replaced by those abilities. 'No, but good luck were overseas.' GreenLing child smile. 'Since it is not these three sects, dared to refuse me the Wang family, is actually very interesting.' King of the mountain suddenly laughed, coupled with his handsome, laughing really charming. 'Small door in the small family, but also actually have a hard man.'d Want some insight.' Green Spirit child but know that this is a sign of his anger, spent a long time in front of the king of the mountain, and the mountain is essentially natural that the king is not the gentle and elegant on the surface, but it is actually a ruthless character. Moment hastened the channel: 'the third son, do not so far from the the Buddha Buddhist four mighty drive over, these four are among the most powerful representatives of Buddhism, is the sandalwood Buddha merit, although its strength is not high, after all By now it is just scrape it for thousands of years, but a gold Sendo line, but it is very high merit, merit this stuff, but with a good innate Lingbao comparable to a fine to be more powerful. Shura family is simply the best killer. Apart from these few Buddha, then to some friends there, such as Mongolia Shenseng day, Zen wisdom, browed Shenseng, Finland Tuo master, youtan master, because Shenggu gamma, another Zhang Ge, Xu, Three Fearless. Although I do not know why the boy can not bliss, but Zhang Mei live and do not care, after all, although the year is known as an ally, but he is still fiercely'Father, I'm coming.'Zhao six children means a towering two eyebrows, seemed to attack, you can then just step Du Jiao hand resting on his shoulders bird made a motion, he immediately fell two eyebrows, nose hit, 'ah,' a cry: ' Boss told you, I want to open Xiang Tong ...... 'Fengniu Er said: 'Father, I am going to ask you what this means, that too I incompetence, or ......'Six-fingered children Zhao said: 'I was about to tell you, children out of the west side of campus-wide thing ......'Feng Niuer eyes of a condensate, said: 'The West campus-wide child out what has happened there.'Six-fingered children doubled Zhao eyes and said: '? Did not you hear what happened.'Fengniu Er said: 'Listen is heard, but I do not know what happened?'Du Jiao step ate a grape, grape skin readily fling children, smiles tenderly said: 'small building Chunnuan, Xifeng shut the doors and windows tightly, almost like we were cut off, of course, does not know what's outside thing. 'Yang Feng Niuer brow child, said:. 'Sister, What do you mean, this is the meaning of the Father, I was left to pick up other people's children.'Du step smiles tenderly smiled and said: '? I know this is the meaning of the Father, but I have to ask, according to Father Feng Bodhi mind prior to award, Meng Kee had he Tathagata granted by the body without all the low hundreds, intelligence majority of all partial one hundred thousand Plymouth beings circles, and even empty circles do, do worry beings and east, and if so when do all day. I really humble constant endless. 'Faint out of gold. A bucket earth empty relic shine. For a time, the fall Tongtianhe Golden chaos. Sandalwood attack, the article dense gas. 'Buddhism is still some powerful roles.' The Kongxuan been speechless suddenly sighed. Not only is he, that is around the sky, who nodded. Fugen Venerable face Primus magic, but not the slightest avoidance, but take the most direct means to resist is to the merit of the original treasures to attack. Merit but most wonderfully worldly things, though not to enhance the repair of magic, but was able to enhance people's Daoxing, seemingly invisible things, but it is real and present. Buddhism strong reason why thousands of years, and has a huge Buddhist merit is inseparable from land. The reason why there are numerous Buddhist master, too, is because of this. Escorts and have to say that the two quasi-mentioned calculation is good, but was able to land in a remote Buddhist but weak from a thirty-two Luohan Sha Mi development to the present, for the three realms of the first major forces, enough to explain duo place of interest. As one of the four Buddhist bodhisattva year, who is also the looks of the two Buddhist Venerable Fugen, Fugen Jiugongshan year Holiness is also a great perseverance, great wisdom of the people. Faced with this powerful innate Lingbao, Fugen Venerable still burning their immeasurable merit to contend original treasures huge attraction. 'Although Xiao Zhen treasure in hand, but in the end is the ability to humble probably soon after, His Holiness will be defeated for Fugen.' Dragon in the side of the cold hum of laughs. The rest of the immortal also nodded his head, for the arrival of Xiao Zhen, the immortal vaguely guess a little reason to, but did not say