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hint of soft surface, said:. 'Let my sister laughed,' said extending his hand, white jade hand, go down towards the depths of chaos, a black light beam sell out, beside the woman smiling for a change, his face showing a trace of dignified, can not help but said: '!. Pangu Chaos gods are really powerful Sister Ray' Verbal can vaguely hear a little surprised and delighted, and so complex appearance. Looking at the sound of rumbling. Chaos airflow four random bombing, the whole chaotic vibrations are up, that peaceful Gongzhuang looking woman softly: 'This is the dawn of the Father gave me magical witch family, so I can not use it before, and only twelve ancestral witch fit, into Pangu Mami to use it, to this day. sister to ancestral witchBI Road fruit body of achievements. So use it. 'So this person is go to the depths of the open road venues Nvwaniangniang chaos and the soil behind the empress. Large red Tianxuan are Cave, Pangu three clear sitting on the futon. The first to speak, but no one, since thousands of years, Pangu three clear for the first time come together, if not today Houtu sanctification, seated in the west side, I'm afraid that will not be repaid three together. Well quite a while, three clear brow wrinkled together. Taishanglaojun suddenly took out a map, it is Tai Chi, delivery and mysterious side of the Grand Master said: 'Goddess Houtu to open days, you have this figure hanging hole in the Fire Dragon, cover San Juan.' Fire Three Sovereigns for cloud cave in ancient times Earth, San Juan, meritorious students, therefore also permits very undesirable immortal body, but in the end is a good thing sermon, several other big different saints, magic is nothing but a large Luo Jin Sin level, normally stayed Fire Dragon Cave, nonstick causality. Houtu Goddess today to open up the dojo, therefore there must force protecting Dafa, otherwise unstoppable staunch Chaos Gang Feng and turbulence. Chaos, I saw the empress Houtu Lianhui prime hand, one after another god mine are falling into chaos chaos, large lot. Generally fewer people bet only. And so they went to the Deyu Zhang stone shop when they found hundreds of stores in the square surrounded by a lot of people, the store was packed. Dong Wenqing frowned, pending came out of a road to, but do not know where someone would have seen the two walked quickly call: 'The duo came gold, gold duo came. We let the bar come. Let way to strip. 'golden duo is called these days, Tengchong Jade Chen two other street people, as long as the two selected stone, could there be worth more than ten times, therefore known as the Golden II people group. Dong Wenqing hands arch arch, cheerfully toward the line around a ritual, accompanied by a costume, they do have a bit of momentum. They walked into the circle from a small channel in. Less than a moment, to see one of the boulder in front of the two, about twenty-three meters, a height of about one meter around the big man, the whole body blackish color, but smooth as a mirror. Rao is the two saw a lot of the original stone, then it is just this big guy to jump. . 'Two' gold shop owner to see the duo walked in, look overjoyed, hastened greeting: 'Look, this original stone blackish color, waist slightly elevated, but authentic old pit, absolutely can bet sex. ' Zhen Fang suddenly wrinkled brow, in turn a couple of laps around the boulder, as if something in the study. In fact, he did not understand, this original stone color blackish what it means, but do not know the waistline bulge producing high performance Tsui, his judgment is contained in the original stone Reiki level only. 'How much?' Zhen Fang brow wrinkled. 'Three million.' 'Ah!' Dong Wenqing face became pale, and looked toward Zhen Fang. 'Bet.' Zhen Fang squeezed his fist, as if to make up her mind like. 'Really want to bet?' Dong Wenqing near Zhen Fang asked softly: 'price is too high, the risk is too big point of it!' Zhen Fang smiled and said: 'What are they afraid, not to three hundredWan it? I lost count. 'Then again shop owner said:' three million, Goddess is no exception has become the sage, Getting the Zhen Fang so powerful, where also willing to give up in such a mannerShow Yunhe know he heard his door, then smiled and said: 'There is nothing 'Lightning Man', which may be red five magic for evil brother Barry took this size, our actions today have been taught the evil red get a clear idea, that blame on the sidelines that a few people do, if they do not put your font size and Bashan call out enemy naturally not immediately known, but their message is also really fast, actually arrived ahead of us here. 'Include: 'They wanted to start again tonight robber?'Show Yunhe said: 'Now rest assured, Bu Wei tonight, this road may not have happened!'Baili Chao shook his head and said: 'This letter is questionable, we do not in the enemy's stalling tactics.'Show Yunhe surprised: 'But you see anything suspicious call you enemy Lightning Man this??'Baili Chao said: 'Suppose I said 'lightning' word is not quite suspicious, I think of the word is from the 'yang octupole magic' Chu Ching's mouth, because he was my 'Trick ax' defeated, this ax there when he launched a lightning bold Viagra! 'Show Yunhe heard jing, he was not even the name of 'Trick ax,' the words are neither heard, but asked him to look out the inconvenience.Known Trick ax include magic, busy and asked: 'Second is the 'Man' word suspect it?' said: 'This is the point, how can people say it rivals as Man this is a way to raise his status and make it the pride of the enemy carried away the plan, otherwise referred to me as 'lightning hand' has incredible friends?. 'Show Yunhe nodded and said: 'This is really in doubt, what else?'Baili Chao said: 'The second point, we have sent a hand to help the three now happens to be more than three hour, they are not pre-planted in this shop does this letter?'Show Yunhe said: 'They settled it turns out that we have to do this shop unless it can know the future??' said: 'There are people down on this point may be asked to solve the question.'He is busy on the road