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just above an enormous flower pattern. This is high-star ancient weapons during practice, produced by the 'top three flowers together, five gas Chaoyuan' phenomenon. Unique desert mirage phenomenon, this kind of visions spread Quartet, a variety of forces immediately brainer. The northeast corner is subjected to strong radiation mutation desert monsters, greedily drooling. Some of them used to be human beings, some are desert creatures, but are now down to the same field, only the struggle for survival and killing. It is said that if you can eat a high star ancient weapons, you can master the use of 'gas' of skills, so they are determined to win. The south hundreds of heavily armed Libyan army, equipped with the most advanced m320 this era type portable rocket launcher, you can blow up out of 20mm heavy tank armor plate configuration, as well as the rate of fire up to 12 rounds per second, 'Fire God 'type gun, if playing in the human body, the other party is sure to be a powerful impact torn to pieces, and even pieces of flesh will not complete the rest. Master a powerful ancient weapons, is equivalent to adding a valuable resource, small government will not miss this great opportunity. District just north of wave two. One white robes, behind Xiecha 9 Flying boy, and a red red pupil, long a pair of magnificent ruby ​​eyes girl. Libyan army and corps desert monster mutation are alert to far away from them. The two people who, like the cave, the legendary ancient weapons. Legendary ancient weapons already spread throughout the world. It is said that it can Feizong skyscrapers, bullet caught empty-handed, with a well-equipped handedly destroy a tank company. Advanced ancient weapons, better body and mind with the universe blending glimpse of the direction of the changing times, the trajectory of the stars run. However, the pollution of the world after a nuclear bomb, a large number of ancient weapons because the intake of contaminated by a nuclear bomb, 'gas', variation or death. That were redB inconvenient questioning immediately. Simon Makino 'Well,' a cry, and said: '!! This is a little scary about surnamed Gan even brothers, you fight a fight that he' stood up on two identical neighbor man, a glance is a student of change brothers. Guards officer Jin Shiyi as the 'insiders', as he was victorious since being elated, then see the brothers together under even hurt, some people will not help Qieqiesiyi: 'Simon Makino just a big prestige to him men compared with test our effort, lost one game and now have to second enemy, ha, ha, two self-proclaimed as 'examiner' status of martial artists, together representing a younger generation test in their mind, This is really news, 'next to a knowledge of history that even brothers Number of officers laughed:.'.. Dude, you can amateurs words and I look forward to our prevailed, but it can not be so criticized people 'previously speak That humanity: '? how to second enemy, relies public Ling widowed, and this is in line with the truth of it?' The officer smiled and said: 'Other people irrational, Citylink treasure, jade Citylink two brothers is always together battle, their dreams of acupuncture effort, two brothers four Pan Guanbi special point kidneys, with was wonderful to milli-fed, four-pronged, any master, be difficult to avoid. So they linked four pen, on the other, such as other family two-pronged approach in general, on a single enemy on horse pen together, for the enemy is four hundred ten pen together on. 'This is a few officers gathered in a corner, far away from injuries, speak very softly, but seems to have been hurt in the Jin Shiyi hear clearly. Deliberately pulls a face, even brothers directed dental patients teeth adjoin laughed: '? You four pen-point effort Bamo Kan I can be a bit embarrassed, until I think about it, how to do it,' Citylink treasure the moment understand its meaning, coldly: 'What is difficult for you to deal with labor law, is to throw in the towel.' Jin Shiyi haha ​​laughed: 'Who says I throw in the towel,Was thinking, I to take this worm contest that the better you want one, I and this river one person to deal with a brother, call it out better?..' Donnie laughing said: 'This is easy, they wait to go again as early as next to you.' Heimo Le sneer hand Anjian hand and touched the hidden weapon, to be going to the speaker. Nepal has two small snake interface shouted: 'This little vapor, what a shame that you two!A body, how to play? People will never go. Not shortened, go to the audience waiting for! ' When he finished, a sound like blowing bamboo snake, called twice, and Heimo Le ferocious stare toward the two, tenor shrink back down. The body is no longer hidden, go not very fast, turn down, all the way meandering around the front of the station. At first row, calculate the body, enough to have more than a dozen feet long, forward gradually since the shortening was reduced to only two dead trees in front of Zhang Xu Long, each coil for a bunch Angtou Zhang Xu, looking at stage three, motionless. Tong Xing Xiong Wei snake before the two did not see this, seeing this, can not help but be discouraged, but not so indicate by Heimo Le approached, had nothing. Jiang Ming know Donnie deliberately demonstrations, although the door division of the Heart of the claw from a variety of fly Lin Qian, the study and understanding of movement out of shape, regardless of how things were restrained ferocity, see two snakes so supernatural evil, but also a bit wary added . Heimo Le Samurai body has always battle Legend, just came with is still fierce, two snakes go see a good dish, then Jiang Ming:. 'Jianger Di, with my hands of it,' he finished, the sword out of each box, press Well hidden weapon around, down the steps, divided into left and right sides, each one dealing with a. sleep because Jiang Ming Sword sword as their own very far, two snakes action rapidly, to big or small, will be the Department of psychic thing, lest Shi Shan, still worried for him, a desire to go, but first cut with a sword in the hands of one, look at things