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star fly, Pentium jump throw, no party division. Just listen to the sound of Jin with a touch, sometimes 'rattled' dense consistent beads, but sometimes only two or three hoarse sound, density and white, as if a syllable. Dust of the earth, as the two chase ups and downs, a small whirlwind, close to the ground balls to roll, and that pace, but he could hear no sound. Like so quick bucket onto the thirtieth fight, Kang vision is sometimes the enemy and become a skill, no previous chun wonderful way between contact force and a lot negligent. Grinning face with the enemy, as if God is more prosperous TianjinTo kill the monks, was surprised to find himself jolts Yuan Shushi, serious difficulties, Wu Tsering hand quite an iron bar, rushed over.Qiong Yao Yuwen Jujian up quickly intercepted, even with red Tuwan Fu Qi was stopped, Miss Tsering hand iron bars, straight Shushi Yuan exclaimed: 'Yu Shi Yuan, you can actually Poqiang out, god really invincible, but now you never told me an up and down it? 'Yu Shi Yuan watched him no notice, although Qiong Yao Yuwen make all fine strokes, even in Qi red body with a few minor injuries, but the two men fight to the death is not refundable!Miss Tsering hand from a stick sweep, Yushi yuan move the mast opened, and then again to his second rod, Yu Shi Yuan shouted, rose divinity, waving column went up.This can be a truncated column coarse hold, weighing over jin, is hewn block of bluestone, straight to Miss Tsering get rid of the iron bar hit fly! Wu Yu Shi Yuan Tsering seer exhaustive, only to take the opportunity to pick up a bargain, then see him brave diminished, early scare panic, while the South and Yu Zhong Biao came out. yuan has cried: 'Miss Owen, come here, took my hand!'Yu Shi Yuan is no longer open, she quickly over, holding his hand palm exploration, only to find his pulse jump impatient knew was wrong, and quickly suppressed Yunjin!Yu Shi Yuan This light sigh and said: 'I can not go down now Wan, otherwise they will swoop up!'Seeing Miss Tsering, who figure hidden