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handle, even with can cast when the meteor hammer, tendons long Zhang Yu, anxious wind, at least six people brain broken Assault, two people longbow Pizhen off his hand, The other two were scared back, that fear him back ten archer meteor Flyweight, dropped into a stone house! There are four small window in the house, they made an arrow in the window, preventing yuan hound, the copper hammer to Yu Yuan Zhong, urgent voice told: '! Blocking Arrows'Qiong Yao Yuwen curved arm reached out to pull up and asked: '? Miss Owen, how are you.'Qiong Yao Yuwen shouted: 'Do not worry about me, rounded out the house to go!'Yu Shi Yuan arrows to see her wounds had black blood flowing, nor Bixian Yi, hand tear her legs, mouth bow Coushang wound, suck out! Smoking a mouthful of vomit, a dozen mouth after the wound was turned blood red, he removed from the side Duanren Nabing eliminate iron drunk, Chen Sheng said: 'flesh around the wound has darkened, must gouge out immediately you hold back a little sore, do not earn a move, this dagger quickly cut off the leg in trouble! 'People with stab wounds blade, surrounded by a turn, the action is extremely neat, almost dug there a palm-sized, dark meat only the best, he put away the dagger and said: 'Probably does not matter, Yun Shan surrounded by drugs, I send you to the emergency ! 'Yu Shi Yuan said: 'I can not do, thanks to the arrows in the legs, if you endured arrows, in matters of the site, even where all was not proper!'Without any explanation, the strong hold her up, Yu Zhong Shuguang Ling Yun masking cover emergency after three arrows, and finally slowly pulled out, changjon range!Qiong Yao Yuwen previously also struggled slowly become supple, and sighs: 'To me aCome on out. 'That's three devil also has this meaning, but I am sorry to Lisheng Nan plea, listen Meng Shentong say, eyes are watching Li wins wet ball, almost can not save, not to mention the antidote?' That's three devil greatly disappointed, looked at each other, eyes gradually revealing fiercely! Jin Shiyi day hero gun fight Dynasty buildings, burnt Lingyange, not your four out of the idea of ​​offering a deadly trap it.?'Zhuge square chunky old man said: 'Do you think is it?'That ghost said: 'I did not know until after death they would understand.'Zhuge Fang said: '! Even now, how?'That ghost said: 'You just did not hear it in the air shouting Guicu, injustice Bao Yuan, grudges against revenge DEATH I assure you, pull you see Yanjun?.!'Zhuge side and said: 'So you are Bong Yanjun's life come from?'That ghost said: 'Yes!'Zhuge Fang said: 'Ten years, why did you not come earlier?'That ghost said: 'That's because you duong tho not the end!'Zhuge side and said: 'Now the old lady's duong tho to head off?'That ghost said: 'Yes, you can live to be four more tonight!'Zhuge Fang laughed: 'Hades dignitaries Midnight dead, can not seem to keep people to the old lady tonight is just before dawn Juenan spared, dead.!' At the foot step forward.That ghost said: 'Please GE side, you're right!'Please Ge Fang said: 'I want so, the old lady would mean Yanjun inequity.'That ghost said: 'Yanjun how unfair it?'Zhuge Fang said: 'Naturally, I am asking you, the hero of the day under the gun fight decreed floor, burnt Lingyange Who?'That ghost said: 'Dynasty!'Zhuge side and said: 'Who is who fired the ignition is??'That ghost: 'The army fired the step pawns, ignition is in the prison!'Zhuge Fang said: 'This is myself, how say you can not find the old lady to me!'That ghost said: 'But ideas, offer deadly trap is your four!'Zhuge side and said: 'Tell me about it, do not listen Dynasty does not adopt all right?'That ghost said: 'do not you want to be able to kill four this tongue and mind, will not lead to the killing of King Taejo hero of motivation.'Zhuge Fang said: 'Even now, Yanjun he should distinguish primary from theTaejo life you go. 'That ghost: 'The Emperor has died many years!'Zhuge Fang said: '! Find his soul is the soul of what you do it?'That ghost said: 'Where do you know this mortal, but Dynasty 'Lagerstroemia god' since you are here, and her daughter met also not too late Yeah, so why rush out to buy the East to catch it, Father, you do not leave room for you too old to die? 'West?' But I thought the money had come to the hands, though he is what road road? Guests go, he certainly arresting inconvenience, but asked: 'La treasurer, but that is a little experience in the political arena, has since suspicious, Gu Zhihua even greater suspicion, she went looking hard, but Qiaochu a flaw, this' Meng Shentong 'Meng Shentong at least be shorter than really a head: Gu Zhihua greatly angry, trail:' outrageous, though my father was a bad man, you should always pretending my father! 'Awaiting drink break down, and saw that' Meng Shentong 'muttered said:' Ye, you will leave me a room now. 'Spake, has come to the door, the door suddenly walked three, the two sides clashed, a loud voice shouted:' bastard thing, what you are, I dare posing Laomeng come! 'This is a real Meng Shentong: two other people,A monk is subtraction, the other is a disciple of his new collection of original Thief Ji Chen Tianyu night couple, who rescued out: Meng Shentong subglottic disciples have chase into the woods searching items Minato, who was overthrown, the other People simply could not catch. Only this Ji Xiaofeng, he or she is on the Dodger first number of rivers and lakes, dodge both high, people are slippery, quietly behind them, the darkness, dense forest deep tree, even , that sensitive people such as the eyes and ears all did not notice it. Until after subtraction monks suffered enough, gone, Ji Xiaofeng still hiding in their neighborhood, listening to their conversation Lun. Couple is false, but also determine the Gu Zhihua is to find Jin Shiyi, they took subtraction Monk Ji Xiaofeng go tracking. He later than a long journey, the third day after Gu Zhihua staying in that room inn on the town, the treasurer of your daughter met him yesterday lived here for one night, you left her to drink wine, not in the morning know awoke, also cursed us a meal