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Yanmu Fei said: 'Who into the Todaiji Temple?'Into Bute shaking his head: 'I do not know, I have not seen these two!'Yanmu Fei said: 'Well, snack stalls that two ......'Into Bute said: 'This is a lookout and have him sit two over there, in addition to their own people, a person can not enter the Todaiji Temple.'Yan Mufei nodded and said: 'Do you mean to say, the two men go, not the way they were?'Into Bute shaking his head: 'I do not go in for those two to see skill unambiguous, absolutely first class masters, much more clever than two snack stalls, look haughty, arrogant great 'money!'Yan Mufei 'Oh!' Sound and said: 'How old are those two people?'Into Bute said: 'I am afraid that in more than three years old.'Yanmu Fei said: 'how to wear?'Into Bute said: 'It is eye-catching, two people are a yellow.'? 'Yellow' Yan Mufei frowned, thought for a moment and said: 'How long the two men go?'Into Bute said: 'snack stalls that two among a just out!'Ningmu Yanmu Fei said: 'The statement says ruffle?'Bute shyly into a laugh: 'I beg your pardon, I did not know, is this, that the two came after wearing yellow clothes, snack stalls by two one accompanied into the Todaiji Temple.'Yanmu Fei said: 'I understand, you're saying that accompany those two people just go out?'Into Bute nodded and said: 'Yes, yes, it is this mean!' said: 'So, it's not yet out of the two wear yellow go after?'Into Bute said: 'Yes, Yantai Xia, the two are yet to go after them!'Yan Mufei pondered and said: 'I do not know who is to do what they are, and how long to wait inside?´╗┐'Eyes of a condensate, then asked: '? When did you sent in here.'Into Bute said: 'When they came into the Todaiji me!'Yanmu Fei said: 'You can live in the temple know what kind of people are?'Into Bute said: 'There was a young girl, an old man wearing Jin Pao, in addition to dozens Guard master, one that is two days did not go out.'Yanmu Fei said: 'They did not find your Fenduo brethren around the monitor?'Shaking his head into Bute said: 'Probably not, or else they would have a Lu Shan, please the parents to resist him, Tianshan Pai friends broad, Li Qinmei everywhere predecessors martial arts can invite him embarrassed. Although Meng Shentong feared only a limited number of people, whether it is a hassle. So he's in the Taihang Mountains into the valley, side stepping use Xuangong healing, sent his side Young red sun symbol´╗┐David disciple items, two disciples Wu Meng et al., Into a few road, go chase regret Li Qin, Qu items hung and repair but the way it happens, just met in this small inn in . Gu Zhihua was imprisoned not know Meng Shentong Qin Mei-season thing, because Jin Shiyi reluctant lifted her sad things, therefore things about her father Meng Shentong to avoid to talk about the day he talked to Meet Li Qinmei through, but also to avoid her jailed Chuang Meng this period. However, Chuang Meng Jin Shiyi row thing, but it is Gu Zhihua heard. Then she hung from the item's dialogue with Qu repair and hear them talked about 'the woman surnamed Li Tianshan Pai', also filed Jin Shiyi, the sound of their conversation, although fine as mosquito called, there as her top sounded Maggiore, at once so she stayed stunned. The 'Tianshan Pai woman' of course Liqin Mei, and has therefore been to Jin Shiyi Li Qinmei of people imprisoned in a row, then this person is, of course, a clever with Gu Zhihua guess it forward, but she did not dare to think about even in the heart did not dare to speak out the name. Gu Zhihua panic taken the sound of footsteps, at this moment, prosperous and entries hung windows and doors will open, and beat played out, Gu Zhihua Danjue sudden surge of cold wind hit to, can not help but cried aloud: '! 'item hung' 'just got to the second tier, with Gu Zhihua skill certainly not afraid of him, but thus confirming that they are disciples Meng Shentong, she feared is the father she had never met the student body, the Xiepai the famous Great Satan Meng Shentong! Just at that moment, the room hung Qu repair two items have already jumped, item Hung Chen Sheng shouted: '? You