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said: 'Uncle, you look at what is the origin of this kid?''Thunderbolt' shook his head slightly and said: 'I did not see it.'That strong black desert child said: 'Uncle, do not we just forget?''Thunderbolt' silent for a long time before:. 'Should forget.'Pale man grabbed backhand 'Thunderbolt', said: 'Uncle, you ......''Thunderbolt' and said: 'He was right, rivers and lakes are so many eyebrows Angcang seven feet of man, all of them have one good ability, all consider themselves bloody, Mr. Shen in difficulty in so many years, no one come forward outcrop and in the end let Shen girl a weak woman. 'Pale man said: 'Uncle, how does he come forward outcrop?''Thunderbolt' and said: 'how do you know he did not come forward outcrops, guarding in secret that he is not the way to sink the girls 'Zhangjiakou' Shen girls want to go to Beijing, I'm sure he will go with.'Pale man said: 'So he was deliberately ......''Thunderbolt' and said: 'met grievance, then do injustice Ming, chest mouth grievances, to speak out.'Pale man loose grip on the 'Thunderbolt' arm's hand.Pale man slowly sat down and grabbed the piece already fragmented table, grasp of the table creaking, grinding his teeth and said: 'Anyway, I'm still not convinced, I can not be a non-Doudou him, Brother, brother, how about you guys? 'Brawny black child said: 'Look at you ask, you are not convinced who convinced ......'Just listen to a voiced speech came from outside the pass: 'Brother, we are not convinced Who brothers doo him go!.'With this Huasheng, teahouse where children come in two people, it is the blessing let the fact that he fell out of the inn mind that two.HUO Di pale man stood up and said: 'Second, a small three children, two of you just come, a few of us want to throw you both doo that kid, you guys want to do a count.'Pale man immediately put the right man said again, of course, ultimately exaggeration.Listen go listening, handsome young man's face a little resentful no meaning, let the man finish too pale, coughed spoke:'Angry, really angry, , and a dressed in pale blue robes, embroidered robes of Zhou stars; a boy red hair, and a ugly, but five inches tall old man, dressed in green gown. 'Ms Palace face was fear of color. 'Blood lead Ding gods?' 'Lvpaolaozu?' 'Stars angel?' 'Sand prodigy son?' Xi Yi, who live face became pale, one after another after another earthly master Momen. Xi Yi Zhen, who will be pale, panic. These people then you can move mountains and rivers are becoming a role. I did not expect today actually born together. No wonder Joshin fairy couple holding crash and burn of mind, ordered his close disciples suet jade Jingping escort escaped, good save Cihhang a pulse Orthodoxy. 'There are four people out of this, but my human right way to catastrophe.' Xiyi real face slightly pale, sighed. 'Namo Amitabha. In front of a real person, but good luck driving them?' Distant thousands of miles away. A peacefulIncoming sound all ears. 'Is the South China Sea Miaozhen Shenni come.' Zhang Chen said the other. Zhen Fang nodded, and all the monks out of the car, Kowloon. Looking toward the southeast in the past, was surprised to find a Shenni holding willow leaves, shining merit behind the void, a South China Sea Shenni good, kindly face, eye Ghost light flows over the cheeks, Glory Yingying, the end of the Buddhist style, in Subsequently, it is also a beautiful fairy, it is fast Joan thank Shichiku net. 'Shenni seen.' Zhen Fang et al Jishou Road. . 'Seen you fellow' Miaozhen Shenni also a ceremony, suddenly saw her beat hands Glory Palace circulation, face became pale and speechless: '? Suet jade Jingping' 'Shenni, Ding lead has scored emperor riding a peak.' Zhen Fang slightly wrinkled brow. 'What?' Miaozhen look a slight movement. Suddenly sighed:. 'I am fasting Chi Hong net unfortunate fellow also invite you to lend a helping hand, well off the Zeizi, Chi Hong net fast for me to take revenge.' 'Do not panic Shenni, Joshin fairy magic strength, in the end, the Millennium Cihang accumulation, How is so easy to break. But now