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unfavorable mid guy, more importantly, while there is a mysterious fairy expert help has arrived. Finally, the loss actually own sects. 'Zhen Fang, you can now open a large array of withdrawal, such as brothers and let me go, or else. Pindao hands grasp the banner, then blame Pindao polite. You big fuss though badly. I'm afraid that will not stop Yellow River water it! This is equivalent to a water of the Yellow River, overwhelming and the next, a time even the foot of the Chang'an city will be flooded. Of course, if you do not have enough, then you can also order ancestors to lead the Yellow River and then up. As long as you can afford such a powerhouse Shanie and causal. 'muddy river into. Holding the hands of a child prodigy sand black flags. Sneered:. '? Of course there is the side view of seasoned Chunyang you think you can afford to, then your ancestors, who became frantic violence, how to' Son looking pale sky, if he really said that Chun-yang concept of the Millennium Foundation today will also be destroyed, the world has no Chunyang one, even with his own will cause ridden, restless life. Even now soaring lei went to see the founder, could not escape this cause. 'Well. Today, Haier put away, the future meet, will be today's revenge.' Firmament child does not speak until Zhen Fang, and quickly said it. After all, the relationship between the foundation and its own security, Zhen Fang has immeasurable merit. If not murderous. Although the impact, but definitely not a fatal impact. Although day air live side wanted to kill the child prodigy sand. To report their own sects disciples of hatred, but also know the cause and effect relationship, they had only to open a large array of people, child prodigy, who put the sand away. That Lvpaolaozu, who see a big fuss has been broken open, and where are you waiting for, have Royal Feijian a big array, not a moment to stay. That child prodigy sand awaiting escape away by water. Suddenly stopped, with his high-pitched voice, but nasty, said:. 'Zhen Fang, Zhou Yiren has entered the back garden, the other two mussels Huang Yiren the ambush leaves in the trees watching Lin Feng . Feng Lin what skills, have a different feel, a little breath, already hear the two Huang Yiren where, immediately handle a Young, cast out, 'Ye Fei pick flowers, injured tendons bone' superior internal strength, the early hidden in the palm of a withdrawal leaves. In between this moment, only to hear the female measured sneer breeze maple however, has been a figure of lightning? ? The arrival of a tall Huang Yiren, at least higher than the ordinary person a head, hands stretched out like big Pushan towards Feng Lin, the first floor is a catch, fingers almost touching the forehead Feng Lin, general strong Feng Lin rushed bloody nose smell officer, Rao is Feng Lin internal strength, had to consummate the realm, but also felt a rush of nausea, very uncomfortable! Fenglin Yan give him caught in this moment in between, she flashed a floating gently, turning off down the branch and about three feet long, turned a draw, it resorted to the White Witch school of swordsmanship tick pass, a move 'black bird draw sand,' Huang Yiren Jici with that chest. Lin Feng's internal strength, has come to pick flowers can hurt Li Ye Fei dead realm, a branch in her hands, far more powerful than ordinary swords times, this 'sword' La Chu, buttressed even faint gold knifed Feng Zhisheng, the way it is extremely Strangeness, but to hear the 'laugh' is heard, that Huang Yiren hat to stir up the branches, revealing a bald, but it turned out to be a monk. Just at that moment, another figure has already flew to him, this man is a five short stature, shorter than the average minimum work whisk ribbon ribbons intertwined, both sides said something, do not affect each other; Feng Lin tree Sword followed that Huang Yiren hastily release whisk, a 'chicken stand up' spilled out, but hear 'when' is heard, golden crown on his head but also to branchesPick open, revealing a buns, but it turned out to be a priest. Both Huang Yiren thirty-six Diamond sequence with six points down, leaving only the one person in the United States and the United States off bite the bullet! Wu Yunshan a chuckle softly: '? Old Duron, your contacts are sluts Yinwa, from I do not know why the human realm to the United States, you would try to make a comparison of how we'Then she played curl, first off his body Luoqun said: 'Everyone follow me action!'So Qiong Yao Yuwen rate with green damask green brocade Sibi plus seven seats Jinxia Xue waited and other women start their own movements, all except one Xieyi! Because they are strong girls sook, naturally accustomed to publicly undressed, in addition to clothes on the occasion, all charming stricken, cover to hide possession, actually do not have a style! After seven women solution to coat, and under the leadership of , lightweight solution Luoqun, then take off his coat, the solution chest jacket, revealing a round pink dress Yuzhuo upper body! thin white, also relatively flat chest bare, Xue waited blackish, but it is soft cents under the armpit, such as ink, then waist Yang Qiong Yao Yuwen, pale halo!As for the four green and I Jinxia, ​​do a general style, each with the introduction of the place!Duron Holy Royal Women far more than a thousand, but are under Yinnv ilk erotic excitement, few have a taste of the beauty of Shu Guo Zhedeng end, whom God wins, even magic sound is automatically stopped, head shaking God wins , immersed so! Wu Yunshan then faded trousers, all women, one of whom is wrapped on her feet, and that the narrow white damask are wrapped in lotus, a knee-length shorts, charm times is better than others, but see her place to sit down, slowly off his feet wrapped in white silk, and that the moving air, almost beyond words.Everyone's attention entirely on her gentle movements, not everyone is anxious wait to see her narrow lotus exactly what it was like! The two long with great difficulty to unlock, there is also a pair of white silk soft shoes, jacket, no gain in lean thin grip feet, but she