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not mean.' also said: 'Miss Owen, you do not misunderstand, I ask the spiritual power to Princess, Yu Xiang Gong is not for the underlying reason why the two of you in that fight in the future, I will not participate, and ye dispute is A real winner, I believe you will not use this effort. 'Qiong Yao Yuwen sneered:. 'Not necessarily, I want to reach the goal, unscrupulous'Wu Yunshan a chuckle: 'After things began to say, now we have to deal with the common enemy, we never stop keep an emotional issue, from the chaos lineup.'Yu Shi Yuan also ease the air and said: 'that is a few days ago at the White Dragon heap, multi-hand rescue Miss Cheng Yuwen, Shumou no thanks, that is really thanks to ......'Qiong Yao Yuwen faint authentic: 'Nothing, listen green shadow threatened to say that you did not ......' yuan Stern said: 'Although Miss Wu Baoyu Shumou mostly from not poisoned, but the door was full of beggars into the V, Miss saved them heavier than saved Shumou kindness ......'I Jinxia: 'The main fact is the most care under his watch our security Wei hundred thousand times heavier than their own, and thus help in all, it won the heartfelt support!.'Wen Qiong Yao's face slightly changed words and said: '? That is to say I was too harsh on people under, otherwise how could deserted, everyone wants to betray me yet.' Yuan said: 'if not to say, you put too much of the target, the world martial arts are incorporated under the rule, naturally difficult to call everyone convincing.'Qiong Yao Yuwen with smiles: 'The number of beggars finally up, no less than the sum of the major sects much worse.' Yuan said: 'beggars just a martial art, the whole school has only one purpose, you have a sum of many sects, many different purposes, naturally not everyone is called a united Germany, which has nothing to do with the size of the number ......'´╗┐She injured. 'Item hung these words, one is to express their credit, two master tortured this woman came here, he knows the master is very sensitive to other people able to restrain his . the enemy aggressive eat a loss. Fortunately, getting just excel Fuli 'Taihang five Xuanyin Qigong', and too pure gold qigong master, one positive and one evil, echoes his 'Quchi' one to Feng Lin bomb, give birth to react immediately, infuriating the inverse operation to be closed acupuncture red open, but this is the case, a prosperous and arms were numb screen at once, almost unable to move. Present shoot left palm and hurriedly moved away three steps Unfortunately Lin Feng did not seize the opportunity to see her getting her point Fuli a hole, Jingsi nothing had happened, could not help a cold heart, so a little slow getting infuriating Fuli has shipped a turn, consistently over four squeak , back to normal. Fuli gradually tried this trick, you know kung fu Feng Lin acupuncture badly, did not dare to attack proximity moment to Zhang Li reminder tight, too beat up beat fierce, whistling winds, like an avalanche come, Lin Feng's internal strength, although the first-class level, but also feel heavy pressure to support him getting a little but did not dare to take risks because Fuli gradually move into the two sides of the situation is still a fight between the moment, it is difficult to separate . outcome son Xiao Ling and Yang symbol red already getting impatient, Ling Xiao child said: 'Ms. Han. You said Mr. Meng's Zhangzhu not here, I am afraid Pindao presumptuous, to go in search of a search! 'Mrs. Han surface like frost, coldly:' Valley are friends despite the death of his family, how can the guests bullying? Knife! 'Two maid, each mouthful thrown Lancet, Ms. Han armed with double-edged, at the door, Chen Sheng said:' You want to come in, please ask me that two of the sword! 'Ling Xiao one thousand cold voice laughed:' going to ask Mrs. Emei knife! 'Whisk to show, immediately wrapped hilt to Ms. Xiang Han Han mouth lady is no phase Shenni Emei female students, when young, with a lancet, with her husband in quack Xia, invincible, Valley are friends win 'lakes heroes' of the name of the first, was his wife's