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now?' A dark complexion man born for the Road station. . 'Black Kau Daoxiong not worry,' Kun-yuan fairy king smiled: 'Location Pindao also know, however Pindao thought this must be within the waters of the North Sea and so many numbers I, under the concerted efforts, afraid not find. to not. ' 'Fairy king, there is a world treasure and how allocation?' A free variable eyes, lips students with mustache, diminutive priest suddenly asked aloud. 'Treasure hunt rats, Pindao know you can smell natural treasures, since you asked the remark, Pindao will tell me, how many of these treasures, etc. I do not know, maybe no, maybe, perhaps only one, is the alchemy furnace Ao driving them are portrayed on. Pindao tree brother deliberations, which the North Sea, a radius of tens of thousands of years, to find the treasure house of the entrance, could get this big Ao driving them, put other treasures, then with the opportunity to act, to how much income you receive, but others may not grab the treasure. Once found, but to facing all those who have hunted the overseas comprehension. 'Kun Yuan fairy king said last look cold. 'Ah! Fairy king said, very yes. I waited on Edward Road, depends on the opportunity.' The old man is called a tree brother also nodded. The rest all the monks have also nodded. 'Real humble deep, might be able to find this treasure can not say.' Kun Yuan fairy king smiled. Zhen Fang laughs'If there were this humble, you owe when Pindao fairy king a favor, so that in future some fairy king, they do not violate Heaven benevolence within Pindao whatever, Zhen Fang will be trying to do.' Fang Chen also smoothly opened a blank check. Heaven called benevolence, what one can say clearly, there are thousands of so-called road, everyone has his own channel, each person's understanding of Heaven are different, how can divide. Kun-yuan fairy king heard is rejoicing, said: 'A promise was real, Pindao misfortune.' Zhen Fang look for a move, laughing: '? Pindao fairy king seemed very confident.' Trees opposite of Li Qin regret, but young age, and has been under the shelter of parents, never trouble in the political arena, why would easily forged her enemies? Gu Zhihua After much deliberation, guess not figure out, mind laughing:. 'I am still unable to manage their own affairs, why bother to go to the arena on the multi-tube big deal,' remembered his thing, Gu Zhihua unsettled, they have been expelled from Mang Beyond the Hills school doors and walls, such as the homeless, such as orphans, the future will be where? But the idea of ​​a turn, they thought Jin Shiyi, Jin Shiyi not long wandering in the political arena for over a decade it? Not so before. But she suffered during the day so significant stimulus, although since the open self, after all terribly upset, lying in bed, tossing and turning, total sleep, she noticed several people from the door quietly walked her, she knows it When she entered the store, took out the gold coin as money for the room, made the rivers and lakes, 'money can not be exposed eye' bogey, but her great talent, but do not complain. Night was among the sudden, I hear there is an incoming voice conversation eardrum, it is that two people's voices. This inn Xia narrow place. Gu Zhihua and although they separated three rooms, but she was very spiritual ears, their fine Huasheng still faintly discernible. But heard a voice: '? I heard yesterday that one-armed Shenni fifty anniversary of the death, went to sweep a lot of martial arts myself, does that also went to a woman surnamed Li,' another voice said: 'If she Go Mangshan, we will not only be on track Mangshan Wait here, 'the voice laughed previously:.'.? Lv Siniang dead, why still so afraid of Mangshan faction 'Gu Zhihua heart startled both' Mangshan school 'is' a woman surnamed Li, 'can not help but especially your breath, but the two men's voices more say smaller, intermittent, heard very clearly. Gu Zhihua simply up to the next window they overheard. Only to hear one, slightly husky voice asked: 'Big Brother, listenHave you seen that